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hi everyone my name is Joe siano fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger and
youtube.com and I have just finished at the new york happiness program but I
thought tell you a little bit about my experiences on the program at the core
of the program is a range of PCR products from New York including me
happiness scandal great day and body wash the mood and finally the great day
bodies which I absolutely adore I decided to take part in the program
because I found that daily life are just getting a little bit bowed down a little
bit stressed and overworked but I think in today's day and age we all find
herself to switch off with technology our emails instant notification so hard
to switch off from me that was the main reason why I'm going to take part in the
program because it gave me a real challenge just a few moments each day
focusing on myself and having a little bit of meat on the incredible how just
spending ten fifteen minutes day on a simple tasks such as reading a book or
turning off your phone and really how to make you feel
and happy because the steps was so fun and simple little things like making
yourself a brunch because it was easy to fit into your daily routine it wasn't a
schedule which is something that I really loved and will definitely be
taking away with me following the program I'm gonna be repeating these
steps even now that the program has finished because it really highlighted
to me
impact and importance of having a good time moments away from a stressful day
routine and how that can really affect your well-being is routine and hope you
enjoy it


英國品牌的幸福香氛 (Neom Happiness Programme - Fashion Mumblr | Neom Organics London)

311 分類 收藏
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