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  • People usually lie down or sit comfortably in a chair after having dinner, but this is a big mistake you should never make.


  • According to experts, these habits are highly dangerous and can put your health at risk.


  • In this video, I'm about to share with you six things you should never do after eating.


  • 1. Smoking.

    1. 吸菸。

  • Smoking is bad enough, but after a meal, it's 10 times the killer.

    吸菸本身已經很糟,但在飯後來一根可是 10 倍致命。

  • Yep. That's right.


  • Smoking right after a meal is very bad, and if you must do it, you should wait at least a couple of hours after the meal.


  • Cigarette contain nicotine, a substance that binds to oxygen, your body desperately needs for digestion, which makes your body absorb carcinogens.


  • According to several studies, smoking a cigarette after a meal has the same effect as smoking 10 cigarettes at once.


  • And increases your risk of bowel and lung cancer significantly as well!


  • 2. Never go to bed after a meal.

    2. 千萬不要吃完飯馬上去睡覺。

  • Lying down for a nap or sleeping after a meal is the favorite thing of millions of people, but this habit is not healthy at all.


  • When we lie down, some digestive juices from your stomach flow back to the esophagus because of gravitational force.


  • Due to its acidic nature, it can burn the inner layer of the esophagus, causing acid reflux.


  • 3. Never rush to shower after a meal.

    3. 千萬不要在飯後馬上洗澡。

  • Waiting 30 minutes after eating a meal in order to take a shower is the best suggestion one could give on this topic.

    關於這個主題,最好的建議就是,吃完飯後等待 30 分鐘再去洗澡。

  • Digestion needs a lot of energy and blood flow in our body, but when we take a warm water shower, blood flows towards your skin to release off the heat, thus making it difficult to digest.


  • 4. Drinking tea.

    4. 喝茶。

  • Teas are healthy, but shouldn't be consumed after a meal.


  • Drinking tea after having a meal can interfere with the iron absorption in your body, as tea contains tannic acid, which binds to the iron and protein from our food.


  • This can result in 87 percent decrease in iron absorption and even iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia, dizziness, weakness, and fatigue.

    這會降低百分之 87 的鐵質吸收,甚至造成缺鐵,出現貧血、暈眩、虛弱和疲勞的症狀。

  • 5. Eat your fruits and vegetables before not after a meal.

    5. 在餐前吃水果和蔬菜而不是餐後。

  • Fruits are recommended by almost everyone, be it some expert or dietician, or just some inexperienced housewife.


  • But few of them know that fruits just after any meal can be harmful, and thus neglect to mention it to you.


  • Fruits are the easiest to digest and just take 20 minutes to travel from your stomach to intestines where they are finally digested.

    水果是最容易消化的,只需要 20 分鐘就可以從你的胃到達腸,並在那裡進行最後的消化。

  • Bananas and dates being the two exceptions.


  • So, when you eat a fruit after a meal it gets stuck with the food, thus not traveling in time to the intestines, and getting spoiled as a result, thus spoiling food, too.


  • 6. Avoid cold water after a meal.

    6. 避免在飯後喝冷水。

  • The reason is very simple.


  • Ice water does not let the food digest properly because it causes clumping of food.


  • Hot warm water helps absorb nutrients better.


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People usually lie down or sit comfortably in a chair after having dinner, but this is a big mistake you should never make.


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吃完飯來杯熱茶對身體有害?!6 件飯後千萬別做的事! (6 Things You Should Never Do After Eating)

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