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[Man] What's on your bucket list?
Well this is something that should be a lot harder than it is currently,
but like, punching a Nazi in the face.
(soft music)
[Man] What's on your bucket list?
My bucket list?
My bucket list?
A bucket list?
Ah, boy, let's see.
I always wanted to, like,
go and ride a whole bunch of roller coasters from around the United States.
I wanna do Burlesque one day.
Learn how to swing dance.
I'd like to get a tattoo.
I wanna ride a donkey down the Grand Canyon.
I think that would be a fun adventure.
Have an orgy.
[Man] Own an orchard?
No, have an orgy.
[Man] Oh, have an orgy.
I would like a foursome.
Ghetto, like, hood rat, business woman,
like a older cougar, freak.
[Man] What's on your bucket list?
Really wanna be in a bar fight.
I wanna break a law.
I would like to see a million dollars.
I wanna touch it.
I wanna bathe in it.
I wanna be in a Fast and Furious movie.
Be a movie star.
Like to make a,
- Big Hollywood, - Movie one day.
With Michael B. Jordan,
Taraji P. Henson,
and David Boreanaz.
I have strange ones,
like I have this whole list of celebrity females
that I wanna get a picture of getting kissed on the cheek by.
I wanna meet Will Farrell.
Bette Middler.
- Jackie Chan. - Yoko Ono.
I wanna touch Nicki Minaj's butt.
Be in a Justin Bieber music video.
Make out with Jason Momoa.
[Man] Is he single?
No, he has a wife.
So it's sad.
[Man] I mean, they might be open.
I really wanna go backpacking in Outer Mongolia.
Traveling to Paris.
The Great Wall of China.
- Spain. - Greece.
I wanna see, like, the crystal blue waters
and, like, the buildings
and the cliff-side.
Really, really, really badly.
I've never been.
I wanna live in New York.
I wanna live in Manhattan.
Try, like, all the different food
and just, like, see all the different shit.
Seeing the Seven Wonders before they're all gone.
Ride across the Czech Republic on a motorcycle.
That's my thing.
[Man] Why the Czech Republic?
Dracula country.
[Woman] What's on your bucket list?
I wanna perform somewhere.
Maybe, like, Lollapalooza or some type of crazy event.
Perform in a well known play.
Publish a successful book.
I really wanna go LARPing.
Being surrounded by castles in, like, some Renaissance gear
and just tackling the next person that I see like a princess or something.
Well I wanna try 'shrooms.
I've always wanted to build a time machine.
Probably get a colonic.
Hang gliding naked over a volcano.
Touch lava.
Touch a penis.
Touch a polar bear.
Touch a shark.
Get locked in a cage with every big cat.
Get as close to the animals as I can
but not die.
[Man] What's on your bucket list?
Seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers is number one.
I love them.
I really wanna go to Korea and get tattooed.
Tea in China.
Tea ceremony in Japan.
Parasailing in Peru.
Go to space.
I wanna go to Michael Jackson's Neverland.
I wanna go to London to visit Amy Winehouse's grave.
And drive on the wrong side of the road.
I wanna go to Alaska.
See the Northern Lights.
Go to every major tennis Grand Slam.
Travel the world.
Trying to put a piece of gum on all of the world wonders.
I want to see Niagara Falls again.
Dad took me there when I was young.
I want to own my own business.
I wanna buy a house.
I wanna get married.
Yeah, I would love to get married.
Having kids.
That'd be dope, like have two minions of me.
I want to own and operate,
A farm full of animals.
Start an orphanage.
Swim with dolphins.
Like on its back, like,
you know what I'm saying?
I wanna have a cat room in my house.
I wanna own a otter.
His name would be Felix.
Do a crazy stunt, like,
maybe like jumping out of a car.
Fly, like, a jet fighter.
Go fast.
Really fast.
I really wanna jump off the tallest building in Dubai.
I wanna try scuba diving.
Cause I'm just terrified of water
and I really wanna get over it.
I wanna cross one of the scariest bridges in the world.
Skinny dipping.
Being in one of those clear pools.
Swim through something that isn't water,
like kool-aid, like pudding, like syrup.
Run a marathon.
Hike to the back of the Hollywood sign.
Hike the Pacific Coast trail.
That's the one that goes from California up to B.C.
I do wanna climb a mountain
but I don't want to actually climb.
I just wanna appear at the top
cause I've seen people climb mountains
and that's shit's not for me.
I've never really thought about this.
I like, really scared of my mortality
so I never, like, think about, like,
well what if I die?
I don't wanna die.
Is that an option?
Does it have to be?


死前一定要做到! 100 人分享自己的平生夢想單 (100 People Tell Us What's On Their Bucket List | Keep it 100 | Cut)

336 分類 收藏
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