A2 初級 美國腔 116 分類 收藏
There they are!
Come on!
I'm right behind you
Set the dogs on him
Follow me!
Over there!
Can anybody see them?
I told you we couldn't trust them
We don't need them, we just need to keep moving
We can't outrun dogs
You don't have to
What are you doing you fool?
I'll see you at Tarrac's Mill
(There! There he is, and he's got it!)
(He's over there)
Too late
Don't be so careless, what if it hadn't been me?
But Karn, nobody ever comes out here anyway
Come on, found the perfect spot
Maybe I should let you use that bow more often?
Let me? I'm better at it than you anyway
Hm, well that might be true if you practise more
Hard enough getting away as it is
Father's a proud man
He's stubborn
He does the best he can, you know that
The market doesn't yield much for him
Even today?
Bigger market just means more competition
I sense I'm not going to get any fish today
Oh, I'll trade you
Ah, my salt
So salt, but no fish?
Well, you could always come back and you could have some
Why won't you come and live in the village?
It's safer there and you wouldn't be alone
I do not need the protection of the Kah'Nath if that's what you mean
Why don't you like them?
You don't know them as I do
I know they saved us from the Marked Ones
They are the Eye of Justice and the Mouth of Truth
Yes, yes they are
What's that?
Don't know
Just something I thought of
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to give you that book
No, Karn, I love this book
I wouldn't know what to do with all these things in my head without it
Just don't show it to anyone
Am I a fool?
And did I not swear?
That you did
I just don't want you to get into trouble
You should be the one to be worried with all this lying around
And that's why I don't live in the village
Here you go
Market, must run
Nirith protect you
And you
(..to the well, took the water to the well)
(ooh, took the water to the well and found my love)
(ooh, took the water to the well, took the water to the…)
(Wolf howl)
Oh, you scared me half to death
Oh, Dalia
Thought you were a Lath wolf
Lath wolves don't come this far south
You never know, anything could be lurking in the forest
I know better than most
You visited that man again haven't you?
Ren they say he could be Marked
Lath wolves and Marked Ones?
Father says he could be dangerous
Does.. this look dangerous to you?
By Nirith, that's big
Trade you
As soon as I have a boar
You're awful Ren, scaring me in the forest like that
You're late
They're all there for you Ida
Two boars
What do you want?
Well, this fish is for Dalia but I can get some more
Or if you prefer I do have some mushrooms from the old forest.. Why would I want the scraps you've scavenged?
You're not right Ren, you're not a right sort of girl
But with that hopeless father of yours I'm not surprised
Running around in the forest
and that brother of yours is no better.. I don't care if I'm not right,
as long as my family is fed
A trade's a trade
(General market noise)
Morning lesson over. Well done Baynon, Lyra after you.
Excellent lesson children.
I'm not Baynon, I'm the last of the evil Marked Ones
Um, more like the muddy ones, look at the state of you
No, we did 'The Glorious Kah'Nath's Victory at Nath Tenor' in Morning Lesson
You know, if that's in the pig pen I'm not helping get it off
Where have you been?
I was washing with the girls
Ah, yeah, I remember
Any takers?
Ah, early days yet, early days
By Nardaeth, where is my purse?
Looking for this?
You give that back at once
I always do
That's not the point
Where's my hat?
Has anybody seen my hat?
Hand it over
Thank you Ren
He won't do it again I promise
Look, this can't continue Ren
Far be it for me to tell you and your father what to do
He's going to get himself into trouble
And someone's gotta have a word with.. I know, I'm sorry
Someone's got to do it,
and if I.. I wanted to ask you to trade for some potatoes
Aye, sure
Top quality, as per usual
Where'd you pick them? Not telling
Here, speaking of quality
It's a dragon fruit, from the Storm Islands
You've been there?
No, Nirith forbid, no, no, no I met a trader from Helgoth
And that's as close to danger as I'd ever want to be
But you once told me your mother had been there
I believe so
Well then, it's meant for you
But I have nothing to trade you
No need, just enjoy it
I will
Me too
(it looks tasty) Baynon..
(Can't catch me)
Come back here
Baynon, give it back
No! Please. She meant no harm
I know your face
Hello old friend
Who was that?
That was the Kah'Nath Commander
Did he know you?
Don't ever get in his way again
but Da I...
Promise me!
But why are they here ?
There's only one reason why they'd be in Lyngarth
But no one here has ever seen a Marked One
That doesn't mean they don't exist
(Where did she go?) (She headed that way)


馬克 (EPISODE 1 - Ren: The Girl with the Mark - Season One)

116 分類 收藏
Lisa 發佈於 2019 年 9 月 15 日
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