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  • I'm currently at Busan for the Dia Festival,

  • where I'll be on stage starting tomorrow.

  • So today, I'm out here at Songjung!

  • I'm not here just to hang out tho

  • I finally brought the huge tube!

  • Let's play with this today.

  • Let's go get the parasol.

  • These two are our spots

  • and this here is the huge tube which I'll be attempting to put life into.

  • Let's get it started!

  • It's so hot today.

  • Whoa, this is huge. It'll be hard taking it out...

  • Let's blow in the air, using the air blower.

  • So far so good.

  • (Putting life into the flamingo)

  • Hold on...

  • Is this enough? Should I put in some more air?

  • Done.

  • Looks good.

  • As for the hole, I have to close it up real nice

  • since I don't want it to come off in the water...

  • Time for the head part!

  • I'm blowing life into the enormous flamingo right now.

  • The head is starting to show! That's it, a little bit more!

  • It's done, it's done!

  • Ouch, don't attack me (I made you! >:o)

  • Done!

  • Hold up, so hot...

  • Let's hurry and go in the water.

  • We have to do it quickly since it's hot out here.

  • Look at how much I'm sweating.

  • I want to go in the water... Look at the water over there.

  • Almost done...

  • Gah, the air's leaking... Let's close the lid up.

  • It's so hot though!!!

  • The right wing is almost finished.

  • I want to go in the water so bad.

  • Which parts are left?

  • The outer part is done, time for the inner part!

  • This thing even has a cup holder.

  • Last part left!

  • Yay! It's done!

  • It's finally finished!

  • Let's put on some sunscreen!

  • One, two, three!

  • Feels like we're in the Navy!

  • Heopop Marines, let's go!!!

  • Throw on the count of three!

  • One, two, three!

  • !!!

  • !!!!!

  • How do I get on this thing?

  • Let's go!

  • We're setting sail.

  • (Starting emergency rescue!)

  • (Thank you to all those working hard to rescue lives.)

  • (Starting Heopop's rescue mission!)

  • Let's go!

  • (This is the life...)

  • (It doesn't end here :P)

  • Not so fast, let's get going one more time!

  • Whoo it's done!

  • Now, it's time for

  • the flamingo and the unicorn!

  • Let's carry it on our heads...

  • Let's go!

  • Straight ahead x3

  • Forward~

  • Forward~ ♪

  • (The bottom part ripped because of the waves...)

  • It's coming, it's coming!

  • (Have a cool summer~!)

I'm currently at Busan for the Dia Festival,


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