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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P this is Word Origin 70. The word origin today is

  • minion. Okay. And you know, minion ... I mean nowadays when people hear minion you

  • probably think of the cute little yellow guys. So the cute little yellow people

  • from the cartoon movies minions. You know, with the ... their boss or their leader of

  • GRU. I think is his name. So we often think of like this , this little sort of

  • character here. These are minions today. But the original meaning of minion was

  • very, very different. So let's let's look at the note here. So this is what we

  • would mean. Today, the word minion means an unimportant person who is merely a

  • follower or a servant of a more powerful person and will do ... will often do

  • whatever is asked of them, especially dirty deeds. Now even though, in the movie they

  • made a cute. Actually movie did kind of copy this idea. That's what minions do

  • they, they look for some sort of an evil or bad person that they're supposed to

  • follow. They made that joke about them and in the second movie where they went

  • through a lot of different bosses. All right. But anyway. Let's continue here.

  • The word seems to have a long history. Originally it was more positive. It came

  • from middle French meaning a favorite darling or someone who is beloved. So it

  • had a very positive meaning to begin with. It also had an adjective use

  • meaning dainty, pleasing, gentle, etc. The adjective use is also connected to the

  • expensive steak filet mignon. That's where we got filet mignon is. Filet

  • of course, the piece of meat. But mignon meaning well some people said it came

  • from the idea of like the steak was was dainty or soft or maybe it was just

  • very pleasing in that way. So that's where .... So this origin is also connected

  • to filet mignon, the steak. Okay. Let's continue. The noun meaning was especially

  • used for a favorite of a sovereign. A sovereign meaning like a king or a

  • queen or another important person. Somebody really high up. Perhaps this is

  • how he took on or it became... it took on its more negative meaning. Perhaps

  • those sovereigns or important people wanted them to do dirty deeds for them

  • Or perhaps the sovereigns or important people just favored those that were too

  • dirty deeds for them. So that that's probably one of the ways that it worked

  • out to eventually have it's more negative meaning. Okay. And we just have a

  • few examples here to cover this. Example number one. The mafia boss sent some of

  • his minions to knock someone off. Remember, knock someone off means to kill someone.

  • So we'd often hear that. Like the mafia boss may have his minions. They

  • would say. Or number two. We've often heard it this way. The devil sent his

  • minions here. We often think of the devil having minions. You know, having you

  • know, followers that will just do whatever they ask him to do. To do his

  • dirty deeds. All right. And the last one is really to do mostly with the filet

  • mignon. Her favorite dish is filet mignon. Okay. And so these all come originally

  • from me the minion. You know originally coming from Middle French. Okay . Anyway I

  • hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye

Hi this is Tutor Nick P this is Word Origin 70. The word origin today is


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英語家教Nick P單詞起源(70)Minion (English Tutor Nick P Word Origins (70) Minion)

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