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From Gucci to Chanel, Topshop to Primark,
clothes industry heavyweights rely on fashion forecasters
for next season's new look.
But advancements in artificial intelligence
are about to turn their art into a science.
Cognitive Computing is now able to identify patterns
previously inaccessible to humans.
It can simultaneously analyze vast amounts of global data,
from social media buzz to political polls,
making it possible to accurately spot
what's hot and what's not.
WGSN, the world's biggest fashion forecaster,
now uses AI alongside more traditional methods,
a move that could reduce forecasting errors by up to 50%.
Trendspotting mistakes can have far-reaching consequences.
H&M recently confessed to a $4.3 billion
unsold stock mountain.
Industry waste costs both profits and reputation.
Technology could make the fashion industry more sustainable.
By using machine learning, an AI technique,
to match supply with demand,
unnecessary manufacturing could be limited,
and fashion's environmental footprint reduced.
Online retailers are cottoning on.
In the next two years, 75% of fashion retailers
plan to invest in AI.
But keeping up with tech giants is going to be tough.
Amazon is now developing what's believed to be the world's
first AI fashion designer.
It plans to use an algorithm that designs clothes
by analyzing images and copying popular styles,
using them to build completely new designs.
This technological makeover could hold huge benefits,
especially for those who like to shop online.
A Japanese company has unveiled the ZOZO,
a body measurement suit that will ensure the clothes
you order fit you perfectly,
all meaning our future wardrobes could contain clothes
designed for us and sold to us by technology alone.


時尚產業與科技結合?未來趨勢搶先看 (The future of fashion | The Economist)

129 分類 收藏
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