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  • Hey guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer

    [YouTube 創作者頻道]

  • from the YouTube channel Video Creators

    大家好 我是 Tim Schmoyer

  • where we are all about helping you grow your YouTube audience

    我的 YouTube 頻道 叫做 Video Creators

  • so you can spread a message that reaches people

    我將教你如何吸引更多 YouTube 觀眾

  • and changes their lives.


  • And I'm here at VidCon today


  • to give you three quick tips that'll help you grow your channel.

    在 VidCon 大會現場

  • Tip #1 is to make sure you pay attention to your traffic sources.

    我要分享三個小秘訣 幫助你推動頻道成長

  • I like seeing where people are coming from to find my videos

    [第 1 個秘訣]

  • and I want to know, where's my most valuable viewer coming from?

    第 1 個秘訣是留意你的流量來源

  • And so if it's coming from suggested

    我會想知道觀眾 在什麼地方找到我的影片

  • I want to know which videos are suggesting traffic


  • sending people to my video


  • so I can get better ideas of maybe other types of content

    我想知道 是哪些建議影片帶動了流量

  • that my audience might be interested in.


  • The second thing I pay attention to is real-time analytics

    這樣我才能瞭解觀眾可能會喜歡 哪些其他類型的內容

  • because I want to see if an older video on my channel starts to pop

    [第 2 個秘訣]

  • and really starts to get momentum

    第二件事 我會留意即時數據分析

  • I want to be able to quickly make a part two or a follow-up to that video

    因為我想知道自己頻道上的 舊影片是否開始吸引觀眾目光

  • so that the new people who are finding my channel on that older video


  • have a next natural video that they want to watch


  • to further increase watch time and the viewing session on my channel

    讓新觀眾在我的頻道上 看到這部舊影片時

  • and really get them pulled in to what my content's all about.


  • The third thing to really pay attention to in my analytics


  • is the graph that goes from impressions to click-through rate to watch time.


  • And what that helps me understand is

    [第 3 個秘訣]

  • if there's a decent amount of impressions and click-throughs

    第三件必須仔細留意的 就是數據分析統計資料中

  • but the watch time's really low

    顯示曝光次數 點擊率和觀看時間等資訊的圖表

  • then I think, "maybe my title and thumbnail are not setting an accurate representation


  • "and not pitching this to what my content's about."


  • So, maybe I can make a more accurate title and thumbnail


  • that sets a more accurate expectation

    我會想 「也許標題和縮圖沒有真正傳達影片主題」

  • so when they click and watch, they actually stay and watch the full video.


  • If you want more amazing tips on how to grow your channel

    所以我應該製作 更符合觀眾期待的影片標題和縮圖

  • subscribe right here to the YouTube Creators' channel.

    之後當觀眾點閱影片時 會願意看完整部影片

  • Also, you can check out my channel, at

    如果想要學習更多 推動頻道成長的妙方

  • for more tips and advice on these ideas as well.

    歡迎訂閱 YouTube 創作者頻道

  • See you there.


Hey guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer

[YouTube 創作者頻道]


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Tim Schmoyer--VidCon的快速提示。 (Tim Schmoyer - Quick Tips from VidCon)

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