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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 157. The verb phrase today is
blow in and we got our three meanings today of "blow in." All right. Let's look at the
first one here. If someone blows in, he or she arrives
somewhere suddenly. So we, we do have this use. So let's take a look at it. We have
two examples for this one. Look at who just blew in the door. Long time, no see.
Yeah. We could say somebody just blew in. They just came in suddenly. They entered
suddenly. So you might say it as a joke. Like to a friend. Look who blew in the door.
Look who's here. That's the way we use it. Or number two. I
just blew into town today and I figured I would give you a call. So you just
suddenly arrived. Maybe there was no big plan for it. You just suddenly came. So
you blew in. So a person can blow in, in this sense. Okay. Now let's look at the
second one here. We say if something blows in, it is carried somewhere by air
or by the wind basically. All right. And we have a ... I
guess we got two examples for this one too. That stench
so a stench is like a bad smell. That stench from that stinky tofu stand blew
into my window. Yeah. So you know, in Asia sometimes they might have stinky tofu
that's fermented tofu in it. At least to a foreigner sometimes that is a bad smell
But you know, just like you know in the West garlic ... I like garlic a lot but some
people think it has a really bad smell. If somebody's cooking it. So same thing
in Asia. There's a lot of people that like it. They may smell stinky tofu go
mmm delicious, if you like it . But if you don't like it you like oh my God that
smell ! So we could say that we could say a smell or an odor could blow it or blow
in your window so we mean it in that sense. All right. Let's look at number two
here. We can say my neighbors leaves blew in my yard or into my yard.
You could use either both. Blow in or into . Yeah. So maybe a lot of leaves from his trees
and they you know maybe you cleaned up all the leaves in front of your house
but he didn't it. And maybe it was a windy day and the wind carried some of the leaves
from his yard which he didn't clean. Now suddenly they're in your yard again.
After you just cleaned it all up. So you could think that they blew into your yard.
Okay. Good. Well blew in your yard. Number three here . If someone blows in or into
so we could use it both ways here, he or she blows or expels air in something. You
know, so from your mouth. You (a blowing sound) you're blowing into something. So we have three
examples for this one. That policeman told him to blow into a Breathalyzer. You
know, so if they were doing a spot check on cars and they were checking to see if
somebody was you know, drinking and driving. They might tell you or if they
stopped you on the road and maybe he smelled some alcohol the policeman may
tell you to blow in a Breathalyzer. That's the device. That's the machine. So
you blow in or you blow into it. All right. And the second one here. I blew warm air
in my hands to warm them up. Yeah if you're in a cold place or a cold country
sometimes people do this in the wintertime their hands are really cold (blowing sounds)
They'll blow on them to warm them up a little bit or they'll blow. Yeah. All right
and number three here. You need to blow more air in that balloon. It is not big
enough. So somebody might say that. So you, you blow or you expel air from your
mouth. You're blowing into something . Okay. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I
hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (157) Blow in

22 分類 收藏
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