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  • Thanos may have ultimately gotten his just desserts from the whole crew in Avengers:

  • Endgame, but he could have tasted defeat at the hands of just one of Earth's Mightiest

  • Heroes.

  • Chatting with during San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios president Kevin

  • Feige revealed that he believes an Avenger could have defeated Josh Brolin's Mad Titan

  • singlehandedly had he not summoned his army to continue fighting in his name.

  • The hero who would have whooped Thanos' purple butt in a one-on-one battle?

  • None other than Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, whom Feige said is, quote, "probably

  • near the upper echelons of power" when it comes to ranking the heroes of the Marvel

  • Cinematic Universe.

  • "I contend she would have taken down Thanos if he hadn't called the, uh —" "Oh, she

  • had him.

  • "Right, he was done."

  • Feige isn't the only one who feels Scarlet Witch would have killed Thanos if he hadn't

  • started blowing up the battlefield in a desperation move.

  • "Rain fire!"

  • "But sire!

  • Our troops!"

  • "Just do it!"

  • Avengers: Endgame co-screenwriter Stephen McFeely and co-director Joe Russo are of the

  • opinion that she was Thanos' greatest adversary on the battlefield, even sharing their thoughts

  • that the Mad Titan had to effectively cheat to beat her.

  • As McFeely said during an Endgame commentary track,

  • "She's really the biggest threat to Thanos on this field."

  • Joe Russo agreed, saying,

  • "She is a very powerful character, and he has to in a way, cheat, and sacrifice his

  • own armies, just to escape her."

  • Russo also added some more context as to where Wanda's powers come from in the MCU, which

  • has always been somewhat ambiguous, especially compared to her brother Quicksilver.

  • As Maria Hill memorably put it in Age of Ultron,

  • "He's fast and she's weird."

  • But Joe Russo cleared things up with his Endgame commentary, saying,

  • "Wanda's powers have a lot to do with her internal life.

  • And there's a growth to the powers and [a] growth of her internal life and her ability

  • to harness them, and the emotion and pain caused by Vision's death has caused an acceleration

  • of that growth."

  • As you may know, Scarlet Witch came into close contact with Thanos at the tail end of Avengers:

  • Infinity War, when the intergalactic tyrant was about to extract the Mind Stone from the

  • forehead of her lover, the Vision - all as a part of his plan to power the Infinity Gauntlet

  • and wipe out half of the universe's population.

  • Initially, Scarlet Witch made the difficult choice to pull the Mind Stone out of Vision

  • herself, at his request, destroying the powerful gem before Thanos could get his hands on it.

  • She was successful, but Thanos used the Time Stone to undo Scarlet Witch's actions and

  • snatch the Stone for himself.

  • With Vision dead and Thanos' Gauntlet ready for snapping, the Mad Titan carried out his

  • dastardly plan and turned Scarlet Witch and billions of other people into space dust.

  • Fast forward to the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, when the formerly dusted heroes came

  • back to life thanks to Hulk and the Stark Gauntlet, powered by Infinity Stones the team

  • collected from the past.

  • Scarlet Witch was once again on the side of the living, and her rage over Thanos killing

  • Vision was fresh in her mindeven though this Thanos, chronologically, hadn't killed

  • the Vision or even met Wanda yet.

  • Not that that mattered to her.

  • "You took everything from me."

  • "I don't even know who you are."

  • "You will."

  • As soon as Scarlet Witch's powers proved too much for Thanos to take, he called in his

  • airstrike, an assault only diverted by the arrival of Captain Marvel, another hero whose

  • incredible powers stemmed from contact with an Infinity Stone.

  • The fact that Scarlet Witch could have taken down Thanos on her own is intriguing, and

  • though Thanos isn't coming back for the MCU's phase 4 - at least, not as far as we know

  • - there will be ample opportunities to explore Wanda's powerset.

  • She'll appear alongside Vision on the upcoming Disney+ [disney plus] series WandaVision,

  • and will be a starring character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

  • Both projects will give fans a chance to see Scarlet Witch at the top of her game, hopefully

  • channeling the fire and fury seen in Avengers: Endgame.

  • If Thanos couldn't handle her, it's hard to guess who will.

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Thanos may have ultimately gotten his just desserts from the whole crew in Avengers:


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