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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 276. The idiom today is to stake a

  • claim. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If someone stakes a claim, he or she

  • states that they have a right to claim something as one's own or as their own.

  • This can be done officially, by legally registering a claim on something . Like

  • going to court and doing ... especially if it was land or property or something

  • like that. You probably would do it that way or figuratively as claiming dibs on

  • it. Well it was among a number of people and he said well that's mine I want that

  • or I said it first so maybe you think you have a right to have it then. You can

  • claim dibs on it. So you could try to stake a claim on it that way too. All right.

  • Let's continue. The origin of the phrase goes back to the 1800s. The US had a

  • number of occasions that caused land rushes. People trying to rush to ... the

  • government was willing to give land away for free. You know, if people would only

  • you know, produce something on it or help grow something on it. So that's, that's

  • why it became a land rush. When things are given away for free. That's what will

  • probably happen. When the government encourages people to claim unsettled land.

  • Yeah. I think this also happened during the gold rush in the middle of the 1800s

  • too. A lot of area around California. Some people tried to claim. This was done

  • often by literally driving a stake. All right. What do we mean by a snake ? A snake is a

  • pointed stick or pole You know, As you're pointing and you're just going to

  • just hammer it into the ground. That's what we mean by a stake.

  • Yeah. We use it for other things too. I mean you know, in all the Dracula movies

  • that's always the way to kill a vampire. You know, you can put a stake through its

  • heart. That stick with the pointy end or or the pole you know, in the Middle

  • Ages sometimes they would burn people at the stake. S it has to have at least one

  • really sharp pointy end. That's kind of you know, put into the ground to try to

  • stand firmly. All right. So that's what they did.

  • Driving a stake into the land as an official claim. So that's how they did it.

  • They really did it where they kind of like had a race that day and whoever

  • could get to that piece of land first. They could stake a claim they could put

  • that piece of us ... the sign with their name on it in the land and they they got

  • it. It's kind of funny to think it was done that way. So nowadays forget it. All

  • the good land is really gone. This is almost unheard of today. I remember a few

  • years back I think Putin in Russia was willing to give some land away in

  • Siberia but that's what we're down to today.

  • The frozen land in Siberia. He was willing to give some away if somebody

  • would produce something on it. I don't know how many takers he got but you know

  • all the good land is already taken on most of the earth. Unfortunately. All

  • right. Anyway. Let's continue Anyway this can be witnessed you know,

  • like these land rushes ... this can be witnessed in the movie " Far and Away" it

  • was in the 1990s. It's very famous it was you know, it had Tom, Tom , Tom Cruise . Okay,

  • and Nicole Kidman. I think that's where they actually met in that movie. Where

  • they fell in love and they got married. And they were married for I don't know

  • about 10 years or so until they finally broke up. unfortunately. But that's where

  • they actually met. Which took place during the 1893 Oklahoma land rush. So

  • that was based on kind of a true story. That there was the Oklahoma land rush at

  • that time. So that was around 1893 when that , that, was the time period that movie

  • was taking place. Okay. Let's continue. All right. So we have three examples here.

  • According to an international agreement, no country can stake a claim on the moon

  • or are any part of the moon. So that, that means like officially they're not

  • allowed to you know go to the moon even though supposedly in 1969 when the US

  • they go to the moon that we did put a flag in it but it wasn't really claiming

  • the moon. But they're saying you can't do that. Not legally. So that's

  • an official one. All right. The second one, a little bit more of a joke here.

  • Sally staked a claim to the most handsome man at the party. She told the

  • other girls hands off. He's mine. You know, something like that. I don't know if they

  • would ever listen to Sally. Anyway, but you know we could say that somebody

  • tried to do this. They tried to stake a claim on somebody maybe or something . All

  • right and number three here. Jane's sister staked a claim to her father's

  • antique furniture after he died. Yeah. I'm not sure this is probably among family

  • members you know, if nothing was actually put in a will. Then you know, it's among

  • the family members. Some of them may try to stake a claim on something. That's you

  • know left behind. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope you enjoyed

  • it. I it hope was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 276. The idiom today is to stake a


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