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  • - The first time I tried to commit suicide, I tried

  • to cut my wrist.

  • I was tatooing my wrist, that say believe, 'cause

  • my mother has always talked about, either, if you

  • don't believe in yourself, then who's going

  • to believe in you?

  • - Mm.

  • - And I think that was one of the benefits of

  • being an athlete that was always overlooked, in my opinion.

  • It forced me to work harder.

  • You know, like, I always try to outwork people, right?

  • That's just how I made my mark.

  • So the game was at seven.

  • I was like, you know what, I'm gonna come to

  • the Staples Center, 'cause this is when the Lakers

  • had Kobe and Shaq.

  • Okay, this is like the championship Lakers.

  • I was like, you know, I'm gonna get there at three o'clock,

  • and I wanna make sure I make 400 made shots

  • before I go back into the room, and then I sit in the sauna,

  • I get ready for the game.

  • Who do I see?

  • I see Kobe Bryant, already working out.

  • So, once I set my foot across that line, I started

  • working out, and so I worked out for a good hour,

  • hour and a half.

  • And when I came off, after I was done, I sat down

  • and of course, I still heard the ball bouncing.

  • I look down like, this guy is still working out?

  • He was working out for like...

  • It looks like he was in dead sweat when I got here.

  • - Right. - And he's still going.

  • And, it's not like his moves are nonchalant, lazy.

  • He's doing like game moves.

  • You know?

  • And I sit there and I unlace my shoes.

  • I'm like, I wanna see how long this goes.

  • I sit out there and watch.

  • Another 25 minutes and he got done.

  • I said, okay, I think I've seen enough.

  • Go play, you know?

  • Come back, get in the sauna, get ready for the game.

  • That game, he drops 40 on us.

  • Okay?

  • And after the game is over I'm like, I have to ask this guy,

  • I have to understand like, why, why he works like that.

  • - Right. - So after the game is done

  • I'm like, hey, Kobe, like, why were you in the gym

  • for so long?

  • He's like, 'cause I saw you come in.

  • (laughs)

  • And I wanted you to know that it doesn't matter

  • how hard you work, that I'm willing to work

  • harder than you.

  • - Wow. - You just,

  • you inspired me to do better.

  • - Right. - And it was

  • the first time I started to see this level

  • of competitiveness where I say, I need to start doing more.

  • - Right. - Wow.

  • But you never get better if you're not willing

  • to put in the time.

  • And basketball is very similar to the game of life.

  • There's gonna be ups and downs.

  • It's not always going to be easy.

  • There are going to be challenges.

  • There's still going to be curve balls thrown at me.

  • But if you put in the work, and you constantly

  • put in the work, that's the only way you're going to grow.

  • (uplifting music)

- The first time I tried to commit suicide, I tried


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