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  • in this video I'm going to look at the differences between

  • a British and an American accent

  • of course there are many British accents

  • and there are many American accents

  • but I'm going to show you some of the

  • major accent differences between them

  • so let's start!

  • linguists give vowels names to make it easier to talk about them

  • the LOT vowel sound describes the vowel in words like

  • job”, “politics”, andnot

  • when British speakers say this vowel

  • their lips might be slightly rounded

  • but Americans use a different vowel sound

  • and their lips will be more open

  • the BATH vowel describes the vowel sound in words like

  • behalf”, “passed”, andpath

  • British speakersespecially those in the south of England

  • will use a more back vowel sound here

  • but Americans will tend to use a more front vowel sound

  • the words “water”, “authority”, and “fighting

  • have a T in the middle

  • Brits will tend to pronounce a T sound here

  • but Americans will use a tap

  • this may sound like a short D sound

  • or even an R sound if you're a non-native speaker of English

  • the word “yod” describes a /j/ sound

  • in the word "new", Brits will tend to pronounce a /j/ sound here

  • but Americans don't – they've dropped the yod

  • in Britain this word can be pronounced with a

  • /dj/ sound

  • but it's also commonly pronounced with a /dʒ/ sound

  • this change from /dj/ to /dʒ/ is called yod-coalescence

  • you can hear Theresa May use the /dʒ/ pronunciation

  • but Donald Trump just uses a /d/ sound here

  • in the words “shared”, “hard” and “work

  • most Brits will not pronounce the R sound

  • but most Americans will

  • Donald Trump grew up in New York

  • in traditional New York accents

  • the letter R is only pronounced in certain positions

  • but nowadays the situation is more complicated

  • with New Yorkers sometimes pronouncing the R

  • and sometimes not

  • this is what Donald Trump does in his speech

  • sometimes he pronounces the R

  • and sometimes not

  • but for the purposes of this video

  • it's important to state that

  • most Americans will always pronounce the letter R

  • I'm going to finish with an interesting

  • aspect of Donald Trump's accent

  • that's particular to New York - rather than American accents in general

  • for me, the words “human”, “huge”, and “humour” begin with a /hjuː/ sound

  • but in New York accents, the H is dropped

  • and we're left with /juː/

  • listen to Theresa May pronounce the H in “human

  • and now listen to Donald Trump who doesn't pronounce the H

  • these are just some of the differences between a British and an American accent

  • if you've enjoyed this video

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  • and share it with your English-speaking friends

  • if you're a non-native English speaker and you want to improve your pronunciation

  • then take my online English pronunciation course

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in this video I'm going to look at the differences between


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英式口音與美式口音的對比|改善你的口音。 (British vs American Accents | Improve Your Accent)

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