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  • I'm Peppa Pig this is my little brother George

  • this is Mommy pig

  • this is Daddy pig

  • Pink Pig has started

  • Today's episode "Cleaning the Car Ourselves"

  • Daddy pig is taking the family for a drive in the country

  • Hurry up. Is everybody ready?

  • Yes!

  • Daddy pig we're ready!

  • But the car isn't ready!

  • Look how messy it is!

  • Oh it's not too bad!

  • You should see how messy it is inside

  • Oh!

  • Naughty messy daddy!

  • Naughty messy daddy!

  • Look at all this rubbish

  • newspapers

  • They are mine

  • sweets

  • They are mine

  • and also Mr. Dinosaur

  • Dinosaur

  • We must take the car and clean it before leaving

  • Oh! What you say is correct Mammy Pig

  • Mummy can we help to clean the car

  • Yes, you can help

  • Great!

  • Daddy Pig prepared some soapy water to wash the car

  • Daddy Pig washes the car's roof

  • Mummy Pig washes the engine cover

  • Peppa washes the car's door

  • George wants to wash the windows

  • But his body is too little

  • Poor George

  • let me help you

  • Oh dear! George took the sponge and dropped into the muddy puddle

  • George! You again took the car and turned it dirty!

  • I will take the mude washed down

  • Peppa don't use...

  • ...muddy water

  • Oh Dear!

  • Peppa has thrown the muddy water all

  • over the car

  • oh!

  • never mind we can use the garden hose to clean it off

  • Great! Great!

  • I will hold the hose, can it be?

  • Peppa holds the hose and Daddy Pig turns on the water opens the water

  • Why is it the water hasn't come yet?

  • Peppa don't do this way

  • I am sorry Mummy

  • Daddy Pig, please turn off the water

  • oh no need to panic

  • oh dear everyone is wet

  • at least the car has been washed

  • we've all been washed

  • you go dry yourselves while I polish the car

  • see you later

  • see you later

  • Daddy Pig is polishing the car very well

  • so it can be used as a mirror

  • what a funny face

  • Oh more funny faces

  • it's Peppa and George

  • and Mummy Pig

  • what a lovely shiny car

  • yes I am a bit

  • of an expert at these things

  • come on I'll drive today

  • everybody ready?

  • ready

  • then let's go

  • I hope you would all keep this car clean today

  • yes Mummy Pig

  • yes Mummy Pig

  • mummy now you made the car all muddy again

  • Oh naughty mummy

I'm Peppa Pig this is my little brother George


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Peppa Pig國語版與簡體中文版字幕。 (Peppa Pig Mandarin with Simplified Chinese Subtitles)

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