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  • You'd never guess it from the way they look on screen, but some of Marvel's most dastardly villains are actually pretty good-looking - once you get underneath all the makeup, CGI and prosthetics, that is.

    你永遠不會從他們在屏幕上的樣子猜到,但漫威裡一些最卑鄙的惡棍實際上長得很好看,把所有的妝、CGI 和假肢去掉之後你就知道了。

  • Here are some of the Marvel movie villains who are gorgeous in real life.


  • Djimon Hounsou is probably best known for his work in films like Amistad, Gladiator, In America and Blood Diamond - two of which earned him Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

    Djimon Hounsou 最出名的可能是他在 《勇者無懼》、《神鬼戰士》、《前進天堂》和 《血鑽石》 等電影中的作品——其中兩部讓他贏得了奧斯卡最佳男配角提名。

  • Before he became such a renowned actor, though, he got his start as an international model after being discovered in Paris by the fashion house Thierry Mugler.


  • Soon after making a splash on the runway, Hounsou moved to America and started landing screen roles that capitalized on his staggering good looks and considerable thespian talents.

    在伸展台上大放異彩後不久,Hounsou 就搬到了美國,並開始利用他驚人的美貌和可觀的戲劇天賦登陸銀幕角色。

  • For his appearance as Korath, the Pursuer in Guardians of the Galaxy, however, contact lenses, a prosthetic headpiece and some armored costumery took much of the focus away from his looks.


  • Guardians hasn't been the only movie to do this, either.


  • For DC's Aquaman, Hounsou has been given a reptilian exterior as the Fisherman King that bears virtually no resemblance to his real-life appearance.

    對於 DC 的《水行俠》中,Hounsou 被賦予了爬蟲類的外觀,即漁夫王,這與他的真實外貌幾乎沒有相似之處。

  • Lost fans will no doubt recognize Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as the drug kingpin who survived in the tail section of Flight 815, only to succumb to the show's terrifying smoke monster.

    《LOST檔案》的粉絲們無疑認得出 Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 飾演的毒梟,他坐在 815 航班的尾部倖存下來,卻屈服於節目中可怕的煙霧怪物。

  • In Thor: The Dark World, however, the actor was very hard to make out beneath both of the costumes he wore throughout the film.


  • His first look, as Algrim, had him wearing a bleached wig and white eyebrows while sporting bright blue contact lenses.

    作為 Algrim 的第一個造型,他戴著漂白的假髮和白色的眉毛,戴著亮藍色的隱形眼鏡。

  • Once he transformed into the monster Kurse, his appearance was completely concealed beneath a hulking spiky bodice and bony headpiece.


  • The Dark World wasn't the last comic-based movie to cover him up entirely, either;


  • he was just as difficult to make out underneath all the costuming and makeup needed for his turn as Killer Croc in Suicide Squad.


  • Another actor whose appearance was completely obscured in the MCU is Alexis Denisof, who portrayed The Other in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    另一位出現在 MCU 電影中容貌被完全遮蓋的演員是阿萊克斯·德尼索夫,他在《復仇者聯盟》和《星際異攻隊》中扮演 The Other。

  • To fully become the grotesque servant of Thanos, Denisof was plastered with a blue and purple make-up regime, covered with a wiry face mask and then dressed in a hooded cloak.


  • "Lower your tone!"


  • In real life, though, Denisof is a real looker,


  • with dishwater blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a pearly white smile, the recent Emmy nominee could just as easily have landed a role as Captain America's long-lost brother.


  • You'd have a hard time picking Ebony Maw's actor out of a line-up if you didn't already know who he was.


  • As Maw, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor sported a broad expanse in place of a nose, along with speckled grey skin and wispy white hair.

    為了飾演烏木喉,Tom Vaughan-Lawlor 用寬闊的假鼻子代替了真的鼻子,還有斑駁的灰色皮膚和纖細的白髮。

  • "[You are] trespassing in this city and on this planet."


  • "That means get lost ,Squidward!"


  • "He exhausts me."


  • In reality, though, Vaughan-Lawlor has brown hair, fair skin, and of course, an actual nose.

    但在現實中,Vaughan-Lawlor 有著一頭棕髮、白皙的皮膚,當然還有一個真正的鼻子。

  • The actor has made appearances on the small screen in shows such as Peaky Blinders, Love/Hate and The Secret Agent.

    這位演員曾出現在諸如《浴血黑幫》、《愛恨兩邊緣》 和《秘密間諜 》等小銀幕節目中。

  • For Infinity War, Vaughan-Lawlor, who claims to have dressed up as Maw while auditioning for the film, filmed his scenes using a CGI mocap suit.

    在《復仇者聯盟:無限之戰》中,自稱在試鏡時打扮成烏木喉的 Vaughan-Lawlor 使用 CGI 動作捕捉套裝拍攝了他的場景。

  • He has also admitted that his son in particular enjoyed the results of his on-screen transformation, telling The Independent that: "He thinks [it] is funny because I look so ugly."


  • It may go without saying, but X-Men: First Class actor Jason Flemyng doesn't actually have the same fiery red skin, greasy black mane, sharp-spaded tail or teleportation skills of his on-screen alter ego Azazel.

    不用多說應該也知道, 《X戰警:第一戰》中的演員傑森·佛萊明實際上並沒有與他在大螢幕上的角色阿撒佐惡魔擁有相同的火紅皮膚、油膩的黑色鬃毛、鋒利的尾巴或傳送技能。

  • Instead, the actor has reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and caucasian skin.


  • Luckily for him, his eyebrows don't rise to a menacing point either, nor does he bear the same facial scars as the character.


  • Unfortunately, that meant that he had to endure a daily makeup regimen to get into character.


  • When he found out he wouldn't be involved in the film's sequel, Days of Future Past, Flemyng was somewhat comforted that he wouldn't have to submit to the intense makeover process again.


  • He told MovieWeb: "Initially I was gutted, but then, I remembered I had to get up at two in the morning,


  • I had to be painted red and be slightly out of focus and posed a lot, and that was sort of it. Now I don't have to do that."


  • Nowadays, Nebula is fighting for the good guys after making peace with her sister Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.


  • She did start out as a villain, though.


  • "You're going to kill my father?"


  • "You dare to oppose me?"


  • "You see what he has turned me into. You kill him, I will help you destroy a thousand planets.”


  • And although you wouldn't know it by looking at her, the actress portraying her is actually quite striking in real life.


  • To get into character as Thanos' least favorite daughter, Karen Gillan donned metallic and blue makeup, shaved off her hair, blacked out her eyes and had a few android body parts added for good measure.


  • She told ScreenRant: "It's really intense going through this makeup in the morning, but it's amazing! I think it takes about four and a half hours now.

    她告訴 ScreenRant:「早上化妝真的很緊張,但太棒了!我想現在大約需要四個半小時。

  • [...] But also it's so worth it, because I see bits of footage that we've shot and it's just so amazing, it's so worth it."


  • Ryan Reynolds' ruggedly handsome looks were covered up quite a bit for his leading role as Wade Wilson in Deadpool.


  • First with severe burn marks and then with his red and black head-to-toe costuming.


  • But he became truly unrecognizable as the villainous Juggernaut in Deadpool 2.

    但他在《死侍 2》中扮演著邪惡的紅坦克,真的完全認不出來本人。

  • The character was digitally rendered with CGI, but Reynolds also donned some mocap gear to act out Juggernaut's facial expressions.

    這個角色是用 CGI 做出來的,但雷諾斯還是穿上了一些動作捕捉裝置來演出紅坦克的面部表情。

  • Director Tim Miller justified Reynolds' double duty as a matter of sheer convenience for everyone.


  • He told CinemaBlend: "It'd be like, 'Okay, let's just switch into Juggernaut mode, try this.' As opposed to 'Let's bring in somebody, wait for them, call time,' all this. It was a tight unit."

    他告訴 CinemaBlend:「當時情況就像,『好吧,讓我們切換到紅坦克,演演看。』而不是『讓我們帶人來進來,等待他們,準備拍攝」。人力緊縮啊。」

  • So even though Reynolds bears no resemblance to the hulking and helmeted muscleman,


  • fans might be able to notice a familiar expression or two buried beneath all that might and metal - if they look closely enough.


  • Even before that tank of electric eels turns him lightning blue from head to toe, Jamie Foxx's good looks are pretty well concealed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


  • In the early stages of the film, he's shown as Max Dillon: a balding, buck-toothed, and bespectacled electrical engineer.

    在電影的前半部,他飾演 Max Dillon,一位禿頂、暴牙、戴著眼鏡的電氣工程師。

  • Foxx's usual charisma, head full of hair and otherwise handsome features are nowhere in sight.


  • When he transforms into Electro, Foxx becomes hidden beneath luminescent skin and glowing eyes.


  • To create the look, the actor was drenched in veiny prosthetics and blue makeup that was later enhanced with digital effects.


  • Foxx has credited the makeover with informing his performance.


  • "I would just look in the mirror for hours, just looking. With the blue contacts and everything.


  • And then finally honing in with my manager Jamie King, she's like 'Go, keep trying to find it, keep trying to find it,' and we found it.”

    最後在我的經紀人 Jamie King 訓練下傑米金磨練,她說:「去吧,繼續努力尋找它,然後我們就找到了。」

  • In 2000's X-Men, Ray Park disappears beneath a lime skin tone, a bright green spike hairdo and a truly slimy smile.

    在 2000 年的《X戰警》 中,雷·帕克的容貌消失在石灰膚色、亮綠色的穗狀髮型和猙獰的笑容下。

  • But in reality, Park has dark blonde hair, grayish blue eyes and a bright white set of teeth.


  • And although the amphibious bad guy with the perilous tongue was a significant transformation to make, it was hardly Park's most image-obscuring role.


  • The year before he joined the X-Men universe, he starred as Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

    在他加入 X 戰警宇宙的前一年,他在《星際大戰首部曲:威脅潛伏》中飾演達斯·魔。

  • Although it might be tough to make him out beneath all those horns and red and black demonic makeup,


  • he was even less visible in G.I. Joe: Retaliation as the mute and helmeted ninja Snake Eyes.


  • All in all, X-Men actually turned out to be one of his more recognizable franchise roles.


  • If you didn't care much for Malekith the Accursed in Thor: The Dark World, don't worry, the actor playing him didn't either.


  • Christopher Eccleston has since admitted that he took the role as a paycheck gig, but that the sheer amount of time he spent in the makeup chair ruined the experience for him.


  • He told The Express: "The first couple of days it was about seven hours, eight hours [in make-up]. I think we got it down to six and a half.


  • [...] Marvel were dishonest to me. Because they never, ever let me know that there'd be that amount of make-up."

    [...] Marvel 對我不誠實,因為他們從來沒有讓我知道會需要上那麼多的妝。」

  • Indeed, you'd be hard-pressed to recognize the renowned movie and TV star beneath all the layers of prosthetics, headgear and shining, icy eyes.


  • In real life, he's got a far more muted eye color and short, salt-and-pepper hair.


  • It isn't exactly MCU tradition for a titular hero to face off against himself, but that's what happened in Doctor Strange.

    一個有名無實的英雄與自己對抗並不完全是 MCU 的傳統,但這就是在電影《奇異博士》中發生的事情。

  • "Dormammu, I've come to bargain."


  • Benedict Cumberbatch played both the time-warping wizard and the Dark Dimensional uber-bad Dormammu, via voice acting and some facial capture work.


  • Cumberbatch has claimed it was his idea to voice the villain in the movie.


  • He told CinemaBlend: "I went, 'Look, if this is going to work, rather than being a big ghoulish monster,

    他告訴 CinemaBlend:「我說『瞧,如果這行得通,不是成為一個巨大的食屍鬼,

  • if it's some kind of reflection of him - if it's something that he's giving that's coming back at him in a really horrific way, that would be fun!”


  • Although Cumberbatch may be tall, that's about where the comparisons between his appearance and Dormammu's end.


You'd never guess it from the way they look on screen, but some of Marvel's most dastardly villains are actually pretty good-looking - once you get underneath all the makeup, CGI and prosthetics, that is.

你永遠不會從他們在屏幕上的樣子猜到,但漫威裡一些最卑鄙的惡棍實際上長得很好看,把所有的妝、CGI 和假肢去掉之後你就知道了。

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