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  • We're following Kent. On weekdays,

  • he works a summer job at a convenience store.

  • On weekends, he protests.

  • It's been a summer of chaos.

  • People here are enraged about China's growing influence.

  • They have paralyzed the city.

  • Staging strikes, barricading streets and occupying

  • the international airport.

  • The government has dug in its heels.

  • The police have cracked down with impunity.

  • And in response, protesters have

  • embraced hardcore tactics.

  • Leading the charge are young men and women, many of them

  • students on summer break.

  • Some tell us they would die for this movement.

  • But now, the summer is coming to an end.

  • So we came to hear from the voices behind the masks.

  • Can they sustain the fight?

  • And how far will they go in the face

  • of unyielding resistance?

  • We meet up with a young team of medics.

  • They're gathering at a hotel.

  • It's part of an underground network of safe houses

  • that open their doors to people

  • supporting the movement.

  • Most protesters don't organize overtly.

  • They worry they'll be arrested.

  • But the medics take the extra risk.

  • The idea that this is somehow a game

  • and that they can opt in and out begs the question,

  • are they prepared to face the real life consequences

  • of standing up to China?

  • We catch up with Kent

  • as he makes his way to a protest.

  • This building houses a pro-Beijing party.

  • Frontline protesters, like Kent,

  • see some violence as the only way to force change.

  • That attitude could undermine popular support

  • for the movement.

  • But as we cycled through neighborhoods,

  • we see residents on the sidelines urging them on

  • with water, food and riot gear.

  • And weeks after protests began, hundreds of thousands

  • are still coming out.

  • As the day winds down, protesters stand

  • outside police and government headquarters

  • contemplating their next move.

  • The standoff in Hong Kong continues.

  • But this summer's fervor will be

  • put to the test when many of these protesters

  • head back to school.

  • People on the streets disperse peacefully

  • and Kent leaves with them, a little deflated.

We're following Kent. On weekdays,


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香港的青少年示威者 (Meet Hong Kong's Teenage Protesters | The Dispatch)

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