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  • So, last night in Dartmouth you said that the president

  • should not have sole-authority to use a nuclear weapon, so I just wanted to first thank you for that.

  • As you may know, there's a bill in the House and another in the Senate

  • that would make it illegal for the US to use nuclear weapons first.

  • So I wanted to ask you: Do you support a no first use policy for nuclear weapons?

  • Yeah, I do support that.

  • There's absolutely no reason why we would want to use nuclear weapons first.

  • Awesome. Great. And, could you kind of elaborate on the sole-authority question as well?

  • Yeah so I talked to someone who's in the military...the nuclear launch chain.

  • And I was like, “hey, what are the failsafes if you get the call?”

  • He was like, “no failsafes. We're supposed to launch as soon as possible”.

  • So I said, “that's horrifying.” And he's like, “oh yeah! It's horrifying”.

  • And so, then I said, “what can we do that everyone would agree on?”

  • And so at a minimum, I said, “it shouldn't be dependent upon one man or woman's mental state.

  • Like, you need at least one other clear thinking individual who has to sign off on that thing."

  • And so I said, “Well, the Vice President/Chief of Staff makes sense.”

  • So, we start there.

  • And that seemed to me to be the logical failsafe that one, that people could agree on,

  • because I think that we need to be very judicious about something that could

  • literally cause armageddon and world-wide conflagration.

So, last night in Dartmouth you said that the president


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楊元慶談核武器 (Andrew Yang on nuclear weapons)

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