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  • Peter Parker continues to have bad luck with his parents.


  • While his real mom and dad are long gone, Spider-Man's real-world guardians Disney and Sony have been disputing over how best to look after him.


  • The web-flinging vigilante is a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  • Thanks to two Tom Holland-starring films.

    多虧了這兩部由 Tom Holland 主演的電影。

  • 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming and 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home.

    2017 年的《蜘蛛人:返校日》和 2019 年的《蜘蛛人:離家日》。

  • He's also made a handful of appearances in the MCU's ensemble movies, but he's always remained the property of Sony Pictures.


  • For months now, Disney, Marvel Studios, and Sony have been in talks over how to split financial stakes in the Spider-Man franchise.


  • As they worked to update the shared custody deal, they struck in 2015.

    當他們要更新這個共享的監護權時,在 2015 年卡關了。

  • That landmark agreement allowed Marvel to have access to the Spider-Man character while Sony retained ownership.


  • The standoff reportedly ended on August 20, when, according to Deadline, the two companies failed to reach an agreement.

    這個僵局在 8 月 20 的時候畫下休止符,根據好萊塢娛樂新聞,這兩間公司無法達成協議。

  • The inability to strike new terms in a deal, which would have seen Disney obtaining a co-financing stake in the property.


  • Means that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will no longer produce Spider-Man films.

    代表漫威影業的總裁 Kevin Feige 無法再製作蜘蛛人的電影了。

  • Furthermore, Marvel will cease any involvement in the Holland-starring Spidey universe moving forward.

    甚至,漫威將會停止參與任何 Tom Holland 主演的蜘蛛人宇宙電影。

  • Meaning that Spider-Man is swinging away from the MCU and crawling back into Sony's web.


  • Deadline's sources indicated that the talks ended because of a disagreement over money.


  • Disney is said to have requested a 50 percent co-financing stake in future Spider-Man films.


  • Of which there are reportedly two, anticipated to feature both actor Tom Holland, and Jon Watts returning in the director's chair.

    而未來的蜘蛛人電影根據報導會有兩部,預期將以 Tom Holland 和 Jon Watts 導演的回歸做為賣點。

  • The talks also involved Disney potentially extending that stake into other Spider-Man-adjacent films, like the growing Venom franchise.


  • A 50 percent stake is a hefty increase from Marvel Studios' current share of the Spider-Man movie series.

    50% 的股份,對照起目前漫威影業在蜘蛛人電影裡佔有的比例,可以說是巨幅增加。

  • Which is "five percent of first dollar gross" or the money that a film makes during its first day out in theaters.

    之前談好的比例是「先期總票房的 5%」,也就是一部電影第一天所賺到的錢。

  • Sony wanted to keep that deal intact, Disney didn't.


  • And so Disney came forward with its own proposition.


  • As Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr. put it, Sony executives, quote, "turned that offer down flat."

    就如好萊塢娛樂新聞的 Mike Fleming Jr. 貼文指出,索尼的執行長說:「門都沒有。」

  • Apparently not even approaching Disney with a counteroffer.


  • According to the report, the studio had no interest in splitting ownership over what has become its most commercially successful franchise.


  • It's probably not a coincidence that just a day before this news broke.


  • Spider-Man: Far From Home officially edged out Skyfall to become Sony's highest-earning movie ever.


  • Kevin Feige, a big fan of Spider-Man, reportedly had every intention of continuing to produce movies featuring the teen hero if Disney and Sony were able to renegotiate terms.

    Kevin Feige ,一個蜘蛛人的超級粉絲,根據報導如果迪士尼和索尼可以重新談條件,原本還想繼續製作蜘蛛人電影。

  • Sony is clearly confident that the franchise has a bright future ahead without Feige or Marvel Studios involved in producing it.

    索尼非常有信心這個系列電影就算沒有 Feige 和漫威影業仍能有一個美好、光明的未來。

  • In addition to the now Sony-controlled Spider-Man sequels, the studio is confirmed to be working on a sequel to Venom directed by Andy Serkis.

    除了新的由索尼主導的蜘蛛人系列電影外,工作室也證實正在進行由 Andy Serkis 執導的《猛毒》系列電影。

  • A Morbius: The Living Vampire movie starring Jared Leto, and a film centered on Kraven the Hunter.

    以及一部由 Jared Leto 主演的電影《莫比亞斯》,還有一部獵人克拉文為主軸的電影。

  • According to Deadline, they're also still working on that Black Cat, Silver Sable thing they've been trying to get made forever.


  • The big question surrounding this news is how it will affect the MCU, which has heavily featured Spider-Man in its overarching narrative up to this point.


  • In just a handful of movies, Holland's Spider-Man went from a spunky kid who played pinch hitter during one tense airport battle to a universe-travelling hero who would put his life on the line to save other people.

    在經歷幾個電影後,Holland 飾演的蜘蛛人從一個在一場激烈機場之戰有點膽量的代打青少年,搖身一變成一個用一生拯救他人的宇宙大英雄。

  • Peter Parker also developed a deeply moving dynamic with Tony Stark, serving as his protégé-on-the-rise and standing as the closest thing to a son that Tony ever had.


  • For Marvel fans, now it looks like they're both gone.


  • It seems like Spider-Man will never again cross paths with other MCU heroes.


  • And will instead spend his next few movies cozying up to characters in Sony's Spidey universe.


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Peter Parker continues to have bad luck with his parents.


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