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  • Yo yo yo, what is up ladies and gentlemen? Chad here from RealLife English and today

  • I have another video lesson for you all teaching you two more commonly used English phrasal

  • verbs. So the two phrasal verbs that you will learn today are the phrasal verbs to...

  • So first let's look at the verb to pull. You all know pull like in the literal sense like

  • to pull a rope for example. And the conjugation of pull is a regular verb so it is...

  • So remember that when we add the ED to a regular verb it doesn't always add another syllable,

  • so if the verb is pull I am not going to say...

  • It still remains one syllable.

  • So the phrasal verb to pull off can be a figurative or a literal phrasal verb. So in this case

  • I have my roll on deodorant and I can literally pull the lid off, to pull the lid off my deodorant.

  • But in this case I want to explain the figurative meaning. To pull off can mean that you manage

  • to do something that is very difficult, something that people wouldn't expect you to do. So

  • for example if you are a skateboarder, or a surfer or something like that and you are

  • trying a new maneuver, and new trick and when you actually do that trick someone might say,

  • "wow, you pulled it off!" You pulled it off, you pulled the trick off. It means that you

  • managed to do that, it was really difficult but you did it. Another situation could be

  • if you have to give a presentation at work or at university and you are not prepared

  • but you present something and it's really really good you can say "wow I can't believe

  • I pulled that off!" It means you can't believe that you did that even though you were not

  • prepared at all, you really pulled it off.

  • And to pull something off can also be used in a, with clothes or the way you are dressing,

  • or something like that. It means that you managed to look good wearing it. So maybe

  • if you bought a new T-shirt and you showed the shirt to a friend and you say "hey, do

  • you think I can pull this off?" It means do you think that I will look good wearing this

  • shirt. Maybe it's a shirt that typically people don't wear so commonly. So you can pull off

  • a difficult skateboarding trick, you can pull off a presentation which you are not prepared

  • for, you can pull off a crazy looking T-shirt, and remember literally you can pull the lid

  • off something.

  • And the next phrasal verb today is to screw up, screw up. So screw is also a regular verb

  • so it is...

  • A screw is also a actual object which is used to drill into walls to hold things up etc.

  • And screw you will also hear in the participle all the time when people say "ahh man I am

  • screwed." It means that you are in a very very difficult situation. So to screw something

  • up can mean a few different things. Firstly it generally means that you made a mistake

  • "I really screwed up at work." To screw up can also mean to ruin something "I screwed

  • up the dinner," maybe I put too much salt while I was cooking dinner and I really screwed

  • it up, It doesn't taste good. It can also mean to confuse something, maybe if you are

  • late to a party and some asks "hey why are you late?" You might say, "oh damn, I screwed

  • up the time," I screwed up the times, I confused the times. And screwed up can also mean that

  • you hurt yourself. If you did a skateboarding trick and you landed badly you can say damn

  • I screwed up my arm, I screwed up my arm, It means that you hurt your arm. So to screw

  • something up can be to make a mistake, to ruin something, to confuse something, and

  • also to hurt yourself.

  • So they are the two phrasal verbs from this video, right now like in all of my videos

  • I am going to say a phrase that has both of those phrasal verbs and I want you to really

  • imitate exactly how I'm saying it work your pronunciation and try to pay close attention

  • to these aspects of connected speech.

  • So that is another two phrasal kickass phrasal verbs you guys can add to your RealLife vocabulary.

  • I also hope you are really developing your pronunciation with this mimic exercise, mimicking

  • and imitating how I am say it. I does take a little bit of time but trust me if you keep

  • doing this you are going to be so surprised at how much better your pronunciation gets,

  • and how much you start to flow with your English.

  • So thank you for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions

  • or suggestions just leave it in the comments below the video here in Youtube. Also, subscribe

  • to us here in Youtube, and check out some of our other videos right there, and there

  • is also a free ebook right there. The ebook is 101 expressions from Friends, which is

  • a resource we developed from our fluency course, Fluent with Friends. So just get that Ebook

  • if you want to find out more about that.

  • Thank you all so much for joining me today and I'll see you on the next video lesson

  • here at RealLife English. Awwww yeahhhh!!

Yo yo yo, what is up ladies and gentlemen? Chad here from RealLife English and today


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英語短語動詞。拔掉和搞砸 (English Phrasal Verbs: Pull Off and Screw Up)

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