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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 354. The title of the lesson
today is don't say workable when you mean something works well. Yeah. I've
noticed this with a number of students, a number of times might do this. So let's
take a look at the note here. If something is workable, it means that
it is possible for something to happen or be done with the circumstances as
they are. You know, or with the situation the way it is at that time. Okay.
if you say that a plan, system, etc. is workable, it has not happened yet.
So you don't know really a hundred percent how it's going to work out. But you
think that it's a good chance that it will work out. But it could be likely to
do or work well. Then we say something is workable. All right. Let's continue.
If you mean something is already working in a positive way or in a good way, you
should say something is effective, successful, working well or working out
nicely etc. And there's a lot more ways you could say that. All right. Let's take a
look at them. Let's continue here and with the X of course this is wrong this
is where a student might make a mistake. So if the student says this product is
workable. It helped to improve my illness. No. You can't say that. Well first of all,
it means that you will already be using it. When we say it's workable,
it means we haven't even started it yet. We just think that it could be
successful. We think that it could work out. So you can't say the product is
workable when you have tried it. Here in this case, it said it helped to
improve my illness. So you obviously did try it. So here's a couple of ways that
you could say it correctly. This product works well.
It helped to improve my illness or you could say this product is very effective.
It helped to improve my illness. Okay. Let's look at the next one here.
With the X again. This is . The plan is going well. It is very
workable. Well if you say the plan is going well. It means the plan has already
been put into action. So you you can no longer say workable. Workable again means
you didn't try it yet. You just think that it may work out. Okay and of course
we have several here with a correct way of saying it. So if you rephrase it, you
say the, the plan is going well. It is very effective. Well that's fine. It's already,
it's already been put into action and things are working out.You know, in a
positive way. The plan is working well. Again you could say that. The plan is
working out or though it's working out nicely. You could say all of those.
All right. Good and just one example of you know, how you might use workable. This is
an a/v part. And A says can I change my appointment to Monday at 9 a.m. And B
says that's workable. Meaning that, that's possible and he says I can do that for
you. So that ... so he's going to change it now. So but workable means that it hadn't
been done yet. But you think it's possible to work out it's possible to do.
Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Lesson (354) Don't Say Workable When You Mean Something Worked Well

15 分類 收藏
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