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Hi! Guys! This is Katie. Hi 大家好 我是Katie
I'm now in Danei District. 我現在在大內
Danei is home to avocados. 大內的特產是酪梨
The season for avocados falls between July and September each year. 每年的七月到九月就是酪梨的產季
How do people here eat avocados? 大家都怎麼吃酪梨呢
Do they make avocado juice or milk, 是打成果汁 做成酪梨牛奶
or do they just eat it? 還是直接吃呢
Besides, avocados are also popular ingredients. 酪梨入菜也很受歡迎
Follow me and check it out! 跟我去找酪梨吧!
This is my friend, Leka. 這位是我的朋友「長腿」
He's an expert of avocados. 酪梨達人
Hello, everyone. I'm Leka. 大家好 我是長腿
Leka, you told me before that there are different types of avocados. 長腿 我記得你說過酪梨的品種有很多種
Can you tell the audience a bit about that? 可以幫我介紹一下嗎
There are many types of avocados, 酪梨的品種非常多
And there are over 30 types of avocados currently. 現在台面上的酪梨有三十種
In addition, some types of them don't even have a name yet. 還有許多未命名的品種
There are three main categories of avocados according 酪梨的品種大致
to their harvest seasons: 分成三類
Early, medium, and late. 早生 中生 晚生
The season for avocados starts from May to February, 分別從五月到隔年二月分別有不同品種產出
and among them, the Qingjin No.2 breed is the most popular one. 其中紅心圓是最受大眾歡迎的口味
Its season falls between July and September. 它的產季是七月到九月
This is also the harvest seasons for most avocados. 也是酪梨盛產的時節
The tastes of avocados are affected by 酪梨的品種與採收時間
their types and harvest timing. 都會影響到酪梨的口感
How do we tell if an avocado is ready for harvest? 要怎麼看出酪梨可以採收了呢?
Basically, we look at the dots on an avocados' skin. 我們主要是看酪梨表面的點點
Avocados with a very smooth skin are not ripe enough 太光滑的酪梨還不能吃
and shouldn't be harvest yet. 最好也不要採
Wait until white dots appear before you harvest avocados. 等到出現白色斑點時才會採收
An avocado tastes the best when the white dots turn brown. 等到白點轉成褐色時最美味
Orchard workers pick avocados 果農採收時
when they are about 70% ripe. 會抓在大約七分熟
An early harvest can lead to unripe avocados, 太早採可能不會熟
and a late harvest can cause overripe ones. 太晚採怕送到消費者手裡會過熟
Therefore, finding the right timing for harvest is really important. 採收時間點真的非常重要
There are so many types of avocados. 酪梨有這麼多品種
Do they taste different when they're made into dishes or juice? 入菜和打成果汁的品種是否有差別呢?
We don't see an obvious difference. 基本上沒有什麼差別
It's just that avocados taste bitter after being heated, 只是入菜特別注意酪梨加熱後會變苦
and we have to overcome this challenge. 需要克服這樣的問題
Many people add milk and pudding into avocado juice. 很多人喝酪梨會加入牛奶和布丁
In fact, guavas and apples are also good matches for avocado juice, too! 其實酪梨加入芭樂和蘋果的味道也很好喝喔!
Wow! It's sugar free. 哇!這個沒有加糖
It's really special. 非常特別的口味
I don't like strong avocado tastes, 我不喜歡太重的酪梨味
but this juice just did it right. 這杯果汁的味道我喜歡
The juice has apples and guavas in it, 加入蘋果和芭樂
and you can taste the fiber of the fruits. 你可以喝到水果的纖維
The apple in it gives a balanced flavor. 蘋果的味道搭配得很好
I like it! 我喜歡!
Katie, actually people here also dip sliced avocados Katie 我們這裡會把酪梨切盤
with soy bean sauce and garlic. 沾醬油蒜頭來吃
You can try it out. 你可以吃吃看
I thought avocados are sweet? 酪梨不是甜的嗎
Do they taste good in this way? 這樣好吃嗎?
Just give it a try. 你可以品嚐看看
It's hard to describe. 這口味好難形容
It's a bit salty and a bit sweet. 鹹甜鹹甜
And it has a totally different flavor compared to avocado juice. 味道跟果汁完全不同
Avocados taste somewhat like papayas, 其實酪梨的口感有一點像木瓜
and they are less juicy than papayas. 但是比較沒有那麼多水份
Besides, avocados have a special aroma, 然後有酪梨獨特的香味
and they're really delicious. 還蠻好吃的
You can also dip it with wasabi. 你也可以沾哇沙米
Try it out. 吃吃看
Are you sure? 你確定?
Wow! Now this tastes a little bit like sashimi. 哇!這口感有點像吃生魚片
It's really special! 真的非常特別!
You can come here and try out different ways of eating avocados! 大家可以試試看 酪梨的不同吃法喔!
My friend said avocados turn bitter when they get cooked. 我朋友說酪梨加熱會變苦
But some people put them in an oven 但是 竟然有人把酪梨放進烤箱烤
to make baked avocado cakes. 做成酪梨酥
Do cooked avocados taste bitter? 這樣不是很苦嗎?
Let's go check it out! 跟我去吃看看!
This is a baked avocado cake. 這個就是酪梨酥
Wow! It's a different taste compared to eating directly. 哇!這跟直接吃果肉的口感又不一樣
The flavor of avocados is less strong, 酪梨的味道比較淡
and you can smell the aroma of fruits. 可以聞到果香
Besides, you won't get sick of eating it. 吃起來不膩
It's really good. 非常好吃
I never knew avocados can be made into so many products. 我真的沒想到酪梨可以有這麼多種變化
You can eat avocados directly, 除了可以直接吃酪梨果肉
make juice with them, 打成天然的果汁
or you can make avocado bread, ice cream, baked cakes, 可以做成酪梨麵包 冰淇淋 酪梨酥
or even baked avocado cakes with salted egg yolk. 還可以做成酪梨蛋黃酥
The aroma really makes you hungry. 這香氣真的是令人食指大動
How can you miss them out when you visit Danei? 來大內怎能不帶它們回家呢


《哈 臺南》第九集:大內酪梨 (Hot Tainan EP9. Danei Avocado)

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