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weirder thirty and subject re unusual role unusual path to the screen and at
your old
and more as the one along as a script went along so
plots also learn about how you got the part and the phone call that you
when and
i got the call from kathryn bigelow they already
retooled the script
it is in the first incarnation uh...
you know it it was about twelve or in my character was involved in that story
and then after the lot and have been killed
marple are
uh... screenwriter who starts career celeste internalized
where wages in research that and discovered
my character
i discovered her center roll it into manhunt for panama time
annual within a couple pages that
had all
from the moment she is pretty old
you know match sticks mask off
that's really exciting and uh...
and i also love the idea of a character that has opposites within and so much
description of
my outflows
about her
seeming friel
uh... man almost like a girl her physical appearance
everything about hearst seeming um...
give not
worthy of the mission which is why every went out sir
so the elected to live in and seen actor sheets
um... been introduced where bradley at where dan says
isn't she that young for this is the children scripts aid
and bradley says washington says she's a killer and some from the very beginning
our footpaths very exciting to play a character like that
detector like famously doesn't really have much backstory bill mildred much
about her and and actors that's not
always an easy thing to place the waiting you end up doing i think is
inventing some backstory
and very detailed stuff can talk about that yell clients on
kind love
being an actress n
the investigation part of it
i find everything is in the spirit sick even my kept it doesn't talk about
where she comes from
chisholm verbalize it
i see all these clues that i can piece together to make a story
but there are things you know even tallinn she says answer created out of
school out of high school
that says she
uh... clue right there
so i have to just task reasonable care why would someone be recruited out of
high school
and it would be in okay uh... target or someone who's analytically precise is
very good with numbers and a m
and when someone's life that speci select maya she has difficulty months
when someone's wrong she tells them iran she doesn't like
soften the blow she lets them now
so that was prolly the girl that
didn't play a lot of sports unlike hangout midnight have sleepovers
uh... despite very difficult for me friends so i i was able like pieced
together this whole story just from that one line
uh... has recruited up high school
uh... and instead when you go through the scripts every line will lead to in
directions like that
i think at this time i repeat you actually
going through sort of all bhaskar stuff
for the help whatever her saying here that pretty separate yes uh... i was
absent enjoyed it
i'm doing somersaults and i think from jordan and i think the pastors
and then to the oscars and what's the oscars my grandma
and in the very next day i got on a plane and for twenty five hours to check
our india
called kathryn bigelow mark bolton on the cell phone that
implemented their partners and i got some here let's go
like asks do you think that um... you know that i liked it
i pride myself on that i'd like to i'd like to work and so i might not happen
and there's nothing that's too much for being at that time of day right now the
people and as soon as i said that if that kind of that
thing worked
die which is that no hair no makeup they put me in ab wrote you know
see the split it me
and and happened to me in a market for over twenty thousand people sebab if the
rome market she sits his movies
go by vegetables i do think that language i'd just landed after a twenty
five arguing like from the vanity fair are perry eight-year down into i'd like
uh... road and then pointing at carrots like going
spews sort it out
another in the cameras in in and out of the crowd creditors capture moments
the crowd noticing the camera
i feel good about the physicality that's an interesting point because he because
she has to be in this pouring them situation foreign countries and here you
are shooting in in these places on the kitchen
did that impact your performance did you feel some of the things that she might
have found a supporter of these places i didn't really have to work on
that part of it too much i mean
already it was strange to be
a redhead in that part of the world because you get
attention from that
so yeah i think just being in it
it creates
the energy and you don't have to do any
work before you get on senate like clean yourself up for its because
here in the place uh... especially on this may be in the week we found a lot
of scenes and
and acted jordanian prison where we had
different kinds of the day and were
weren't allowed to come in and out of prison and volitan ants
very tense team being there you just kept thinking
just picking cats something happened the system last night at five p crisis
so immediately that you know it was gonna change because of that movie and
you've had a sense because you had so many movies come out all the same time
that things are going to be different do you know what
the correct me last year i had so many movies come out and i was nominated for
an oscar all these things might like to be really changes
that much the one thing that came just capital calls the cell phone
mathiri trip but just and also my personal invite didn't exist
my life has changed for this year
uh... and i wonder if it's because zehra dark thirty by character looks more like
black people you know
cd walking on the street where berwyn connect me to silly if i didn't help
and so i'm wondering if that's what
difference you know i'm someone his very very proud of it and and love talking
about work and other actors are filmed say admire
purposes you know melissa unlike tabloids writing about me it's a very
experience this year and um...
i'm still getting used to that i'm not quite comparable
with but that it


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