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  • Okay, Listen.

  • I got something wrong with me.

  • That's the first thing to know.

  • I got threads in my heads!

  • I got threads in my heads, man!

  • I twitch and shout a lot.

  • If!

  • Makes me look like a damn freak show.

  • Can't you ever cut that out?

  • I'm so - Touch it Baily! I'm sorry.

  • But inside my head's an even bigger mess.

  • I can't stop twisting things around.

  • Words and sounds especially.

  • Have to keep playing with them until they come out right.

  • [BLOWS]

  • Sorry.

  • [BLOWS]

  • Jeez, forget I asked.

  • Like I said, a damn mess.

  • Then I started working for Frank.

  • Frank Minna.

  • Private eye.

  • Boys.

  • Frank frankly frank-idy frank-o!

  • He's the one who taught me how to use my head.

  • Turn it into a strength.

  • He gave me a place in this crappy world.

  • Until I screwed up.

  • Frank!

  • Brooklyn, she's in trouble now.

  • Who?

  • Does anybody know what Frank was into on this?

  • There's somethin' goin' down and it's big...

  • and they were not happy about what he found.

  • We find who did this

  • and we square accounts.

  • If I figure it out, I'm gonna make 'em regret it,

  • I promise you that.

  • That's her.

  • That's the girl that Frank was following.

  • I think she found something.

  • What happens to poor people in this city...

  • wasn't news yesterday and it won't be tomorrow.

  • Where's everybody go?

  • Mostly just disappear.

  • This town is run by Moses Randolph.

  • When someone isn't seen for what they truly are,

  • that's a very dangerous thing.

  • Do you have the first inkling how power works?

  • Power is knowing

  • that you can do whatever you want

  • and not one person can stop you.

  • No!

  • Those people are invisible. They don't exist.

  • If you threaten his work, he will destroy you.

  • You all alone?

  • You got no idea.

  • You're webbed up in this somehow,

  • and these people aren't gonna stop.

  • If. If. If!

  • You got a head just like mine.

  • Always turnin' things around.

  • Some people call it a gift,

  • but it's a brain affliction just the same.

  • Do you remember what I said?

  • She doesn't know!

  • She doesn't know.

  • What don't I know?

Okay, Listen.


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