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  • I'll go.

  • I'll sit over there.

  • Excuse me, ma'am.

  • Someone asked me hand this to you.

  • Excuse me.

  • Hello?

  • How have you been...

  • dear?

  • I've been grieving for nothing.

  • It turns out, you're alive.

  • I was even planning to send Corazon

  • really expensive flowers.

  • Leave my mother out of this.

  • She doesn't know about our plans.

  • Try to stop me then.

  • By the way,

  • how does it feel to be wanted by the authorities?

  • Is it exciting?

  • Is it exciting?

  • You think you've won?

  • I will never give up until you are brought...

  • justice.

  • So, whatever it is you're planning--

  • You're damn right I'm planning something.

  • I plan to win the upcoming election

  • without resorting to dirty tactics.

  • And I also plan to serve the country as a senator.

  • Well, anyway...

  • ...I should get going.

  • I'm really busy.

  • By the way,

  • you need to be careful.

  • And tell your family to be extra cautious, too.

  • Oh, and...

  • ...congratulations to your sister.

  • Will they live happily ever after?

  • Who knows?

  • We have to go to Jessie's wedding.

  • What if it's a trap?

  • My family's safety is at risk.

  • We can't ignore his threat.

  • I know Tiago well. I'm sure he's up to something.

  • It would be better to go there.

  • At least we'll be ready to help if something happens.

  • I want these three people dead:

  • Marcial de Leon,

  • Rhian Bonifacio,

  • and Franco Segismundo.

  • General--

  • Hush!

  • Julius!

  • Thirty million pesos.

  • You'll get ten million for each head you bring.

  • I'll even save you the trouble of searching for them.

  • I will tell you where you'll find those three.

  • All you need to do is kill them.

  • You'll find the three of them

  • at the wedding of Corazon de Leon's daughter.

  • They're Marcial de Leon's family.

I'll go.


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A2 初級

馮小剛:"我是一個很好的人"--------------------馮小剛 (Tiago threatens Rhian | The General's Daughter (With Eng Subs))

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