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  • Hi, guys! I'm Jacqueline. Hi! 大家好 我是軒慧

  • In southern Taiwan, there is a very special dish, 在南部有一道料理非常特別

  • cordia dichotoma, or pobuzi. 就是破布子

  • Many people there make dishes with pobuzi. 許多南部的朋友會把破布子入菜

  • A bowl of rice with pickled pobuzi is also a good choice. 醃製的破布子配飯也非常受歡迎

  • How is pobuzi prepared? 破布子怎麼做呢

  • Let's go check it out! 跟我去看看吧

  • The season of pobuzi is roughly the same as that of mangoes. 破布子的產季和芒果差不多

  • Pobuzi grow on trees. 破布子長在樹上

  • There are lots of pobuzi in a single bunch. 一整串裡有一顆一顆小小的果實

  • When these pobuzi turn from green to yellow, they ready for harvest. 顏色從綠色變成黃色就表示成熟了

  • When we harvest pobuzi, 採收的時候會連同

  • we cut off the fruits together with the twigs. 樹枝末端及果實一起剪下來

  • This helps shorten the time spent on harvest. 才能搶快採收

  • Afterwards, the twigs will be cut off and the fruits will be washed. 之後把樹枝的部分剪除清洗

  • Before preparing pobuzi, we need to wash them first. 破布子要製作之前需要清洗

  • First of all, split the bunch of pobuzi 先一顆一顆撥開來

  • and wash them together. 再一起洗

  • After splitting pobuzi, 破布子處理後

  • we need to wash them. 接下來要清洗

  • Then, we put them in a pot and cook them 清洗完接下來要放入鍋內煮

  • for about 2 hours. 大概煮2小時左右

  • After the pobuzi are cooked, add seasonings and spices to pickle them. 煮熟後入調味料醃製

  • Wait until the pobuzi cool off. 接下來就等冷卻

  • A lot of women here know how to make dishes with pobuzi, 許多媽媽都會製作破布子

  • but each of them has a special recipe. 每個人的口味會不太ㄧ樣

  • Some of them use garlic to enhance the aroma of the dish, 有些會加入蒜頭拌香

  • and vegetarians cook pobuzi with sliced ginger. 吃素的朋友會加入薑片

  • While the recipes may be different, they are all tasty. 雖然口味不同 但都非常好吃

  • There are two major recipes of pobuzi. 大部分破布子會做成兩種方式

  • One is to make patties with bowls. 一種是用碗壓出塊狀

  • These patties can be eaten directly or used as ingredients. 可以直接吃或入菜

  • The other one is to can the pobuzi and use them as ingredients. 另一種是罐裝 入菜用

  • The two recipes have different ingredient proportions. 兩種的配方和比例不一樣喔

  • After making dishes with pobuzi, it's time to try some! 做完破布子當然要來品嚐美味的破布子啦

  • You can eat pobuzi during the mango season in Tainan. 在臺南吃芒果的季節都會吃到破布子

  • It is said that pobuzi help remove toxins we consume from mangoes. 傳說吃破布子可以解芒果的毒

  • While the validity of this saying remains unknown, 不管是不是真的

  • you'll see women in Tainan serve dishes with pobuzi 在臺南吃完芒果

  • after you eat mangoes. 媽媽一定會端出破布子料理

  • Every woman here has her own recipe. 每個媽媽都有自己獨到的料理方式

  • You can find differences in even the simplest pobuzi omelets! 就連破布子煎蛋都不一樣喔

  • Before trying the pobuzi omelet, 在吃美食之前

  • let's learn how to make it first. 先教大家簡單的破布子煎蛋

  • How do we make a pobuzi omelet with canned pobuzi? 用罐裝的破布子怎麼做呢?

  • Add a spoon of pobuzi 倒入一湯匙的破布子

  • and mix them with four eggs. 和4顆蛋一起攪拌

  • Add some basil, 加入九層塔

  • and fry the eggs and pobuzi. 倒入鍋內煎熟即可

  • It's simple, isn't it? 是不是很簡單呢

  • You don't need to add any other seasoning. 不用再加其他的調味料喔

  • Now, we can finally try the pobuzi dishes 終於可以吃破布子料理啦

  • It takes a long time for pobuzi to get on your dining table. 從產地到完成其實花費很多的時間

  • I can't wait to try 我迫不及待想吃吃看

  • how pobuzi taste like. 破布子的味道

  • Most of the time, pobuzi are used to make dishes. 大部分的破布子都是入菜

  • Let me try out the pickled pobuzi first. 我先來吃吃看它醃製過後的味道

  • I like the seasoning. 這個調味我還蠻喜歡的

  • It goes well with rice. 很適合配飯吃

  • There is a special texture of pobuzi. 有破布子獨特的口感

  • In fact, many people in Tainan love 其實很多臺南的朋友都喜歡

  • to eat rice with pickled pobuzi. 吃飯配醃製的破布子

  • Let me try the pobuzi omelet. 先來吃吃破布子煎蛋

  • Wow! The texture of the eggs is smooth and silky. 哇!蛋變得好滑嫩喔

  • How did they do this? 怎麼會這樣

  • It tastes quite different from normal Taiwanese omelets. 跟平常吃到的煎蛋不一樣

  • Pobuzi is a great match for the omelet. 破布子煎蛋口味很搭

  • But eating pobuzi is a busy task. 但是吃破布子嘴巴會很忙碌

  • Remember to spit the seeds when you eat pobuzi. 它的果實裡有籽記得要吐出來

  • Oh! It's so tasty! 喔!真的太好吃了!

  • Steamed fish with pobuzi is also a common dish. 破布子蒸魚也是很常見的一道料理

  • Pobuzi have their own tastes, 我發現破布子它有自己的味道

  • but the taste is not too strong. 但是它不會搶戲

  • They are a great match for other dishes. 是非常好的配角

  • They're really tasty. 非常好吃

  • If you don't have time to make your own pobuzi dishes, 如果你沒有時間做破布子

  • you can take home some pobuzi when you visit Zuojhen. 來左鎮別忘了帶一些破布子回家

  • They're tasty and are a great ingredient! 真的非常美味又好入菜喔!

  • You can keep them for yourself or give them as a gift! 送人自用兩相宜

Hi, guys! I'm Jacqueline. Hi! 大家好 我是軒慧


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