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  • Hi I'm Peg from from Sony and I'm going to show you how to perform a factory reset on

  • your Sony internet tv with Google tv device

  • this reset will restore your device to its original factory settings

  • before doing a factory reset please be aware that all the apps you've installed

  • will be removed unless you have selected to backup and restore your applications

  • it is best to back up your applications before proceeding with the factory reset

  • otherwise you will need to re-download them and and any apps you paid for

  • may need to be re-purchased

  • to view our video on how to back up and restore your applications please visit

  • our SonyListens youtube channel

  • keep in mind that after you do the reset you will need to go through the entire set up proceedure

  • so let's get started

  • using the keypad remote control

  • press and hold the Fn button

  • and then press the number one button to display the Settings menu

  • scroll down and select the Privacy & Safety option

  • when you are in the Privacy & Safety menu

  • scroll down and select Factory Data Reset

  • the Factory Data Reset screen will remind you that your Google account information

  • system and application data settings and any downloaded applications will be erased

  • to proceed select Reset Device

  • then press the Enter button on the keypad remote control

  • one last option screen appears asking you to confirm the reset

  • to confirm make sure Erase Everything is selected and press the Enter button

  • the Sony internet tv with Google tv device now begins the reset process by

  • shutting down and will reboot to the factory default settings

  • for more tips tricks and how-to videos please visit us at

  • or on our SonyListens youtube channel

Hi I'm Peg from from Sony and I'm going to show you how to perform a factory reset on


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如何將索尼互聯網電視與谷歌電視設備重置為出廠默認設置。 (How to Reset the Sony Internet TV with Google TV device to the Factory Default settings)

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