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  • When you begin this journey, you're going to have so many people telling you that it's just not possible to live without debt, and especially without a credit card.


  • Friends are going to tell you that.


  • Family's going to tell you that.


  • Commercials are going to tell you that.


  • But let me give you some truth about credit cards.


  • There are currently 459 million credit cards in circulation today.

    目前有約 4 億 5 千 9 百萬張的信用卡在美國市面上流通。

  • And only 327 million people living in America!

    但美國人口實際上只有 3 億 2 千 7 百萬!

  • That's like 132 million extra cards that are not assigned to a person, but they're floating around.

    也就是說有 1 億 3 千 2 百萬張額外的無主信用卡在市面上某處流通著。

  • But they are assigned to people, because the average person carries four credit cards.

    但它們其實是屬於某些人的,因為平均來說每個人有 4 張信用卡。

  • 68% of people who use their credit cards said they use it on things that they need.

    68% 信用卡持有者說他們之所以使用信用卡,是為了要買「 需要」的東西。

  • But the most common type of credit card are the ones they sell you at retail stores.


  • Yes, 41% of people have store specific credit cards.

    沒錯,41% 的人擁有零售商聯名卡。

  • And last I checked, not many emergencies can happen where J.Crew swoops in and solves your problems.

    而就我目前所知,沒有什麼「緊急需求」是 J.Crew (美國服飾零售商) 應付不了的。

  • Maybe a fashion emergency, but no other emergency.


  • Store credit cards, actually you guys, they are the worst you can get.


  • Their interest rates are nearly double of traditional credit cards.


  • So let's just assume that you accumulate $1,000 of debt on a store credit card.

    假設你使用某間店家的聯名信用卡並積欠了 1000 美元的債務。

  • This is actually way lower of a balance than the average American, but it's just a nice round number.


  • I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt.


  • And let's say you pay two times the minimum payment every month on your balance.


  • For a store credit card with a 25% interest rate, it's going to take you 27 months and cost you $307 in interest to pay off that balance.

    以一個利率為 25 % 的聯名卡來說,你需要 27 個月,以及 307 美元的額外利息才能還完整筆欠款。

  • So let's say you signed up for that credit card when they said, "Would you like to save 15% on your purchase today?"

    還記得信用卡業務人員在你辦卡的時候跟你說:「你有沒有興趣為自己今天的消費金額省下 15% 呢?」

  • And you said, "Yes!"


  • And let's assume that you spent that whole $1,000 we talked about earlier when you signed up for that store credit card.

    然後我們假設你辦信用卡後,花了我們前面說的整整 1000 美元。

  • Which is pretty unlikely, but let's just say you did.


  • That 15% saves you $150.

    15% 的信用卡優惠幫你省下 150 美元。

  • But you end up spending $307 in interest.

    但你卻多負擔了 307 美元的利息。

  • Guys, let it sink in.


  • It's just math, people.


  • And then you look at the facts and the profits from places like Macy's.

    看看 Macy's 百貨類業者的利潤。

  • Macy's credit cards make up nearly 40% of their businesses.

    Macy's 百貨通過聯名信用卡的所賺進的利潤幾乎佔了他們整個事業體的 40%。

  • And stores like Kohl's and Macy's, they actually pay their employees for each credit card application they get.

    像 Kohl's 和 Macy's 這種商家,他們的員工每成功推銷一張聯名信用卡就會獲得獎金。

  • It doesn't even matter if the application is approved.


  • But the employees get a commission for just getting someone to sign up for a credit card.


  • And some stores even threaten to take away hours from employees who are not signing up enough people for credit cards.


  • It's a huge problem.


  • And you guys, I know a lot of people who sign up for credit cards with really good intentions.


  • They do it for the points, because they think they can pay it off every month, but it's just not the reality.


  • Only 45% of people pay off their credit card balances every month.

    只有 45% 的人真正結清每個月的信用卡欠款。

  • And there's $784 billion in outstanding credit card debt out there.

    目前,還有高達 7 千 840 億美元的信用卡債還沒被償還。

  • Half of Americans are not paying off their credit card bill.

    50% 左右的美國人無法結清他們的卡債。

  • So the bottom line is: credit cards are not going to help you build wealth.


  • They're actually going to steal it.


  • Because again, I said it earlier, at the top of this episode, but it's true.


  • So many people say, "Well, I'm going to get a credit card to build my credit, so that I can buy a house."


  • But you actually don't need a credit score to buy a house.


  • It is possible.


When you begin this journey, you're going to have so many people telling you that it's just not possible to live without debt, and especially without a credit card.


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魔鬼藏在信用卡裡!你還覺得刷信用卡很划算嗎? (The Truth About Credit Cards That No One Is Telling You)

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