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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 151. The quote today is another one by Shakespeare. Here is the

  • quote, "All that glitters is not gold." Glitters, you know is very shiny. It reflects light off of it. It's very

  • shiny. So we do hear this a lot. All that glitters is not gold that often comes

  • up. So let's take a look at the note here. This is a quote from Shakespeare's

  • "Merchant of Venice." So that was the play that it was originally in. In this play

  • Portia's dad had a suitor test for his daughter to find her a husband. So Portia

  • of course was one of the main girl characters of the story. And at this

  • point in the story I think Portia' s dad was already dead. But he still had this

  • test to try to choose the right man for her. Let's continue. The test consisted of

  • three caskets. One was made of lead, one was made of silver, and one was made of

  • gold. Whoever guessed which box Portia's picture was in would marry her. So

  • this is where this phrase originally comes from. A Moroccan prince chose the

  • gold. So he was one of the suitors that wanted to marry her and he had to choose

  • and he ended up thinking well you know she's so beautiful and she's so great

  • must be in the gold one. He chose the gold so the Morocco prince chose the gold.

  • And inside he got the message, " All that glitters is not gold," The idea was whoever

  • chose the gold box was too shallow for his daughter. So this is the origin of

  • this of this phrase which we find out later becomes a proverb. So let's

  • continue. This phrase was also used by JR. Tolkien in "Lord of the Rings. " Yeah.

  • They used it a lot. Of course, you know with the ring. The ring gave you power, but you

  • know, if you follow the Lord of the Rings series. If you wore that ring

  • too long. It started to, you know, almost turn you into an evil person. The power

  • you know , the power corrupted you. And made you kind of evil or bad. So this

  • also applied to that. All that glitters is not gold, in that sense. All right. And

  • let's continue. Today this quote has become a famous proverb which means that

  • not everything that is shiny or attractive on the outside, on the surface

  • is of high value. This can be used about people or things that promised to be valuable

  • but turned out not to be. So let's look at one example here. It's a a/b part. All right and

  • A says the life of being a celebrity it's not at all it's cracked up to be. A

  • lot of people imagine , you know, it's a perfect live. Stardom, wealth, and so on. You

  • may have to sacrifice too much to make it. To make it, to become successful. Even

  • your pride and self-respect. And of course B may say, well all that glitters

  • is not gold. All right Okay here we say, your pride and your self-respect. You know recently, in this

  • past year we learned that you know, many there were many directors , like you know

  • Harvey Weinstein. That sometimes forced or intimidated women into sleeping

  • with him. You know , the casting couch thing. In order to make it. In order to

  • become big. So this in this sense, even though many people think you know being

  • a celebrity is , it's good but you sacrifice a lot. You may have to

  • sacrifice your freedom or you may even have to sacrifice yourself in this way too.

  • So again, all that glitters is not gold. Ok I hope you got it. I hope it was

  • informative. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 151. The quote today is another one by Shakespeare. Here is the


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