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You'd be surprised to learn that a lot of money-saving options are also earth-friendly.
Some methods are super simple, while others may take a bit more work.
But if you're looking to help the planet and your wallet, here are six friendly ways to save money.
Paperless billing saves you monthly on stamps and allows you to set up automatic payments to avoid late fees.
It also saves paper and mail transportation costs.
You'll save on electricity you use to heat your water.
And less electricity usually means burning less coal.
If you have other commuting options, start using them once or twice a week.
This can be a bicycle, scooter, bus, or train.
Even carpooling is a net benefit for the planet.
Bonus: If you have a bike, cancel your monthly gym membership and get your daily exercise by biking.
You don't have to give up red meat entirely.
Instead, pick a day or two in the week to skip it.
Not only will it save money, it's better for your health.
And red meat is a huge methane contributor.
Solar panels are cheaper than ever.
Lots of people not only save money on their electricity, they end up selling excess energy back to the power company.
So if you have the means to buy solar panels, it's great for the environment and your wallet over time.
Wind, solar, and geothermal power are becoming cheaper than traditional energy providers, like coal and oil.
Supporting green energy with your money is a great way to help the planet.
Many investment providers have created socially conscious funds that you can easily join.
But be sure to talk to your financial advisor before making any investments.
It's a common myth that you have to sacrifice to help the environment.
There are many things that you can do today that will benefit you and the planet.



【環境教育】告訴你如何同時省錢又能救地球! (6 Earth Friendly Ways to Save Money)

4324 分類 收藏
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