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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 253. Today we're doing a quote by
Robert Downey jr. the actor, the famous actor. Probably most people know today
by he plays the role of "Iron Man. " But he's been an actor for a long time and I
can remember when he was young and I remember him out throughout his whole
career. Anyway, let's take a look at his quote first. So here's his quote. " I used to
be so convinced that happiness was the goal, yet all those years I was chasing
after it, I was unhappy in the pursuit. Maybe the goal really should be a life
that values honor, duty, good work , friends and family. Yeah. So this is, this is a
quote directly from Robert Downey jr. All right. Let's, let's continue. Let's
take a look at the note here. Robert Downey jr. has always had you know,
acting ability or pretty good acting ability. And he got better as he got
older. He was the son of an actor and a filmmaker. His father took drugs though
and is said to have introduced his son to marijuana at the age of six.
So even when Robert Downey jr. was a little kid his father started giving him
marijuana when he was only six years old. Robert Downey jr. suffered from drug
abuse early in his life. But he seems to have cleaned up. Yeah. He seems to got
over this and in many ways I was happy because I kind of remember him when I
was young. He always had appeal, He was always likable. When he was young I was
young. You know kind of at the same time. and I could remember when he had all his,
his drug problems and his problems with the law and showing up in court. And you
know, kind of thinking to myself that's it's too bad. It's such a shame but you
know, when you find out that his father introduced that marijuana to him when he
was six years old, you know, sometimes he could have a little bit more sympathy
for him. But the really good news ... The really good part about Robert Downey jr. is
that he turned around his life. All right. So let's continue here. He
seems to have cleaned up got on the right track. He completely changed and
his career and his life prospered. He did really really well. All right. So let's go
back to the quote now. With this quote he seems to be warning others not to chase
happiness. The more you chase it, the more fleeting. The more it seems to be out of
your reach. The more it seems to escape you. The more fleeting it may seem to be.
His life changed around when he focused on important qualities such as you know,
honor, duty, a good work ethic, friends and family. So this kind of changed his life
around. And I remember when he started appearing and he started coming back
again. I I remember he played a good role where he played the life story of
Charlie Chaplin. I was really impressed with that.
And you know he just seemed to get better and better until finally you know
he end up with the Iron Man role and you know he he really ... his whole career
took off again. But anyway. So let's continue here. He is letting you know, if
you do this. Meaning like chase happiness. If you do this happiness will or may find
you. So if you if you focus your goals on things like honor and duty and family
and friends and a good work ethic you know, all his life he was chasing
happiness but you know happiness may find you after you focus on these things
rather than you chasing it. Anyway, I wish him the best. I hope to never hear that
he falls off the wagon and goes back or anything like that. He's one of the few
that actually will you know, speak out with more kind of conservative
values. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope you appreciate it. Thank you for your
time. Bye-bye.


Tutor Nick P Quotes (259) Robert Downey Jr. - I Used to Be Convinced That ...

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