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hey guys ~ welcome back
today we're gonna talk about how to make and save more money
specifically mindsets and how to find your side hustle
taking inspiration from my favorite..
one of my favorite books 'Start With Why'
we're gonna start talking about why it's important to know..
why you want to make money, why do you want to save money
and then go into how you're gonna make money, how are you gonna save money
talking about mindsets, habits, as well as lifestyle habits
and then we're gonna go into what can you do to make and save more money
this is where we're gonna talk about how you can find your side hustle
how can you create your dream job
how can you turn your dream job into a career
and the people who have done it before to take inspiration from
aaaand yes.. let's get started
so thank you so much to Ebates for sponsoring this video
they're the largest cashback site which partners with over 2,500 of the biggest name brands
like Sephora, Ulta, Shoes.com
so what this means is you literally get cash back for the shopping you're gonna do anyway
all for free... ~ fo free ~
the good people at Ebates are co-sponsoring a $100 giveaway with me
so all you have to do is click the first link down below to sign up
and then click the second link to enter into the giveaway
and without further ado..
the first and most important thing is to find your North Star
find your 'why' or why you're doing what you're doing
specifically when it comes to wanting to save money and wanting to make money
how badly do you want to save and make more money
for what reason do you want to save and make more money
something rooted in kindness and something bigger than yourself
will probably take you much further in the long-run
compared to something that's rooted in greed and yourself and the things that you want
but at the end of the day.. we all have our own needs
we all have our own internal motivational driving forces
so figure out what that is and then you'll be able to do everything else
the more specific you are with your 'why'..
the more you will be able to subconsciously and consciously guide yourself to your goal
of all the things that you want to do
specifically making more money and saving more money
when I was in high school.. I wanted to be financially independent
or I want to make some money for myself so that I could go to EDC
and so that I could go to raves
and so that I could go out and do stuff and have fun with my friends
because I didn't want to keep taking money from my mom
because taking money from my mom means that she has control over me
so if I make money for myself then I can do what I want to do with it
I can spend my money however I want to spend it
fast forward to a few years ago..
I wanted to be financially independent so that I can fully support myself
and so that I can start giving money back to my parents
not that my parents need money but to me..
them having raised me and supported me emotionally, financially, physically like..
everything that you can imagine
I want to give them the life that they gave me but like give back 100x
so be it my attention, be it my presence, be it my love, be it my anything
including finances like.. I just want to shower them with love
and this isn't to say that like money = love
but it's like.. it's a part of it you know
so a really good book to read to find your 'why' is 'Start With Why'
and then I think he has a new book that's called something like 'Find Your Why'
I'll leave both of those down below
so the second thing..
how are you gonna make more money
how are you gonna save more money
so 'how' in a sense like..
what are you going to do with your life..
and your lifestyle, and your habits, your spending habits..
what are you gonna do so that it'll allow you time to make more money
and it'll allow you the opportunities to save more money
so I think what this really comes down to is
what are you willing to give up and what aren't you willing to give up
I really like the saying where it's you can have it all but not at the same time
at different points in your life you're going to prioritize
prioritize different things
if making money and if saving money is what you want to do..
what are you gonna prioritize
for example how are you gonna spend your time
are you gonna spend your time going with your friends
spending money that you could be saving
or are you gonna spend your time trying to work out
and trying to find your 'why' so you can figure out how you're gonna support your 'why'
and what you're gonna do to fulfill your 'why'
and then here too.. it's like spending habits..
what are you willing to give up? what aren't you willing to give up?
if you just need to have your coffee from your favorite coffee shop every single morning
then.. continue doing that
but then cut expenses in other areas of your life where you can cut
so just asking yourselves these questions of..
what are you willing to give up and what aren't you willing to give up?
so time is something more macro which is something that's broader
and giving up your daily coffee or not.. that's something more micro
these are just examples to show you guys that under the macro umbrella..
there's time, there can be pride, there could be ego
there could be your sense of self or this like idea of yourself
that like you need to be perfect and you can't fail because
when it comes down to what you want to give up and you don't want to give up
you might not want to give up that image of yourself but..
and I rarely tell you guys what to do and what not to do
but I feel like if you're not doing things because you're afraid of failure
that is one thing that I'm gonna tell you guys
~ don't be afraid of failure ~
like it's okay to fail
no one is perfect
there's this really good quote from 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' that says..
"Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are."
"Failure is a part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success."
and under the micro umbrella..
there'll be like your daily cup of coffee
your daily lifestyle decisions, your purchase decisions..
how you spend your money
you can cook for yourself
there's so many things that you can do in your life to figure out..
ok, where exactly am I spending the most money
can I cut expenses here? can I cut expenses here?
can I cut expense across all of these things?
do I need to buy that thing?
do I need to buy this thing?.. like probably not
there's a very big difference between what we want and what we need
and I think I talk about this in more detail in another video that I'll link up there
and link down below about budgeting
so all of that can be summed up in: prioritizing is so important
prioritizing what's important to you
knowing what's important to you
and figuring out how you can apply that into your life
so at the end of the day.. I really believe that mindset is so important
if we are constantly believing that we can't, that we shouldn't, that we cannot
~ cannot is can't ~
if we just keep talking down ourselves
and if we keep..
not even belittling but like.. if you believe you can't do it
then like you won't be able to do it, right?
because if you don't believe in yourself then no one's gonna believe in you
so I think it's so important for us to believe in ourselves
to believe in our self-worth
to give ourselves the love and the care that we deserve
which includes believing that you're deserving of everything that you work for
and that success and that money can come if you really put in the work
like really put in the work to figure out what your thing is
and we're gonna get into this in the next section
so two really good books for this would be 'Think and Grow Rich' as well as "Rich Dad Poor Dad'
these books are both very very helpful in mindsets
so what can you do to make money and what can you do to save money
let's start with what can you do to make money
a few of guys have asked me..
what some ideas are of creative side hustles that you guys can do
I'm not gonna give you guys a direct answer
because it's very easy to Google like 'what are some great ideas for side hustles'
and then just do whatever comes to mind
but I think what's more important is to ask yourself..
what makes you excited, right?
like for me.. thrifting made me happy and thrifting makes me really excited
very therapeutic to me and I really like finding good deals
and so when I started selling my own clothes that I bought from you know a few years ago
I would buy some designer pieces that are like $20
I'd be able to list it on eBay
sell it for you know $100 after wearing it for a few years
I realized that there was a market for clothes online
maybe some people don't want to go through the trouble of thrifting
maybe some people don't have access to thrift shops
kind of like putting two and two together..
I started thrifting and reselling online on eBay
and I made a few videos back in the day when my channel first started about that
so what this means is basically just finding something that you love doing already
and see if there's any way that you can make money on it
here are some more examples
I'm sure you guys know Marie Kondo
KonMari method of tidying
the magic of tidying, in your closet, decluttering
letting go of things that don't spark joy in your life
when I first read her book..
it's a great book and it really helped me declutter my life for sure
but what I found fascinating was the fact that she made a career out of cleaning
you know like she made her career out of tidying things
and she talks about how she genuinely loves and enjoys and appreciates
the act of cleaning and the act of tidying
and helping people achieve that state of calm and peace within themselves
and just with their surroundings and with their environment
so when I read that I was just like if she can clean and make a career out of it..
then I can.. in theory.. find something that I really love doing
slash something that I really like talking about online
and make a career out of it too
another example is one of my cousins loves cooking
so while he's hosting private dinners..
because he's just starting out.. he's not making too much money
especially if he's sourcing ingredients from Whole Foods and farmers markets
and using like organic, locally-sourced, in-season produce
he can't charge that much yet because he's just starting out
so on the side.. his side hustle for a side hustle..
he's selling gourmet cookies on Etsy that are literally so bomb
I'm gonna throw a picture up there
if you guys want to check it out
and maybe consider buying some for yourself
and supporting my humble cousin
I'll leave the link down below
another one of my friends started teaching courses online
he used to be in sales so he's very good at talking
he's very good at teaching
he's very good at selling
so he is doing his own courses online
and a few of my cousins are doing Amazon wholesale
so they will find products in Asia and sell it on Amazon
and that's something that you know..
these are just to give you guys examples
that if you really really wanted to do something you will find a way to do these things
all of the people I listed, including myself, I didn't want to work a 9 to 5 job
I didn't want to do the things that people were doing..
not because I didn't want to do that..
because I just didn't find it fulfilling
so I went out of my way to ask myself..
what would a meaningful life look like to me?
what would a fulfilling life look like to me?
and that led me like so many places
and I ended up here, right?
but if you never take that first step..
for example like my cousin
he may not get far, he may get very far..
but he'll never know if he doesn't start
more of all of that is really asking yourself
what do you like doing already?
what do you like talking about already?
what do you like learning about already?
what do you like spending your free time on already?
and how.. or if it is possible for you to find a way to monetize that
or for you to be able to make money out of doing any of those things that you like to do
and if I'm being honest..
maybe in the beginning you won't be able to pick and choose these things
because you need to make money just because you need to make money
for example, I'll give you guys a story
when I was younger..
so second semester senior year of high school
I just really wanted a job
like I said earlier like way in the beginning
I didn't want to take my mom's money because I didn't want her to control me
so I went to the mall.. my local mall
I went to Hollister because back in late 2000s
Hollister, Abercrombie, Abercrombie Kids were like the brands to wear
and so I went to Hollister..
did a group interview because that's the kind of interviews they did
if any you guys used to work there you'll know what I'm talking about
did the group interview.. didn't get the job
they tell you right away that you didn't get it
so I was like.. ok I didn't get it.. that kind of sucks
I mean I was kind of sad
what I did was..
I just walked straight out of Hollister to the food court because it's right across
and I went to every single food court stall and I asked if you're hiring..
are you hiring? no. are you hiring? no.
are you hiring? no.
are you hiring? yes??
okay, when I can I start working?
and this was Chicken Now
if you guys have malls or if you guys have this in your area
they just sell fried chicken with this like really bomb secret sauce
I worked there for maybe a month and a half
before my friend referred me to work at Kabuki
which is like a Japanese sushi restaurant
so this is just kind of sharing with you guys that
it kind of hits all the points, right? of like..
why do I want to do it?
how did I do it?
and what did I do exactly?
that's the life that I went through in my late teens/early 20s
now that I'm in my mid to late 20s
it's thinking more about how you can turn..
how you can..
I think it's the same like how you can find your dream
how you can find your side hustle
and I think the goal is always to turn that side hustle into your main hustle
the world is your oyster dude
startup business 101 is..
is there a need and can I fill that need?
what is that need?
is there a market for that need?
and can I fill that need?
and this brings us to last point which is
what can you do to save more money
because I think we've talked a little bit already about knowing your expenses
knowing what you can cut, knowing what you can't cut..
knowing what you're willing to give up, know what you're not willing to give up..
I'm gonna focus specifically on purchase decision like making your purchase decision
the most important thing when I'm buying something..
I ask myself "do you need this or do you want this?"
for the most part.. I want it
but very rarely when there's something that I need..
for example a humidifier so that I can breathe
so my neck... not my neck.. so my throat isn't dry
so I don't sound like this
then I just get it no questions asked
and of course I go through the trouble of googling..
of price checking.. of cross-referencing..
of checking sites if they have cashback..
checking what sites have cashback..
what sites don't..
what site has a higher percentage.. what site doesn't
so for price checking I feel like it's pretty straightforward
what you usually do is you type in the name of what the thing is
ok, let's just use this book for an example
we just talked about this book earlier
so 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up'
type it into Google and the first things that come up should be a row of little icons
that tell you on this website is this much
on this website is this much on this website is this much
and I generally just use that as a reference point
and I'll go in and see okay..
it's actually the least expensive, for example on Amazon..
so let me get it from Amazon
or maybe like a specific book retailer will have this book
and there will be cashback from Ebates
so price checking is generally the first thing that I would do
and then I would check cashback offers because for the most part..
cashback offers are from like 2% to maybe 5%
but there are times where it's like 10% to 15-20%
so if you guys aren't familiar with Ebates
this is something that I've been using for over a year now
I believe maybe even a little longer
and I've saved at least like hundreds if not over a thousand dollars on cashback from purchases
I recently got this pair of Docs that I've been eyeing
and I'm so happy because I got it..
I think it was like 30% off already and there was 12% cashback
so.. saved a lot of moneies
you can either download the plug-in as I have
which will have a little icon pop-up on the side of like..
do you want to activate cash back and you click accept
and always click accept because I forgot so many times
and I'm just like ~ noooo ~
I could have saved 10% but I didn't click it
but anyway that's one way..
another way is go to ebates.com
click through any of the links found on the website
and shop on the store's website as you would usually
if this is something that you're interested in..
you'll get a $10 welcome bonus after your first purchase of $25 or more
after you sign up using the link down below
the good people at Ebates are co-sponsoring a $100 giveaway with me
so all you have to do is click the first link down below to sign up
and then click the second link to enter into the giveaway
and with that I want to leave you guys with two quotes from books I've mentioned previously
that have really helped me and that I think can help you guys as well
they're both on failure and success
and how failure is a key ingredient within success
so the first one is..
"In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we're punished for making them."
"Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes."
"We learn to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk."
~ very true ~
the second one is..
"Before success comes in any man's life.."
"...he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps some failure."
"When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit."
"That is exactly what the majority of men do."
"More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author.."
"..their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them."
with these types of videos..
I just hope it helps you see the potential and the possibility
and how close all of it could be..
if you work hard and if you believe in yourself
and with all of that..
thank you guys so much for watching
I'll see you guys next week
*waves goodbye*


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