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You know, the first time you were here was one year ago this week.
- Really? - It was your late-night debut.
-Oh, my God. -I was your first talk show. -Yeah.
-And you were talking about "Crazy Rich Asians" which went on to, like, dominate the world. -It was crazy.
It did like, a quarter of a billion dollars and people were just blown away by it.
I mean, that's... it was only made for, I think... I think I'm right about this $15.
They made the film for...
-That's a lot of profit. -Yeah. A lot of profit.
-Where's my back end? -Yeah, exactly.
- That was your first big break that we know of. - Mm-hmm.
But actually your first big break was hosting a travel show on Malaysian TV?
Yes. I had this, like, crazy idea while I was working in London to head over to Malaysia and attempt to be a travel show host.
So I asked, you know, my buddy to put together a little showreel for me.
And then when I went over to Malaysia, I would have like something to do or or something to give to these producers and stuff.
So you sent this videotape...
Was it a videotape or was it DVD?
I think I showed one person because it was so embarrassing.
Like, I was the most terrible, terrible presenter ever.
But it got you the job.
No, I think I had to go in person because they were like, "Man, this guy is bad."
Like, "he needs to come here."
Really? How was it that bad?
Do you remember it at all, doing it?
- You were in London? - Yeah, I was in London going around the East End trying to sort of be natural and not really understanding what to do with my hands or my arms.
You know, I'm laughing because we here at "The Tonight Show" don't mess around. We actually found...
Shut up.
We actually found the footage that you sent to one person.
- Oh, my God. - Your life's about to be over.
Here's the never before seen audition tape that you made...
Literally no one has seen this. How the hell did you...
Travel show host. Let's take a look.
Oh, no. Hey, I'm Henry, and today we're headed to the East End of London to check out Brick Lane.
I'm crying. I'm literally crying.
- You've destroyed my street cred. -No, no.
I had to. I had to. Please, please, please.
- Oh, my God. - It got you where you are. - It worked.
I guess it worked. Yeah, yeah
- It worked. - I love it.
- A lot of pointing and... - I hate you so much, Jimmy Fallon.
I love it. It's fantastic.
I can see you blushing right now.
- I'm so red. -Let's talk about this big movie you're in. -Yes.
"Last Christmas." We're about to debut the trailer for you guys here and at home.
Never been seen before.
I am so excited about this.
It's based on the Wham! song "Last Christmas."
That's right. Emma Thompson wrote it, and she's a phenomenal, phenomenal human being.
Did you get to hang out wit Emma Thompson at all?
- Yeah, we... - She's the coolest.
-She's the absolute coolest. We actually went for...
It was kind of like a Sunday lunch.
We were kind of invited around to her house, which is so lovely.
And she's got these beautiful kids who are far too intelligent for their own good.
I do remember we sort of had this moment in her living room, and the living room is kind of this huge library of books and things.
And everybody went out to sort of set the table, and I was like, "I got to just make a quick call."
I'm calling my wife, and I'm kind of sat in this chair.
I'm just looking at this room. I'm like, "Oh, look.
There are all the awards."
The awards are like on the top shelf.
- BAFTAs and Golden Globes. - BAFTAs, Golden Globes, like, writers awards.
I'm like, I know she has two Oscars somewhere around here.
I need to find them. So I'm like kind of looking around.
Nowhere to be seen. I'm like, she must have locked them up. She must have, like, put them somewhere really secure.
- At a museum somewhere. - Exactly.
And so I start heading back to the living room and the dining room.
And I thought I'll just go for a whaz.
Or just a wee for all of the Americans out there...
A wee.
- A whaz okay. - And so I'm sort of...
I'm conducting business.
And then suddenly my eyes just reach these two Golden statues in th toilet, and they are the Oscars.
- You took a picture of ... - I did.
Emma Thompson's bathroom. Look at this.
- I had to. - Look how amazing that is.
How cool!
- Oh, my God. - How cool is Emma Thompson.
The craziest thing is, like as soon as you turn to the left of that picture, there's a mirror there.
So she's placed that specifically so people can like, bring it up to them, and sort of have this, like, cheesy smile in the mirror, and, like, pretend they won an Oscar.
- Which, of course, I did. - I was going to say, did you do it? - Of course I did.
She knows how to do that stuff.
Well, what can we say about "Last Christmas?"
- Do we set anything up? - Oh, my God, yeah.
I mean, it's a beautiful rom-com set in London at the most magical time of the year.
London is beautiful at Christmas.
It's stunning. It's stunning.
Emilia Clarke plays a young lost character who is very cynical about the world.
She was sort of a failed singer.
She meets a boy. They go on dates.
And it's just one of the most tear-jerking, hilarious movies you'll ever watch, so...
For the first time ever, here is Henry Golding in the exclusive world premier of the "Last Christmas" trailer. Take a look.
- What? - Jesus, where'd you come from?
- Well, what are you looking at? - Might be a falcon.
Oh, damn it!
- It's good luck, you know? - What is? - Getting pooed on by a bird.
I'm busy. You're weird. Goodbye.
Here we are.
Is this the bit where you murder me?
- So what is it that you do? - I sing.
- Oh, that's amazing. - Anyway, boring, boring, boring.
I'm not bored.
I'm a mess.
I was really sick and I nearly died, and they just expect me to be normal.
There's no such thing as normal.
You're going to make mistakes.
You're made of everything you do.
- You can't be in here! - No, we're leaving!
- There we go! - Ow!
"Last Christmas"!
Oh, yes.



龍母與楊尼克的愛情火花?!《去年聖誕節》精彩片段 (Henry Golding Spills Details About His Last Christmas Rom-Com with Emilia Clarke)

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