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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is quotes 128. We have another quote by Albert Einstein. And here's the quote. "You never fail until you stop trying. " Okay. That sounds good. Let's continue with the note here. This quote by

  • Einstein could likely be a way to inspire people to keep trying and not give up.

  • Yeah on its surface it definitely does sound that way. Even when you encounter

  • difficulties if you persist, you know you keep pushing you don't give up. You may

  • succeed in the end. Yeah and this is definitely true for a lot of inventors,

  • people who discover things. A lot of times they fail many many times before

  • they actually succeed in the end. So this is kind of a thought for a lot of people

  • who are geniuses or inventors, they don't always succeed right away. Of course

  • Einstein may also simply be stating a fact. it is only when you officially give

  • up and quit that one must admit they did not succeed at something. Yeah you know,

  • he was he was a very, you know , very simple man in that way, but he thought

  • that way. But let's continue. Sometimes you have a good or justifiable reason for giving up. In

  • business sometimes you hear the phrase to cut your losses. So giving up even

  • though giving up sounds bad, sometimes it's not always bad. Like in the case of

  • business where you tried something . And you gave it a good shot but it's really

  • just not working out. You see it's not working out and the possibility of the

  • future just seems like it's not worth it. Sometimes it is better to we say to cut

  • your losses maybe the wise thing at that point sometimes is to give up. So giving

  • up is not always terrible. Let's continue. Which could be good advice if something is not

  • working out and it doesn't appear to have future potential . Let's continue. On the other hand I am

  • also reminded of the quote from Yogi Berra, a famous a ballplayer, coach and

  • manager. He used the quote , "it ain't over until it's over. "

  • You know talking about a sports event. you know, until the like in baseball until the

  • last out is caught or you know maybe the time runs out in basketball or in American football, You

  • know until it's really finished maybe the game is not completely lost. Well here of course

  • in American baseball, if you don't give up even though you may be very far behind and

  • victory looks bleak, you know it doesn't look like there is a possibly that things

  • will work out , that they can be successful. Sometimes you can still pull

  • a victory from the jaws of defeat. Yeah there's many, many examples I've seen

  • this happen throughout my life, especially by watching baseball. You know there have been times

  • where you know a team could be behind by like 10 runs, but usually it would be

  • early in the game. But sometimes they could still come back to win. I have see it.

  • doesn't happen most of the time but once in a while every once in a while you see

  • something like this happen. It kind of amazes you what it does actually happen.

  • I could remember also when I was a kid I think it was in 1973

  • I think Yogi Berra was actually the manager of the Mets during that time

  • where I think they were in last place in the middle of the season. Now they were

  • lucky because I think there were only like seven or eight games on first place

  • but every team was very very close so they had a very good winning streak at

  • the end of the year and they actually won. They won the pennant. Where it

  • almost seemed impossible you know team that's in the last place during the

  • middle of the season, you always figured well they get they don't have any chance

  • to come back. So this is how this is often used and that now this it ain't

  • over till it's over. I've seen some people also use another

  • one also in regard to the Mets I think 1986 when they were playing the Red Sox

  • it also has to do with like the Red Sox curse. This also like continued

  • Red Sox curse. The the Mets had a great season that year those I think the best

  • season they ever had. think they won almost hundred and ten games or something like that. And

  • they made it to the World Series . It was the World Series, the Mets against the Red

  • Sox. But the the Red Sox were up three games to two so it was down to just this

  • last game. It was the bottom of the ninth bottom of the ninth inning I think and

  • they were down to one out. They got the first two guys out and I think the Red

  • Sox were hit by two runs and it looked like you know the Red Sox just needed

  • one more out and finally you know they thought they broke their curse at that

  • time. and then it didn't happen. A guy got a single and another guy got a hit and then and then they were and

  • then there was the big error where a ground ball was hit and it should have

  • been an easy play but the first baseman who was normally a very good fielder, I

  • don't know I guess he got distracted and the ball went right through his legs and they ended up losing it. So

  • sometimes you just never know as long as you just never give up maybe a lot has

  • to be on your side sometimes too. But you never know again. You never fail until you stop

  • trying. Or sometimes it ain't over until it's over. Okay anyway. I hope you got it.

  • I hope it was inspiring. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is quotes 128. We have another quote by Albert Einstein. And here's the quote. "You never fail until you stop trying. " Okay. That sounds good. Let's continue with the note here. This quote by


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輔導員尼克P報價(128)愛因斯坦--你永遠不會失敗,直到你停止嘗試。 (Tutor Nick P Quotes (128) Albert Einstein - You Never Fail Until you stop Trying)

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