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  • Hey, it's Chaim with The Verge and you're probably pretty familiar with the Nintendo Switch.

    嗨,我是 The Verge 的 Chaim,任天堂推出的 Switch 遊戲機對你來說也許不陌生。

  • But this isn't a Nintendo Switch.

    但這台並不是你所認識的任天堂 Switch。

  • This is a Nintendo Switch Lite, which as the name suggests is a Switch, but smaller.

    這台是任天堂 Switch Lite,它就像是輕巧型的 Switch。

  • This is our first chance to really try up the Switch Lite for ourselves.

    這是我們第一次體驗 Switch Lite。

  • And it's a portable version of the Switch.

    它是 Switch 輕量化且方便攜帶的版本。

  • It's sort of like a Game Boy to the Switch's console almost.

    它其實就像以前的掌上型遊戲機再加上 Switch 控制器。

  • You see the Joy-Cons don't attach.

    它的 Joy-Cons (遊戲手把) 和主機是一體的,無法拆下來。

  • There is a proper directional pad instead of the separate buttons which is fantastic to play on.


  • Another weird quirk of the Switch Lite is there's no auto-brightness censor.

    Switch Lite 有個怪異之處,那就是它的螢幕無法自動調整亮度。

  • You notice that it's just, there's no censor on the front.


  • So you can manually adjust brightness.


  • But you can't have it automatically do that just based on ambient light in the room.


  • Over here on top, you have the power and volume, Headphone jack, game card slot.


  • Over here on the bottom, we have USB-C for charging, speakers.

    在遊戲機底部有充電用的 USB- Type C 的接口和喇叭。

  • And over here, there's a micro SD card slot.


  • Because there's no kickstand either.

    Switch Lite 並沒有背架。

  • Because again, the kickstand is for table top mode when you're playing with Joy-Con attached.


  • And this can't do that.

    而 Switch Lite 是專用於手提模式,因此取消了背架功能。

  • And one thing I want to also point out is just how nice the plastic is on here.


  • Nintendo's done a really great job with just physical materials.


  • It's really great to hold.


  • It's this nice matte, tactile plastic.


  • It feels actually very similar to the plastic on the Joy-Con controllers.

    Switch Lite 外殼就跟 Joy-Con 的塑膠殼一樣有質感。

  • It's even lighter than the Switch is, and the Switch was already pretty light.

    Switch 已經算是很輕巧了,而 Switch Lite 甚至又比 Switch 更輕巧。

  • And it's just really enjoyable to play on.

    整體而言,Switch Lite 的遊戲體驗很好。

  • Battery life on the Switch Lite is important.

    電池續航力對 Switch Lite 來說是一大重點。

  • Because unlike the full-size Switch, you're only gonna be using this portable which means it needs to last a while.

    因為不像是尺寸較大的 Switch 有多種遊玩模式,Switch Lite只提供手提模式,而手提模式非常需要容量大的電池。

  • Fortunately, Nintendo says the battery life should be good.

    值得慶幸的是,任天堂說 Switch Lite 的電池容量會比較大。

  • They're promising that it'll be better than the old full-size Switch, although the updated version of the big Switch is still gonna have the best battery life.

    任天堂承諾它的電池續航力會比原來的 Switch 來得更好,雖然即將推出的升級版 Switch 所擁有的電池容量才是最大的。

  • As for the rest, it still charges by a USB-C.

    除此之外,Switch Lite 跟原本的 Switch 一樣都是用 USB Type-C 充電。

  • It still works with all your favorite games.

    你也可以在 Switch Lite 上遊玩各種你愛的遊戲。

  • It has a gyroscope so any of the motion sensing stuff will still work like aiming in Zelda or Splatoon.


  • If you own a full-size Switch and you wanna switch to a Switch Lite, you can actually transfer all your stuff over.

    如果你已經有一台 Switch,你也可以將所有舊檔案轉移至 Switch Lite。

  • And you're actually able to hook up additional wireless controllers like Joy-Con or Pro Controller if you wanna play games with more people locally on the Switch.

    如果你想要多人一起遊玩,你也可以另外連接無線的操控手把,例如:Joy-Con 或是 Pro 手把。

  • But, again, you can't hook it up to a TV.

    但,記住 Switch Lite 無法連接電視。

  • The other two big changes on the Switch Lite are the screen and the D-Pad.

    Switch Lite 和 Switch 的兩大不同之處在於螢幕和方向鍵。

  • The screen is obviously slightly smaller than the old Switch, although, it still looks great.

    Switch Lite 的螢幕明顯地比 Switch 小,不過仍然很棒。

  • It actually has this sort of compressed effect, kind of like what Nintendo did back with the Game Boy Micro.

    而且任天堂把以前應用在 Game Boy Micro 的畫面壓縮效果應用在 Switch Lite 上。

  • It's still running at the same resolution but because it's a smaller display is actually looks slightly crisper than the old Switch.

    它仍保有一樣的高畫質,不過因為螢幕較小的關係,畫面看起來比 Switch 還要銳利清晰。

  • The other change is the D-Pad.


  • Again, because the Joy-Cons aren't attachable, and you don't need to be able to use them as a sideways controller.

    因為它沒有可拆卸的 Joy-Cons,你無法橫向操作遊戲手把。

  • There is a regular directional pad on here which I greatly prefer.


  • And deeply wish I had when I was playing Celeste last year.


  • The Switch Lite really isn't meant to replace the full-size Switch.

    任天堂推出 Switch Lite 並不是為了要取代原本的 Switch。

  • If you're someone who really likes the switching nature of the Switch where you can use it on your TV or take it on the go, well, that's great.

    如果你非常喜歡 Switch「在家是主機,外出是掌機」的特性的話,你也別操心。

  • It's still here and it still exists.

    你還是可以繼續使用 Switch。

  • But if you're someone who just wants a really good portable console...


  • And Nintendo's betting that there are people like that.


  • The Switch Lite is great for that.

    那麼,Switch Lite 則是一款非常適合你的遊戲機。

  • And as someone who's owned a full-size Switch for the last couple years, I honestly do use mine in portable mode most of the time anyway.

    至於那些已經擁有 Switch 多年的使用者,譬如我,老實說我最常遊玩的方式就是把它當作掌上型遊戲機。

  • So I kinda get the appeal.

    所以,Switch Lite 真的讓我有點心動。

  • The Switch Lite will be out on September 20th for $199, which is $100 less than the full-size Switch.

    Switch Lite 即將在今年九月二十號以 199 美元的價錢正式發售,足足比原先的 Switch 少了 100 美元。

  • And it'll be out in three colors, this blue, there's a yellow and a dark gray.


  • Thanks so much for watching.


  • For more great videos like this make sure to check out The Verge.

    如果想要看更多優質影片,可以到我們的頻道 The Verge 搜尋。

  • Like and subscribe, and now I'm gonna go back to playing Zelda.


Hey, it's Chaim with The Verge and you're probably pretty familiar with the Nintendo Switch.

嗨,我是 The Verge 的 Chaim,任天堂推出的 Switch 遊戲機對你來說也許不陌生。

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