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  • (calming music)

  • - The first time I really took a horse in the water,

  • I had a friend that had horses on the north coast.

  • Her house was right on the beach.

  • We set up some little jumps and we were

  • going over with her horse.

  • And she said, "Oh, it's too hot.

  • It's too hot.

  • We've got to take the horse in the water."

  • I said, "We can't take the horse in the,

  • in the sea like that."

  • She said, "Yeah, sure.

  • Come on, jump on."

  • (calming music)

  • You know, the waves were coming in

  • and the horse just sort of lifted his head

  • and the waves would come over.

  • And we just went in a little bit deeper

  • and a little bit deeper and then he started swimming.

  • (calming music)

  • You can ride all your life

  • and you've never felt that smoothness,

  • that, that power but with no uh,

  • there was no jolt at all.

  • It was just so absolutely like silk.

  • (calming music)

(calming music)


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A2 初級 美國腔

騎著絲綢。在蒙特哥灣與馬游泳 (Riding Silk: Swimming With Horses In Montego Bay)

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