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Well, the highly anticipated weight numbers are finally in and not looking too good, that's
The 2020 GT500 has gone full-on dad bod tipping the scales at 4,225 pounds for the base car.
What's up, guys?
I'm Justin with americanmuscle.com.
And in this episode of Mustang News, we're gonna be breaking down the weight of the new
yet to be released, Shelby, of course, along with some of the other interesting things
happening in the world of Mustang.
So what do you say we get right into it?
Now just yesterday, the final piece of the GT500 puzzle was revealed and of course in
true fashion, it's got the internet clutching their collective pearls.
But are we really all that surprised about this number?
What do you say we take a closer look at it again?
4,225 is what Ford is claiming for their base car.
Now for reference sake here, gang, that's almost 600 pounds more than a GT350's base
or curb weight of 3,600 pounds and change, about 400 pounds more than my 2019 GT premium
car and almost 700 pounds heavier than the new C8 Corvette's estimated curb weight.
However, if there is a silver lining here, it's that the GT 500 is still a couple of
a hundred pounds lighter than a standard Hellcat, but, and this is a rather big butt, pun intended,
and that is the fact that the Shelby now weighs essentially the same as a Dodge Demon which
comes in at roughly 4,280.
Now one of course could assume that the track pack and the carbon fiber equipped GT500
is going to weigh a little bit less thanks to all those baller carbon fiber components
such as a wheels.
But even that car realistically, guys, is still going to exceed 4,000 pounds.
Now the reality is here, guys, none of this really should come as much of a surprise,
I mean factor in all of that extra hardware such as your blower and all of its components,
those massive Brembo brakes, the DCT trans which alone weighs over 220 pounds and you
have a good chunk of weight on top of an already husky pony car.
Now I think if anything here the community was kind of holding onto or grasping at the
fact that there might be some magic wand out there that would suspend basic physics and
somehow, someway make this car weigh in the mid to high 3000-pound range which we all
know now is just simply impossible and unrealistic.
But that's not to say this car won't be an incredible performer.
In fact, case and point just before Ford dropped the weight news of the Shelby, they also dropped
the bombshell that the GT500 will go 0 to 100 miles an hour, back to 0 again in 10.6
seconds, which is a rather astonishing feat and puts the Shelby in supercar territory
beating out cars like the McLaren F1 LM, Porsche Carrera GT, Pagani Zonda, Dodge Viper ACR
and finally the Camaro ZL1 which all by the way weigh substantially less than the 2020
So, yes, while weight is a very important figure to consider or pay attention to, it's
not the end all be all measurement of performance.
And for the record, punching those weight and horsepower figures of the 2020 GT500
into a quarter-mile ET and speed calculator puts this car right at a 10.80 at 132 miles
an hour which is pretty much on par with what we heard at the reveal back in January.
Either way, guys, we really want to hear what your thoughts are on the weight here with
the new Shelby.
Are you disappointed or are you still all in dad bod or not?
Let us know below.
Now along with the weight Ford also dropped there 86-page e-source book on the 2020 GT500
which is put together by the Blue Oval for training purposes on the new car and basically
covers every interesting little tidbit or detail you want to know about the Shelby and
it's really cool.
In fact, we'll drop a link in the description if you guys want to check it out, kill some
Big shout out to Jarstang and the crew at mustang6g.com for throwing this up.
Now in it, we learn a little bit more about things like the engine for instance, like
the fact that the engine has a massive 11-quart oil capacity and is actually receiving an
aluminum oil pan unlike the standard GT or GT350s that utilize that composite piece.
We also learned a little bit more about the unique exhaust featuring the 2 3/4-inch diameter
tubing included X-pipe all which helped deliver its very unique tone.
And along with that, we get a better sense of things like spring rates for instance which
include a 251-pound front spring and a 914-pound rear spring which by the way are very firm
when compared to the stock in aftermarket springs for the S550.
Now this is just a tip of the iceberg here, guys.
And again, I encourage you to check out the rest of the PDF if you want to kill some time
and learn a little bit more about the car.
Not to be left out, the GT350 is also getting a few minor tweaks for 2020 including some
suspension from the big brother GT500.
Now this does include the high-trail steering knuckle which should help combat some of the
tram lining persistent with these cars along with the new steering rack and power steering
The 52-block also saw some tweaks here to make it suitable for use in not only the GT
350 but also the GT500 in Cobra Jet.
And to aid in easing production in budget costs all three of these cars will now share
the same 52-block but with slightly different internals as obviously, the crankshaft will
be different in the flat plane 350, still very much unique to that car.
Finally, a few new colors do make their way to the Shelby including iconic silver which
by the way is the very first time the high revving 350 does receive a silver paint job
since being reintroduced back in 2015.
Last but not least, we all know Christmas will be here before we know it, yes, I know
I just said it, but if you're looking for a special gift for that special Mustang fan
in your life, boy do we have a present here for you.
This January, the original Bullitt Mustang we'll be rolling across the auction block
at the Mecum Auction down in Florida.
Now if remember member, guys, Ford actually linked up with the current owner to help reveal
the 2019 Bullitt Mustang showing the cars off side by side at the 2018 Detroit Auto
I was there, it was awesome, I also got to meet the lovely Molly McQueen.
Now no word yet on what this car might actually fetch but if I'm a guessing man or a betting
man, something with a million or maybe even millions might be a possibility.
But what do you guys think?
Drop us a comment below.
Well, gang, that is going to wrap up this installment of Mustang News.
Of course, don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, if you really dig our content here
at AM, I would certainly appreciate it.
And remember, for all things Mustang, keep it right here at americanmuscle.com.


2020 GT500 Weight Revealed + Critical Specs | Shelby GT350R Updates - Ford Mustang News

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