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  • Hi, and welcome to The Motley Fool's Bottom Line series.

    嗨,歡迎收看 The Motley Fool 頻道的新聞時事特輯。

  • In this video, we're going to take a look at Disney's new video streaming service called Disney Plus and how it stacks up against established competitors.

    在這部影片裡,我們將會介紹迪士尼新推出的串流平台 Disney+,並探討它將如何與其他同業競爭。

  • Ever since Walt Disney's announcement of Disney Plus, fans and investors alike have been eagerly awaiting the latest entrant into the streaming wars.

    從迪士尼公司宣布即將推出 Disney+ 的那刻起,粉絲和投資客就相當期盼它進入這場串流平台之戰。

  • Disney Plus is scheduled to launch on November 12th, and the company expects to have more than 100 recent films and over 400 older movies available within the first year.

    Disney+ 於 11 月 12 日正式上線,並預計在第一年會放上一百部新影片和四百部的舊影片。

  • It's also developing 25 new series and movies that will be exclusive to the platform.

    此外,他們還預計推出二十五部全新影集和電影,而這些原創影劇只會在 Disney+ 播出。

  • The Disney Plus programming will come from across the company's Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Disney brands, as well as contributions from Fox and National Geographic.

    Disney+ 除了有迪士尼原創影片之外,還有收錄漫威、皮克斯動畫、盧卡斯、福斯以及國家地理頻道等系列影劇。

  • While creating an entirely new video streaming service is certainly a big move for Disney.


  • How exactly does Disney Plus stack up to its rivals?

    究竟 Disney+ 要怎麼對抗其他串流平台業者呢?

  • One of the most important differentiating factors between Disney Plus and its competitors is its price.

    Disney+ 贏過其他競爭者的特色在於「價格」。

  • Disney Plus costs just 6.99 per month in the U.S., and if you pay annually, it's only 69.99 per year.

    就美國而言,Disney+ 的月費為 6.99 美金,年費則只需要 69.99 美金。

  • The price includes four simultaneous streams, 4K video, ultra high definition, and high dynamic range picture quality when available, all at no extra cost, and users also get unlimited video downloads.

    只需支付以上價格即能隨時收看資料庫內的影片,當中有不少作品支援 4K、UHD 及 HDR,使用者也可以任意下載影片,皆不會額外收費。

  • To put this into context, Netflix's premium plan, which offers similar features, costs $15.99 per month.

    反觀提供類似服務的 Netflix 高級專案,每月的月費為 15.99 美元。

  • And Disney Plus is cheaper than Amazon Prime Video, the second largest streaming service in the U.S., which costs $8.99 per month.

    Disney+ 的月費也比全美第二大的串流平台 Amazon 來得便宜, Amazon 月費為 8.99 美元。

  • In addition to its low cost, Disney will also offer a bundle of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus,

    除了價格優勢之外,迪士尼在美國還推出三合一組合方案,使用者只要支付 12.99 美元的月費即能觀看 Disney+、ESPN+,

  • and the ad-supported version of Hulu for just $12.99 in the U.S., which will give viewers access to sports programming, the library of content from Disney, as well as original programming and broadcast shows from Hulu.

    以及含廣告的 Hulu ,可以看到運動賽事、圖書內容、原創影劇、 廣播節目等。

  • But just because Disney will have the best video streaming deal doesn't mean it'll easily topple Netflix and Amazon's dominance.

    雖然迪士尼擁有豐富的影片資源,但這並不代表它有辦法輕易打敗兩大串流平台大佬 Netflix 和 Amazon。

  • Netflix has 60 million paying subscribers in the U.S. and 91 million international subscribers.

    Netflix 光在美國就擁有六千萬名付費會員,在世界各地共有九千一百萬名付費會員。

  • Meanwhile, Amazon has more than 100 million Prime members in the U.S. that have access to the company's video streaming service.

    在此同時,Amazon 在美國則有一億名可享有串流平台服務的高級會員。

  • Subscribers aside, both Amazon and Netflix have spent years and billions of dollars creating their own original video content.

    除了擁有驚人訂閱人數之外, Amazon 和 Netflix 在創作原創內容方面已投入大量時間和金錢。

  • For Netflix, spending huge sums of money to produce and license content, including 15 billion dollars in 2019, is a matter of survival.

    譬如在 2019 年,Netflix 就砸了一百五十億打造全新原創影視內容。

  • Netflix's entire business is built on video streaming, and it has to be the best at what it does in order to grow its top and bottom lines.

    豐富的影片內容正是 Netflix 維持競爭力的主要特點,因此他們需要打造最優質的影片才能使公司更加茁壯。

  • For Amazon, video streaming is more of a side business that provides value to its Prime members and keeps its customers engaged with the company.

    對 Amazon 來說,串流平台並非其主要業務,而是為了留住忠實顧客所提供的一項額外服務。

  • While Disney has its theme parks and its vast movie and TV empire, the company is betting that Disney Plus will be an important role in controlling its own content, as well as forging direct relationships with its customers.

    迪士尼在樂園經營和影視產業方面都已創造傲人成就,不過他們仍相當看中 Disney+,希望能透過串流平台與消費者建立更緊密的連結。

  • Disney's CEO, Bob Iger recently said that Disney Plus marks a bold step forward in an exciting new era for the company.

    迪士尼的執行長 Bob Iger 表示,Disney+ 為公司開啟了一個全新的時代。

  • The bottom line is that Disney Plus will likely be one of the most competitive video streaming services on the market,

    總結來說, Disney+ 可能會是個極具競爭力的串流平台,

  • and even Netflix and Amazon will have a hard time matching Disney's stockpile of beloved characters and stories.

    以它多年來累積的經典童話角色,即使是 Netflix 或 Amazon 也難以在這方面與其角逐。

  • No other company has been as successful at turning storytelling into such a lucrative business as Disney, which is why Disney Plus competitors should be worried.


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Hi, and welcome to The Motley Fool's Bottom Line series.

嗨,歡迎收看 The Motley Fool 頻道的新聞時事特輯。


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