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  • What's up guys, it's Eliot here. Welcome to today's video

  • A lot of you guys know me as someone who tries to be hardworking and productive with my life

  • But I wasn't always this way and in high school, I wasn't a great student in today's video

  • We're gonna throw it back to my high school days

  • And I'm gonna talk about how I was the biggest procrastinator ever and I'm gonna share some of my biggest highschool regrets

  • Though I'm gonna grab some food because it's the weekend and weekend food is really good

  • Before I talk about my terrible habits in high school, let me give you some background

  • I went to a huge high school with over

  • 5,000 students and it was somewhat competitive a lot of my friends were super smart and they ended up going to amazing schools and

  • Actually being surrounded by high achieving friends kind of made me less motivated

  • I'm not sure if you guys can relate but in the competitive environment of high school

  • I thought that even if I tried my hardest I could never be on the same

  • Level as some of my friends and for that reason I never really gave a hundred percent towards my score

  • I wasn't a bad student necessarily, but I definitely wasn't a great one

  • I got decent grades, but I had terrible study habits, especially during my freshman and sophomore year of high school

  • I know a lot of students struggle with this, but I was a huge procrastinator

  • I would get home from school and watch shows and YouTube videos and I wouldn't start my work until late at night

  • I had terrible self control and I knew I was making bad decisions, but I just kept making them

  • I also played games on my computer and that took hours of my life and

  • It was really bad because I couldn't control myself but you get the point. I was basically a huge procrastinator

  • I was sleeping at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning constantly stressed tired, and it was just unhealthy. I really regret

  • Procrastinating in high school because I was just chasing this false sense of happiness

  • Which was actually just pleasure pleasure is a momentary feeling that doesn't last the games

  • I played or the shows I watch might have made me happy for a few minutes

  • But in the long run it actually made me less happy because it kept me from achieving my goals

  • Take it from me looking back on the shows. I watched with the games

  • I played those things did not contribute anything meaningful to my life if I could go back in time

  • I would definitely just finish my work right after school

  • And I'd have the freedom to do whatever I want for the rest of my day now

  • I'm not saying you shouldn't find time to relax

  • But do all that stuff

  • After you finish your work so that you can actually enjoy it and you won't have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind

  • Where you know that you have other things to be doing I see hasn't worked in ages

  • I can probably read the label busy fucking on the

  • coffee table

  • Although I can't actually go back in time

  • What I can do is improve my habit and focus on being the best version of myself

  • I think I've really started to change my habit my senior year of high school when I realized that I did have a problem now

  • the

  • reason that I'm sharing my story of failure as a high school student is because I've really changed my lifestyle and I'm much happier with

  • How I live my life

  • I can now confidently say that I'm proud of the way that I lived my life and I definitely could not say that back in

  • High school the main message behind this video is that you can change bad habits

  • And if you're not happy with the way you're living your life right now

  • Then it can be as simple as making the decision to change

  • I really wish I had someone in high school to tell me that I was screwing up and if I can just inspire one person

  • To really change their lifestyle in a positive way through this video

  • Then that means everything to me and that's it for today's video. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like and I'll see you guys

What's up guys, it's Eliot here. Welcome to today's video


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我在高中是個失敗者 (I Was a Failure in High School)

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