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- As some of you may know, I am a dive master.
That means I can go on underwater trips
with certified divers.
And I have worked as a dive master
in Malta for three months,
and the one most asked question was
"I want to start diving,
what scuba diving equipment do I need?"
(soft upbeat music)
- So, as far as I'm concerned
I don't think you need any scuba diving equipment.
Especially, if you are a beginner
because the dive center you're gonna dive with
will for sure have some equipment.
If you're not sure, you may ask them,
just send them an email saying,
"What do I need?"
But most of the time, they have all the equipment, but
it may be more comfortable for you
to have your own equipment.
The first one, you may buy,
and that, maybe you already had, is a mask.
This one was in a snorkeling kit that my mom had.
So, I just basically stole one from her.
This one is kinda old, but you know what?
I just fine with it, it doesn't leak.
I did add a little dive professional stuff
in the back because I like it,
and it makes it easier to just fit on your head.
If you need some glasses or have a prescription,
you don't need to buy an expensive one.
You just can add some stickers on your mask.
So that's quite small and easy to travel with.
Especially if you need some glasses under water,
it can be very useful to have it.
So, that might be the first thing you need
to buy if you want to buy something.
The second thing I would recommend you to buy,
because dive centers doesn't always have them,
are some socks, some gloves, and some boots.
I get cold very easy under water,
and, as you might know, the heat
goes away from the hands, the feet, and the head.
If you go diving in some wrecks,
or some parts where there is a huge current,
or where you need to grab a rope,
you might want to have some gloves
to protect your hand to be cut,
or to just attach yourself to the rocks.
But not to touch wildlife or things like that.
This is only to protect yourself.
If any animal has a spike or weapon, it will go through.
It's just to prevent some allergies
or things like that in your hands.
So this is only protect you and to keep you warm.
Between socks and boots,
I use them for different reasons.
This one is really to make me feel warmer
and to lose my heat a little bit less quickly.
And this one is really to go walk on things.
Like if you go diving in Malta,
you have to walk to the dive site.
And sometimes there is rocks,
So with this one you're gonna be,
it's gonna be very painful to walk
because your gonna feel every rocks
in the ground.
And these ones are really designed to go walk.
However, if you decide to use this kind of boots,
you might need to tell the dive center
that you need special fins,
and maybe fins that are bigger
than what you usually use.
Also, to protect you from the heat,
being cold under water, I highly recommend you
to buy this kind of under water t-shirt.
They are quite cheap too.
They're like five euros.
I have two of them because when I end a dive,
I just change to a new one,
because when they get wet and it gets windy,
it's very cold inside them.
But they dry very, very fast,
and they prevent you from getting sunburned.
You get, like, protected from a lot of things with them.
So, I highly recommend that you buy
these kind of things.
You can also have a full neoprene one,
but I tend to not like them as much as this one.
Even though they are warmer, they also are tighter
when you don't have water on you.
And if you don't put them on the water,
and you have them, like, good on you,
when you go on the water, they're too big.
So, I don't know,
I really prefer this kind of Lycra,
light, stretchy materials.
- The last piece of equipment that is quite small
and that can fit in your regular luggage,
is a dive computer.
So, obviously this is quite expensive,
more expensive than the other thing I showed you before.
This one is very useful to know your decomp time,
to know what you can do while diving.
If you borrow one from the dive center,
they're not gonna have your diving profile.
They're gonna have the previous person profile,
and if they go really deep,
you won't have as much time as you should have.
So, this is really to help you,
but I would not recommend it
to buy it as a first item.
If you want to monitor what you did,
if you really want to improve,
this is a good way to do it.
It would say that on your dive computer.
But, that's not really an item for beginners.
Also, you don't need to buy a very expensive one.
I had a Suunto D4i,
which is about 400 euros, I would say.
And I didn't like it,
when it does a lot of things,
it didn't show the time.
But I didn't see the important information on it.
So, sent it back and I bought a Zoop,
which is the cheapest one you can find.
I guess it was 100 euros at the time.
I don't know, but it was really cheap.
And, it did do the job.
So that's what I would recommend you to buy
if you're a beginner and you want to get
more comfortable in your dive.
Is a scuba diving suit.
So this one, I actually bought it when I was
14 or 15, around that.
I'm now 23, so it's quite an old suit.
I was really happy when I first bought it
and I'm still really happy with it today.
So, you have to choose wisely.
I could do a video if you want
on how to choose your scuba diving suit.
Yeah, that's really a good thing to have with you
when you go diving because you're sure
that it's gonna fit you,
you're gonna be warm and comfortable with it.
So, if you have your own suit
the diving will be more pleasant
and you will enjoy it better
if you have your own materials.
Also, what you have to do if you buy a suit,
is remember to oil the zip, right there.
You can do it with Vaseline or mineral oils.
And just remember to do that
otherwise your suit is not gonna last long.
This is the one prong that breaks on suits.
So just oil them sometimes when you thing of it.
One struggle that I found with my suit
is that it takes like half of my bags
just to put my suit on.
Which means I either need less clothes
or I just take another luggage for my diving equipment
which can be a little bit more expensive.
Especially if you're not gonna dive
during all your vacation.
That's something that you have to consider
before buying your suit.
So, if you're just starting diving,
just think of what you're gonna really use, what do you want
and if you can try some equipment
before buying some, this could be a good idea.
So that's it. I hope you liked this video.
If you like it, give it a thumbs up.
And if you have any other scuba diving questions,
please leave them in the comment sections below.
I would be really happy to answer them.
If you want to see more video from us
about scuba diving or traveling,
you can also subscribe,
it will be somewhere on the screen.
And see you next time! Bye.


What scuba diving equipment do beginers need? // Crazydivers

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