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  • how do you like using power tools? it's fun lose all the work El Hefe has arrived

    你覺得如何使用電動工具?好有趣 失去El Hefe所有的工作

  • and now we see Salut! well hello everyone from the Bergner backyard today's gonna be a

    現在我們看到薩魯特!祝大家好 今天伯格納的後院將是一個

  • bit of a different video we're gonna be doing some home renovations in my parents home

    我們將會有一個不同的視頻 在我父母家做一些家庭裝修

  • home yeah we're gonna be building a new deck yeah because whatever we have over

    家是啊我們要建一個新的 甲板是的,因為我們擁有的一切

  • here is just a slab of cement that was here when we bought the house yeah and

    這裡只是一塊水泥板 在這裡,當我們買房子是啊

  • the people that build this they forgot to put any rebar or anything to

    建立這個他們忘記的人 任何螺紋鋼或任何東西

  • strengthen the the cement so everything is cracking everything is out of level

    加強水泥所以一切 破解一切都是不合適的

  • yeah we're gonna build a beautiful deck yes so the exciting part about this

    是的,我們要建造一個漂亮的甲板 是的,所以這個令人興奮的部分

  • project is that Jeff from home renovation DIY come to Brampton to fix this deck

    項目是傑夫從家裡來的 裝修DIY來到布蘭普頓來修理這個套牌

  • we we've been binge-watching their channel they do it all and they explain

    我們一直在狂熱地看著他們 渠道他們做到了這一切,他們解釋

  • it in a way that any homeowner that is not very handy yeah Us!

    它以任何房主的方式 不是很方便是的我們!

  • I can do it you know there's no one greener than me camera this channel is

    我能做到你知道沒有人 這個頻道比我更環保

  • very informative and it's worth your while if you're gonna have any project

    信息豐富,值得你 如果你有任何項目的話

  • any renovation and you want to do it yourself and save some money basically

    任何裝修,你想做 自己,基本上省錢

  • if you want to see the technical stuff of how to build a deck you can check out

    如果你想看技術的東西 如何建立一個甲板,你可以檢查出來

  • Jeff's video here we're gonna be showing you the behind the scenes and then at

    傑夫的視頻在這裡,我們將要展示 你是幕後的,然後是

  • the end of it all we're gonna do a big reveal have a big barbecue are the time

    結束這一切我們都會做大事 透露有大燒烤的時候

  • Argentine styled barbecue the way we like it and show you the little staycation oasis

    阿根廷風格的燒烤,我們喜歡它的方式 向您展示小小的住宿綠洲

  • that is will have here so that is the plan we need to show you our shirts yeah DIY

    那將是這裡所以這是 計劃我們需要向你展示我們的襯衫是啊DIY

  • okay the only thing is that me El Jefe I'm the boss right here. He's the boss.

    好吧唯一的事就是我El Jefe我就是這裡的老闆。他是老闆。

  • they gotta be careful with their yeah coffee breaks it's nobody smokes or

    他們要小心他們的 咖啡打破它沒有人抽煙或

  • nothing get better breaks a water break I gotto okay all of that. a but let's rewind a bit so I can

    什麼都沒有變得更好打破水休息 我得到了所有這一切。但是讓我們回過頭來,我可以

  • tell you how exactly we ended up with Jeff in our backyard it all started with

    告訴你我們到底是怎麼回事 傑夫在我們的後院這一切都始於

  • an email from home run vision DIY last December Jeff and his wife Michelle had

    最後一個來自本土視覺DIY的電子郵件 十二月傑夫和他的妻子米歇爾

  • watched some of the video Sam and I filmed barbecuing with my dad in the

    看了Sam和我的一些視頻 和爸爸一起拍攝燒烤

  • backyard and of course our concrete slab of the deck had made a bit of an

    後院,當然還有我們的混凝土板 甲板上做了一點點

  • appearance their expertise saw a potential DIY project so they sent us an

    外觀他們的專業知識看到了 潛在的DIY項目,所以他們發給我們一個

  • email to see if we were interested in a collab their channel teaches homeowners

    發電子郵件,看看我們是否對a感興趣 合作他們的頻道教導房主

  • how to tackle home renovation projects big or small and they could envision a

    如何解決家居裝修項目 無論大小,他們都可以設想一個

  • backyard oasis perfect for staycation I told my parents about this email I had

    後院綠洲非常適合住宿我 告訴我的父母我有這封電子郵件

  • received and it took them all of five seconds to say yes yes please

    收到了他們全部五個 請說是的,是的

  • so here we are but now we'll let Jeff tell you the plan we originally were

    所以我們在這裡,但現在我們會讓傑夫 告訴你我們原來的計劃

  • just going to come down and do a really simple kind of pressure-treated lumber

    剛剛下來做一個真的 簡單的壓力處理木材

  • you know resurfacing but we got lucky so a partner who's helped us out we're

    你知道重鋪路面,但我們很幸運 一個幫助我們的伙伴

  • putting in a Brazilian IPE deck which is a hard wood exterior product that's like

    投入巴西的IPE套牌 一種硬木外觀產品

  • no maintenance we're gonna put a sealer on it and then we'll check back with you

    沒有維護,我們要放一個封口機 在它上面然後我們會和你一起回來看看

  • in about ten years and see how it's doing really so really what it is is

    大約十年後,看看它是怎樣的 真的做得真的很棒

  • it's a DIY project with really high-end amazing materials that have been

    這是一個非常高端的DIY項目 令人驚嘆的材料

  • designed for DIY installation so we're gonna help Sam learn a few skills put

    專為DIY安裝而設計,所以我們是 要幫Sam學習一些技巧

  • together a nice pergola some Sun Shade finally we're gonna see Samuel with a

    一個漂亮的涼棚一些太陽陰影 最後我們會看到塞繆爾

  • hammer using some material and I've already pinched my hand and oh well

    錘子使用一些材料,我 已經捏了我的手哦

  • blood sweat and tears that's why I went here

    血汗和淚水這就是我去的原因 這裡

  • so what did we get up to on the first day you asked well we were mostly

    那麼我們在第一次做到了什麼呢? 那天你問得好我們大多數

  • sorting the wood that had been delivered double-checking measurements getting to

    對已經交付的木材進行分類 仔細檢查測量結果

  • know each other and also feasting this is a latin-american household so it

    彼此了解並且也很享受這一點 是一個拉丁美洲家庭所以它

  • wasn't long before homemade empanadas and wine entered the picture so we

    不久之前,自製的肉餡餅 和葡萄酒進入了畫面,所以我們

  • didn't get started on the build but we did some of the prep work and ate like

    沒有開始構建,但我們 做了一些準備工作,吃了

  • kings and queens we're getting nothing done

    國王和王后我們什麼都沒得到 DONE

  • we're gonna have the best siesta ever


  • day 2 early morning and we have come to Home Depot to pick up some extra

    第二天凌晨,我們來了 家得寶拿起一些額外的

  • supplies that we need wood lumber here we have them in the back doing their

    供應我們需要木材的木材 我們讓他們在後面做他們的

  • numbers


  • nice we got a seven I needed seven of those shopping mission completed

    很好,我們有七個,我需要七個 那些購物任務完成了

  • look at all the stuff we got guys like he came to it was like 500 600 600 Canadian dollars unity

    看看我們得到的所有東西 他來到它就像是500 600 600加元的統一

  • in there and this is going to allow us add an addition oh sorry we have to go

    在那裡,這將允許我們 添加一個哦對不起我們得走了

  • the other way oh so oh it's opening you open sesame'

    另一種方法 哦,所以哦,它打開你打開芝麻'

  • now to load the truck out a little bit


  • you get a nice little trick it we're gonna nice a little fire security

    我們得到了一個不錯的小技巧 會有點火安全

  • since our concrete slab was on the smaller side of things Jeff decided to

    因為我們的混凝土板在上面 傑夫決定採取較小的一面

  • build a deck extension so we spent the morning working on that

    建立一個甲板延伸,所以我們花了 早上工作

  • Sam and I were tasked with digging holes for the concrete blocks some of the

    山姆和我的任務是挖洞 對於混凝土塊的一些

  • holes were neater than others but more on that in a second

    洞比其他洞更整潔但更多 在那一秒鐘

  • Togo the project manager inspecting that everything's turning out okay I

    多哥項目經理檢查 一切都好,我

  • think we need to show you guys holes Sam would you like to showcase the the hole

    我認為我們需要向你們展示Sam Sam 你想展示這個洞嗎?

  • you dug tell us all about it this one that's like the size of a bathtub yeah

    你挖了這個就告訴我們一切 這就像浴缸的大小是的

  • let me just say went a little overboard hey and you're not gonna show mine -

    我只想說有點過火了 嘿,你不會給我看 -

  • beautiful mines perfection right here guys versus fans all right guys so it is

    美麗的地雷完美就在這裡 伙計們和粉絲們都是對的,所以它是

  • day two we spent the morning at Home Depot sure did fine we dug six holes

    第二天我們在家裡度過了一個早晨 倉庫確實很好,我們挖了六個洞

  • uh-huh I did one thank you for starting the credit he's making mine about twice

    嗯,我做了一個謝謝你的開始 他兩次在我身上的功勞

  • as big as I need to be right yeah so we're just building a simple floating deck

    我所需要的一切都是對的,是的 我們只是建造一個簡單的浮動甲板

  • day you have two box beams and then we're gonna put our floor joists on top

    那天你有兩個箱樑然後 我們要把我們的地板托樑放在首位

  • of that I call the floor joists just people can kind of understand right yep

    我稱之為地板托樑 人們可以理解正確的事情

  • and then we're gonna put our deck tiles on top of it and we're gonna have a

    然後我們要把我們的甲板磚 在它之上,我們將有一個

  • finished deck today that's that's incredible right just a few hours we can

    今天完成了甲板那就是那個 我們可以在幾個小時內做到令人難以置信

  • have this side finish and then we'll be prepping this side for tomorrow

    有這個方面,然後我們會 為明天準備好這一面

  • hopefully we can get all of our pergola posts in today yeah we'll see how we

    希望我們可以獲得所有的涼棚 今天的帖子是的,我們會看到我們如何

  • hold up see how they hold up I'd be having too much fun to get any work done

    堅持看看他們如何堅持我會 完成任何工作都有太多的樂趣

  • this afternoon that we've got a good lunch coming up El Jefe he has arrived what

    今天下午我們有一個好的 午餐即將來臨El Jefe他已經到了什麼地方

  • happened it is lunch time lunch time we got that we got all the

    發生在午餐時間 午餐時間,我們得到了所有的

  • hard work done that's all it's time to chow down on some lunch we are having

    努力工作,這是所有的時間 吃下我們吃的一些午餐

  • its polenta as like a tomato sauce and that's why see spicy sausages we got to

    它的玉米粥就像番茄醬和 這就是為什麼我們要看到的香辣香腸

  • meet oh and we've got some sausages oh it's bubbling so we have asado a

    見到哦,我們有一些香腸 哦,它冒泡,所以我們有asado a

  • low-down what's it in English again Asado A La Olla or that I think it's a beef like a

    什麼是英語再次Asado A La Olla或我覺得它像牛肉一樣

  • Peruvian cooked in a pot yeah there is no English word for it

    秘魯在鍋裡煮熟是的 沒有英文單詞

  • after lunch it was time for some fun with power tools

    午飯後,是時候享受一些樂趣了 用電動工具

  • the love and the Crescent Wrench here


  • okay no hospital chess no how do you like using power tools it's fun does all

    好吧沒有醫院國際象棋沒有你怎麼樣 就像使用電動工具一樣,它很有趣

  • the work


  • who's a good-looking boy Oh Togi is I'm so good-looking it's me they're

    誰是一個好看的男孩哦Togi是 我很好看,這就是我

  • talking about me voila to meet our crooked concrete slab

    談論我 瞧我們的彎曲混凝土板

  • yeah he's like no worries guys I'm coming I got it I've got a solution

    是的,他不會擔心我是誰 我得到了它我有一個解決方案

  • what's going on oh geez


  • got rich muscle here that's it we're killing Samuel well so we're gonna give

    這裡有豐富的肌肉我們就是這樣 殺死塞繆爾,所以我們要給

  • them a break you know so anybody who's a friend you know fans of Samuel and

    他們休息你知道所以任何人都是 朋友,你知道撒母耳的粉絲

  • Audrey you've seen you've seen Daniel on the show yeah sometimes I appear here

    奧黛麗,你見過你見過丹尼爾 在節目上,有時我出現在這裡

  • there is the ultimate storyteller okay yeah so you want to try out some of

    最終的講故事者還可以 是的,所以你想嘗試一些

  • these tools and toys and have some fun and drill some holes that's it I'll let you be like a nice

    這些工具和玩具都有一些樂趣 並鑽一些洞,我會讓你像個好人

  • materials maybe we'll find oil who knows we'll get lucky


  • you're so strong you actually listen stop the drill bit from moving they send you sheriff in town let's go

    你實在聽得太厲害了 停止鑽頭移動他們發送你在城裡的治安官讓我們去

  • So Samuel you're fired. I'm fired. Wow. I've never seen so much strength before in my life.


  • is a three so two questions for you guys yes what did we get up to yesterday what

    對你們來說這是兩個問題 是的,我們昨天得到了什麼

  • did we accomplish and what's happening today I was like the floating deck

    我們完成了什麼,發生了什麼 今天我就像漂浮的甲板

  • yesterday it's easy yeah we got our yeah we were like

    昨天很容易 是的,我們得到了我們是的,我們就像

  • digging digging holes we were all enjoying that we were all enjoying that

    挖掘挖洞我們都是 享受我們都很享受

  • we out that was like a really fun group you sprained your wrist it sprained my

    我們出去就像一個非常有趣的小組 你扭傷了手腕,扭傷了我

  • wrist yes lately strange no recovering you're

    手腕是的 最近奇怪沒有恢復你

  • working hard yeah that's good you're feeling better and today we're building

    努力工作是的,你很好 感覺好多了,今天我們正在建設

  • a pergola yeah ooh fancy not just any pergola this is a pergola

    一個涼棚,是的 不只是任何涼棚,這是一個涼棚

  • that's nine feet tall we're gonna have Sun sails stretched out in between I

    那是九英尺高我們會有的 太陽帆在我之間延伸

  • mean gorgeous it's gonna be gorgeous yeah all right so uh weather - yeah so

    意味著華麗,它將是華麗的 是的好,所以天氣好 - 是的

  • now we have to put up these hundred pounds posts everywhere hard hat day

    現在我們要忍受這幾百個 英鎊到處都是安全帽的日子

  • hard hat day yeah okay well let's get at it

    安全帽的日子好吧好吧讓我們來吧 它

  • El Jefe has arrived to participate in Day 3 of a build has a ride after he's a

    El Jefe已經抵達參加Day 3個版本在他之後有一個騎行

  • share of work somewhere else somebody has to work to pay the bill

    在其他地方分擔工作 有人必須努力支付賬單

  • right

  • the man in the yellow hat do you have a status update for us

    黃帽子的男人你有嗎? 我們的狀態更新

  • that's update those guys are doing some serious measurements over here it's

    那些傢伙正在做一些更新 這是嚴肅的測量

  • doing some grunt work trying to give them basically the the deck tiles to

    做一些試圖給予的咕嚕咕嚕的工作 他們基本上是甲板瓦片

  • work with mmm-hmm well we are making very good progress guys this is what we

    我們正在製作mmm-hmm 非常好的進步傢伙這就是我們

  • finished yesterday voila this is what we've been working on

    昨天結束了 瞧,這就是我們一直在努力的方向

  • today looking good coming together and I think we're gonna be taking another food

    今天和我一起看起來很好 我想我們會吃另一種食物

  • break soon yeah


  • today has been a bit of a heavy lifting day I don't quite have the same muscle

    今天已經有點沉重了 那天我的肌肉不太相同

  • power as these boys so if I'm mostly helping in the kitchen we had a nice

    這些男孩的力量如果我是大多數的話 幫助在廚房我們有一​​個很好的

  • lasagna for lunch now we're gonna do a picada

    烤寬麵條現在吃午飯我們要去做 picada

  • for dinner a bit of a mid-afternoon snack because it's been a long day today

    午餐時間有點中午 小吃,因為今天是漫長的一天

  • we started at 9:00 and I think we're gonna be working until the Sun Goes Down

    我們從9點開始,我想我們是 要一直工作直到太陽落山

  • it might be a 12-hour day to be honest so yeah I'm gonna make sure everyone is

    說實話,這可能是一個12小時的一天 所以是的,我會確保每個人都是

  • well fed and hydrated it is the end of day three everyone is hungry so today we

    餵飽和水合它是結束 第三天每個人都餓了所以今天我們

  • are doing a piccata we're going to introduce like a big snack we've got

    正在做我們要去的piccata 像我們吃的大零食一樣介紹

  • lots of deli meats cheeses chips peanut spreads pickles olives it's gonna be

    很多熟食肉類奶酪片花生 傳播鹹菜橄欖,它會

  • good I'm tired everyone but the deck is looking good we are making progress I

    好,我很累,但甲板是 看起來不錯,我們正在取得進步

  • think we just need one more day guys one more day

    我想我們只需要一天一個人 更多的一天

  • like me when I see my card and I have the five in one at my back pocket guys I

    當我看到我的卡片時,就像我一樣 在我後面的口袋裡的五合一夥伴我

  • need to show you how ridiculous the dog Togo is look at where he has decided to

    需要告訴你狗是多麼可笑 多哥正在考慮他決定的地方

  • position himself right in the middle of the action of course oh well I've had an

    把自己定位在中間 當然行動哦,我有一個

  • easy day Jeff has been working his tail off no you only have one hand yeah thank

    輕鬆的一天傑夫一直在努力 關閉沒有你只有一隻手是啊謝謝

  • you anyways we've made - Jeff is a major industry

    無論如何我們已經做了 - 傑夫是一個專業 行業

  • chipped in with Togo approved sleeping on every inch of this deck well yeah

    與多哥批准睡覺切入 在這個甲板的每一寸都很好

  • we've almost completed the the second section of the deck right now yeah one

    我們差不多完成了第二次 甲板的一部分現在是的

  • more holiday we should be good one more one more day okay guys we've got the

    更多假期我們應該再好一點 還有一天好人我們已經得到了

  • barbecue yet to come so stay tuned for that right some more work and then we

    燒烤尚未到來所以敬請期待 那是一些更多的工作,然後我們

  • got some good food good morning right in there we're up bright and early today

    早上好吃的早餐 我們今天很早就開始了

  • there is the potential of rain there's the Sun this the sun's out right now a

    那裡有下雨的可能性 太陽這太陽現在出來了

  • four day four and the deck is looking fantastic yeah you guys have made

    四天四,甲板正在尋找 太棒了,你們都做了

  • tremendous progress yeah well we're getting there we're getting there how's

    偉大的進步,是的,我們是 到達那裡我們到達那裡是怎麼回事

  • your wrist this morning my wrist it's it's a little better well we'll try to

    今天早上你的手腕是我的手腕了 它會好一點,我們會嘗試

  • finish off the floor before the rain gets here mmhmm yeah at least it'll be

    在下雨之前完成了地板 到達這裡mmhmm是的,至少它會是

  • functional then it's gonna be great that's the nice step you know make it

    功能那麼它會很棒 這是你知道的最好的一步

  • functional yeah and then we'll make it pretty

    功能是啊然後我們會成功 漂亮

  • then we'll make it birdie all right we'll check in with you later

    然後我們會小鳥好吧 我們稍後會和你聯繫

  • mr. inspector is at work early in the morning inspecting that everyone arrived

    先生。檢查員在早期工作 早上檢查每個人都到了

  • yes everyone is here yeah Togo oh my this has been so much fun guys so much fun for me

    是的每個人都在這裡是的多哥哦我的這個 這麼有趣的傢伙對我來說非常有趣

  • with rain on the forecast day four was a short work day we made a bit of progress

    預報第四天下雨了 工作日短暫我們取得了一些進展

  • on the deck but then called it a day and went out for sushi we didn't film that

    在甲板上,但後來稱它為一天 出去吃壽司我們沒拍電影

  • looking good good morning guys Day 5 still going strong so today should be

    看起來很好早上好的第5天 仍然很強大所以今天應該是

  • the final day well tomorrow we're gonna have to seal the wood it's been raining

    明天最後一天我們要去 必須密封正在下雨的木頭

  • so we can't really do that right now but we are on our way to Home Depot yeah we

    所以我們現在不能真的這樣做但是 我們正在去Home Depot的路上,是的

  • need some like I think it is some kind of like bolts and some screws and we're

    需要一些像我認為它是某種 像螺栓和一些螺絲,我們是

  • also picking up some some covers for the bottom of our patio furniture yes I'll

    還拿了一些封面 我們的庭院家具的底部是的我會

  • scratch them yeah because it's metal and we don't want to scratch that beautiful

    劃傷他們是因為它是金屬和 我們不想劃傷那美麗

  • new wood so yeah we're gonna do a little errand at Home Depot and then we'll give

    新木頭所以,是的,我們會做一點點 差點在家得寶,然後我們會給

  • you guys an update as to what's going on in the backyard and guys today is a big

    你們有關於發生了什麼的更新 在後院和今天的傢伙是一個很大的

  • the main event we're having the barbecue we're having the asado so let's go


  • so what do we have well I think we're gonna go with this we have I think we

    所以我們認為我們有什麼好處 我想我們會這樣做

  • need close to 20 of these and this is a package 48 what does this do what's this

    需要接近20個,這是一個 包48這是做什麼的呢

  • is for these are for the round legs for the patio furniture the chairs the

    這是為了圓腿 庭院家具椅子

  • tables so we don't scratch the wood yes you are these can be custom cut and we

    桌子所以我們不刮木頭是的 你是這些可以定制切割我們

  • have like rectangle strips and there's a 2-pack in each of them so we figure four

    有像矩形條,有一個 每個都有2個裝,所以我們計算四個

  • of these should be enough yeah it says heavy duty so hopefully you can handle

    這些應該足夠了,是的 重任,所以希望你能處理

  • some rain we can handle some rain exactly all right and now we need to

    有些下雨,我們可以處理一些雨 完全沒問題,現在我們需要

  • find some more supplies they gave us a little list so let's continue

    找到他們給我們的更多用品 小清單讓我們繼續吧

  • that's the daily soundtrack Togo


  • the big job that afternoon was getting the pergola beams up the boys did the

    那個下午的大工作 涼亭向男孩們伸出了光芒

  • heavy lifting and once that was done we installed the sails the team chose white

    沉重的舉動,一旦完成,我們 安裝了團隊選擇白色的帆

  • and blue for my dad a little homage to the Argentine flag

    藍色為我父親的一點點致敬 阿根廷國旗

  • and now for the final day of the deck build day six was all about the

    現在是甲板的最後一天 建造第六天就是關於

  • finishing touches and getting the place looking good

    收尾並獲得這個地方 看起來不錯

  • we brought the patio furniture out of storage decorated with flowers and put

    我們帶了庭院家具 用鮮花裝飾的儲藏室

  • up outdoor lights on the pergola perfect for the summer evenings it was also time

    在涼棚上完美的戶外燈 在夏天的晚上也是時候了

  • to celebrate the completion of this project so stay tuned for one of my

    慶祝這個完成 項目所以請繼續關注我的一個

  • dad's world-famous asados aka Argentine BBQ we are now working on the

    爸爸的世界著名的asados aka 阿根廷燒烤我們正在努力

  • lighting decorating it making everything look pretty today is day six of the

    照明裝飾它製作一切 今天看起來很漂亮的是第六天

  • project final day are going to enjoy a wonderful barbecue but first we decorate

    項目最後一天將享受一個 美妙的燒烤,但首先我們裝飾

  • with flowers and planters and lights and we got the sails up yesterday patio

    用鮮花和花盆和燈和 昨天天井我們得到了帆

  • furniture is out so it's coming together it's starting to look like a real

    家具出來所以它正在走到一起 它開始看起來像一個真實的

  • staycation it's very handy having a tall person in the house working hard Sam

    住宿時,身高很高 在房子裡努力工作的人Sam

  • I'm working tall working at all okay so we've finally moved on to the

    我一直在努力工作 好的,所以我們終於轉向了

  • barbecue part we've got the grill master Audrey's dad Daniel he's cooking a

    燒烤部分我們有燒烤大師 奧黛麗的父親丹尼爾,他正在做飯

  • whole bunch of stuff on the grill buddy what have we got in store today today

    整串燒烤夥伴的東西 我們今天有什麼東西

  • we're gonna go with some steak yeah we've got lamb chops Hill on top yeah we

    我們要帶一些牛排,是的 我們有羊排山頂,是的,我們

  • got Italian hot sausage yeah on we're gonna have a little bit of chicken too

    得到意大利熱香腸是的我們是 還會有一點雞肉

  • which I'm gonna get right away oh let's see there's small pieces like

    我馬上就會收到的 哦,讓我們看看有小件像

  • that so you need to use something to hold it it's gonna be an epic feast okay

    所以你需要使用一些東西 堅持下去,這將是史詩般的盛宴

  • well this is what you get after building that deck and we all deserve it what it

    這就是你在建造後得到的 那個套牌,我們都應該得到它

  • is especially Jeff yeah there's a lot of work here like I mean yeah the amount of

    特別是傑夫耶,有很多 在這里工作,就像我的意思是,是的

  • work he did it's just unreal yeah unbelievable before you tackle any

    他做的工作只是不真實 是的,在你解決之前是難以置信的

  • do-it-yourself project you should go into his into his page and check it out

    你應該去做自己動手的項目 進入他的頁面並檢查出來

  • because he does it the right way yeah because everything in the house do

    因為他以正確的方式做到了 是的,因為房子裡的一切都做了

  • that you can imagine so yeah we want to do a bathroom we want to do a living

    你可以想像,所以我們想要 做一個我們想要謀生的浴室

  • room whatever it is you're going to do it's there you're there

    房間無論你要做什麼 它在那裡你就在那裡

  • I'm the good thing about it is that he can explain it's easy simple yeah you

    我是好事,是他 可以解釋一下這很簡單,是的

  • don't get him intimidated by the project because he can explain it and make it

    不要讓他被這個項目嚇倒 因為他可以解釋並成功

  • look so easy yeah that's that's very important not

    看起來很容易 是的,那是非常重要的

  • that a lot of people had that skill that skill guys it is really coming together

    很多人都有這種技能 技術人員,它真的在一起

  • the barbecue is almost ready the table is set food is arriving the dog is ready

    燒烤幾乎準備好了 設置食物到達狗準備好了

  • Togo is investigating is that steak for me is it for me guys what do you think

    多哥正在調查的是牛排 我是誰,你覺得你怎麼樣

  • what do you think Togo is that steak for you

    你認為多哥是什麼牛排? 您

  • maybe potatoes are coming to the table so we are almost ready to enjoy a meal

    也許土豆來了 所以我們幾乎準備好享用一頓飯

  • together with Jeff and Michelle from the home reno-vision DIY team we are

    與傑夫和米歇爾一起來自 我們是家裡的視覺DIY團隊

  • amazed by their work everything they managed to do the space they've created

    他們的工作讓他們感到驚訝 設法做他們創造的空間

  • for us it's gonna be such a fun summer having this new deck this beautiful new

    對我們來說,這將是一個如此有趣的夏天 擁有這個新甲板這個美麗的新

  • space it feels like a new home at least the exterior does so yeah we're really

    空間至少感覺像是一個新家 外表是這樣的,是的,我們真的

  • pumped we're gonna go see how my dad is doing with the meat and then it's lunch

    抽水我們要去看看我爸爸是怎麼回事 做肉,然後是午餐

  • time