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Hey! I'm Paul Begue, AST systems designer. Today is a really cool day because we're
gonna be harvesting our shrimp tank. This is the 600 gallon shrimp production
system. We started with PL 20s, post larval 20 days, no bigger than the end of
a pencil the first week in December and we've been pushing this system find out
how much we could feed and how many animals we could grow in there. Right now
with the heat in New Orleans and the shrimp as big as they are, it's time to
harvest so... so the last step in all this is going to be the Cajun challenge where
we actually find out how these things taste. Alright, so we're going to be doing
that on our end here at AST. Let's scoop these fish. Excuse me,
scoop these shrimp and find out what they look like. Alright, oh yeah look at
that. So we got some nice shrimp here. These are we calculated 28 shrimp to a
pound so these are going to be your medium to large shrimp that you get in
the grocery store. Real, real nice. So we're going to dump these right on this
ice. Right now...
and then we're gonna get one more look at these guys. We got about 3,000 in
there so we're gonna have some production numbers toward the end of
this and we'll make sure that we we tell everybody how many shrimp we had we had.
We might even do a couple videos of us eating them. Alright, so thanks again tune
in for more videos.


從循環水養殖系統收成的白蝦 (Whiteleg Shrimp Harvest from Recirculating Aquaculture System (AST FIT))

61 分類 收藏
吳澤育 發佈於 2019 年 9 月 16 日
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