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  • We need to find the remaining members of Mejor Cinco.

  • We're back at square one.

  • Look at Sandro's watch.

  • It doesn't tell time, but it shows a specific date.

  • Also, it has a USB port.

  • We know Sandro well.

  • I'm sure he hid some information in here.

  • It's the date of the election day.

  • Let's check its contents.

  • What is it?

  • What if they're planning something for election day?

  • We only found out that Tiago is planning something

  • on the day of the election.

  • I'm sure he'll cheat.

  • Fighting fair isn't in his vocabulary.

  • But Sandro can't help him anymore.

  • But I'm sure...

  • ...he's already planning his next move.

  • He won't stop just like that.

  • Then we won't stop foiling his plans either.

  • We'll keep stopping him.

  • But after everything that happened to him,

  • I'm sure he'll be more careful.

  • What about his campaign manager?

  • You mean Elvira?

  • She probably knows Tiago's plans for the election.

  • Did you take care of everything?

  • I want to have an efficient campaign.

  • Yes, sir.

  • All you have to do is shake people's hands.

  • But you better be prepared, physically and mentally.

  • Since the election day is fast approaching,

  • our campaign will be more intense.

  • And our funding?

  • We always need more.

  • For commercials, paraphernalia,

  • and of course, bribes.

  • Fortunately, money isn't a problem for us.

  • It's just funny how so many people become rich

  • during election periods.

  • My goodness.

  • You have to be careful too, Elvira.

  • You know my political rivals are terrible.

  • Of course, General.

  • - I'll be going now. - Alright.

  • - Thank you. - See you.

  • Hello.

  • General...

  • I think I'm being followed.

  • That's most probably Rhian.

  • What should I do?

  • It's easy.

  • Listen carefully.

  • Make a stopover at a restaurant.

  • And make sure it's filled with lots of people.

  • That way, they will keep their distance.

  • After, I will need you to do something.

  • Okay, General.

We need to find the remaining members of Mejor Cinco.


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我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊!我的天啊 (Rhian, Marcial, and Franco decide to tail Elvira | The General's Daughter (With Eng Subs))

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