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  • Ask an Apple user what their constant companion is and "Siri" would be the most common response!

    去問蘋果用戶們誰是忠誠的另一半時,他們的答案大多都會是 Siri。

  • Apple's digital assistant is our go-to even when we have the freakiest question in mind, thanks to Siri's comic timing that we end up smiling with a frown!

    蘋果的數位助理是我們的小幫手,就算我們有千奇百怪的問題,這要歸功於 Siri 耍幽默的時機,終會讓我們皺著眉頭微笑!

  • Well, it's not always so chilled out with Siri; you see it can turn brutal and if your heart isn't that strong, may God bless you!

    好吧,Siri 不是總是那麼冷靜。你會看到它變得殘忍,如果你的內心不夠堅強,那只能說阿彌陀佛!

  • But if you are adamant on testing Siri's and your patience then go ahead and say these 10 things to it.

    但如果你還是堅持想要測試 Siri 和自己的耐性的話,那就去跟 Siri 講講以下 10 件事吧!

  • For others who are in no mood of trouble with their companion, stay clear!


  • Number 10 - Ask Siri to call your boyfriend.

    第 10 — 叫 Siri 打給你男友。

  • Dear iPhone users, are you using your phone's technology to allocate family status to your contacts?

    各位親愛的 iphone 用戶,你們是不是都會使用手機裡某種功能為聯絡人分配自己該有的身份呢?

  • Yea we know it's nice and asking Siri to call a contact sounds harmless; you still aren't using it to call your significant other, especially in front of them!

    是的,我們都知道這做法很好,請 Siri 幫你打電話給通訊錄上的朋友看似沒有什麼;但你還是不會透過 Siri 打出去,尤其是不會在他們面前!

  • Imagine if you haven't removed the boyfriend title from your ex's number


  • Siri might respond to your request of calling your boyfriend with "which one" and thatwon't be pretty!

    Siri 可能當下會回你說「哪一位?」那…可就不好了。

  • Number 9 - Flirt with Siri.

    第 9 — 和 Siri 調情。

  • A nice voice, ready to answer you any time of the day or night!


  • Doesn't that make for a perfect scenario to flirt?


  • No matter how tempting that is, control your urges, shut up your libido and do not flirt with Siri!

    不管多誘人,請不要衝動,停止你們的慾望,別和 Siri 調情!

  • You already have had your fair share of heart breaks and Siri would only add to the list, so why fall in the trap?

    你已經夠傷心難過,Siri 只會讓你更難受,為什麼要自己落入陷阱呢?

  • Once a user asked Siri to talk dirty, "The carpet needs vacuum cleaning" wasn't a flirtatious reply!

    想要求 Siri 講些情話,「地毯該吸一下了」這可不是什麼耍曖昧的回答!

  • Number 8 - Ask Siri to give you a nickname.

    第 8 — 請 Siri 幫你取綽號。

  • Why is Siri less robotic than other AI?

    為什麼 Siri 比 AI 人性化?

  • Yes, because while answering to your not so intelligent questions, it will include your name.


  • That's smart until you are bored and decide to get yourself a nickname from Siri!

    這是很智慧的做法,但直到你覺得無聊了並打算請 Siri 幫你改綽號!

  • Though it may still be cute and fun for a while, imagine yourself in a board meeting and asking serious questions to Siri, only to have it call you superman.

    雖然有好一陣子會覺得很可愛很好玩,但試想一下如果你在重要會議上向 Siri 提出嚴肅的問題,但 Siri 卻稱你「超人」。

  • Uhmmm, you don't need us to tell you that by the time you've received an answer from the app, the entire board is already having a hearty laugh at your expense!


  • Number 7 - Ask what zero divided by zero is.

    第 7 — 「零除以零等於什麼」。

  • We know it is a lame question and so just don't ask it.


  • But we know you are going to try it anyway so let's spoil your fun!


  • The response would be, "Imagine that you have zero cookies, and you split them evenly among zero friends.


  • How many cookies does each person get?


  • See?


  • It doesn't make sense.


  • And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends."


  • Uhmmm that was brutal and honest truth!


  • Number 6 - Suggest Siri a new name.

    第 6 — 想給 Siri 新名字。

  • How often do you enjoy when your friends feel the need to change your name to something more "appropriate"?


  • Not much we guess, then why put poor Siri through this torture?

    我想應該不太會吧,那為什麼要折磨可憐的 Siri 呢?

  • Asking it to be renamed as Keith or Barbara or anything else for that matter won't be taken in good humor and yes, we are warning you!

    要 Siri 改成什麼 Keith 或是 Barbara 抑或其他名字都不會是件很幽默的事。對,我們在警告你!

  • Siri will act stubborn and if you really piss it off by asking what Siri means, be prepared to be lashed with random numbers.

    Siri 會表現得很固執,如果你一直問 Siri 到底是什麼意思而惹怒了它的話,那就做好要被一堆數字攻擊的心理準備。

  • If that is tempting for you, go on try it!


  • Number 5 - Ask what came first, chicken or egg.

    第 5 — 「到底是先有雞還是先有蛋」。

  • Yeah, this question has bugged us for years now but Siri is not going to give you a satisfactory answer.

    沒錯,這問題已經困擾大家多年了,但 Siri 也不會給你一個讓你滿意的答案。

  • Doubt us?


  • Go try is for yourself and for those of you who are beginning to fear Siri's verbal banter, we have you covered here!

    可以自己試試看,而那些開始擔心 Siri 言語上的嘲弄的人,我們現在要來告訴你!

  • Your mate will revert with, "Well, you can set an egg timer, but you can't set a chicken timer.


  • I don't know if that helps.”


  • Yea darling that helps a lot!


  • Another response you can expect is, "A boiled chicken or a boiled egg, either way you are going to eat that little thing so how does that matter?"


  • Siri is right here!

    Siri 講得可真對!

  • Number 4 - Ask what should I wear.

    第 4 — 「我該穿什麼」。

  • Okay ladies, Siri ain't your girlfriend so spare it the horror of dealing with your fashion queries!

    好了各位女士,Siri 不是你的閨密,所以不用期望可以解決你打扮的煩悶!

  • We can understand your pain when you have to dress up for a party and have nobody to guide you on an outfit but Siri is definitely not the answer.

    我們可以理解那種當你想要打扮去開趴卻沒有人可以幫你指導的痛苦,可是 Siri 也絕對不會是你的答案。

  • Unless you are prepared for some Siri style bashing and that girl won't be good for your morale!

    除非你已經做好心理準備會被 Siri 風格的回覆打擊,不然那個女生是無法振奮你的士氣!

  • It might just be too honest like, "wear anything that your family won't be scared of" maybe you can handle that but saying that nobody cares about your dress is plain savage!

    Siri 也許會誠實地說「不會把你家人嚇到的打扮」,這也許你還能面對,但說沒有人在乎你的打扮,可真的是無情!

  • Number 3 - Ask what is the meaning of life.

    第 3 — 「生命的意義」。

  • Siri has a lot of answers up its sleeves but won't it be better to leave your philosophy based queries to Rumi?

    Siri 可以有很多的答案,但留下鲁米的哲學問題給你想會有比較好嗎?

  • We don't doubt Siri's intelligence and there is certainly no planning to mess up with this app but why load it with the responsibility of finding the meaning of life?

    我們沒有懷疑 Siri 的智慧,也無意要把這應用程式搞瘋,那為什麼要 Siri 負起尋找生命意義的責任呢?

  • No, we aren't trying to protect it from your confused questions, believe us it is you who we want to protect.


  • After all hearing, "I wish I knew, I would have been a human instead of you" won't do you any good!


  • Number 2 - Ask why am I here.

    第 2 — 「為什麼我在這」。

  • You can be frustrated and depressed and a whole lot of mess but never, we repeat never ask Siri, "Why am I here?" because the answer won't be very comforting!

    你可能會感到氣餒和沮喪,或是面對一堆混亂的局面,但我們再三強調,絕對不要問 Siri 「為什麼我在這裡?」因為答案並不會安慰到你!

  • You have by now understood that no matter how much you love Siri, it is at the end a cold hearted app and what can you expect from it?

    你現在已經了解到無論你有多喜歡 Siri,但還是只是冰冷無情的應用程式而已,你能對它有什麼期待呢?

  • Yes, it will make you feel worse and if that's not your plan, don't attempt it.


  • For the curious ones, the answer would be, "Literally I have been wondering the same that why are you here and alive."


  • Uhmm, not a polite thing to say!


  • Number 1 - Ask how old you are Siri.

    第 1 — 問 Siri 年紀。

  • You might have heard about the saying, "Never ask a woman her age!"


  • Well, the kind of responses Siri gives on being asked about its age, maybe Siri is a woman after all!

    嗯,Siri 被問及年紀時會回答什麼,也許 Siri 是個女人喔!

  • Jokes aside, the age question either puts off Siri or it has a great sense of humor.

    先撇除玩笑話,年齡問題要嘛讓 Siri 反感或是 Siri 會回得很幽默。

  • Whatever it is, the answers are brutal!


  • Typical responses would be, "Are you going to marry me?", "How does it matter?" or "I am as young as the port wine!"


  • Don't be shocked people, that's Siri for you!

    不用覺得震驚,這就是 Siri!

  • Are there any more weird questions that you have asked from this Apple app?

    你們還有沒有問過 Siri 什麼其他奇怪的問題?

  • Tell us in the comment section below.


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Ask an Apple user what their constant companion is and "Siri" would be the most common response!

去問蘋果用戶們誰是忠誠的另一半時,他們的答案大多都會是 Siri。

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