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  • Hello and welcome back. I'm Joseph Hoffman.Today we're going to learn about the music alphabet

  • and how it relates to the piano. Uh, excuse me, no offense, Mr. Hoffman, but

  • I've know the alphabet since, well, before Kindergarten!

  • Don't worry, princess. The musical alphabet is a little bit different from the regular

  • alphabet you already know. Plus, in music, you not only need to master the alphabet forward,

  • but backwards, and in skips. These alphabet skills are the very important but often overlooked

  • foundation for excellent sight reading of notes on the staff.

  • Oh! Okay. It will make sense in no time. Let's come

  • and take a look at how it works. I'm going to lay out the letters of the musical alphabet,

  • and as you see each letter, let's say it together. A B C D E

  • Uh, Mr. Hoffman, this still looks like the regular alphabet.

  • I know. Just wait, we're getting there. F G and then, here's where things start to get

  • different. In music, the next letter after G is A. It starts over again. There's no H

  • in music. Oh!

  • So, after A comes B again, say it along with me, C D E F G and then what comes next?

  • A! That's right. A. And now I'm out of cards,

  • but on your piano though, the notes keep going higher and higher. You see, every time you

  • go up a letter that's the same as going up one note, or one white key higher on your

  • piano. Let me show you what I mean on my piano. Now if you have an 88 key piano like me, then

  • your lowest key will be A. You hear how low that is. And, the nice thing about the musical

  • alphabet is it just follows every key on your piano goes up one letter in the music alphabet.

  • So we have A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and then it starts over again, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, go

  • ahead and say it along with me. A B C D E F G, A B C D E F G, A B C D E F G, A B C D

  • E F G, A B C D E F G, A B C. You can see the highest note of the piano is C. And that's,

  • again, on an 88 key piano. In another lesson really soon I'll show you some tools where

  • you can use the black keys as a reference to figure out any white key. For example if

  • you play this key you wouldn't want to have to count all the way from the bottom to figure

  • out that that's an E. I'll give you that in a later lesson. Let's come back and do a little

  • more practice with the musical alphabet. To review, lets' play a game. I've drawn the

  • musical alphabet starting with A. But there are a few missing letters that I'll need your

  • help to figure out. Let's say the letters together. A B what letter should go here?

  • If you said C, you're correct. D E what letter should go here? If you said F, you're correct.

  • F G. Great job. Now in music you can start with a different letter on the bottom if you

  • want to. So let's try another, starting with D. This time there are even more missing letters.

  • So we're starting on D, can you think of the note that's a step above D? Just think of

  • the next letter of the alphabet. What is it? Let's see. If you said E, you're correct.

  • If you couldn't thing of that, then just remember, think of the alphabet. A B C D, and then the

  • next letter is E. And then what comes after that? If you said F, you're correct. Then

  • what letter comes next? If you said A, you're correct. You didn't say H, did you? Oh, whew!

  • Good. And then what comes next? B, and then last of all, if you said C, you are correct.

  • Let's try one more. This time we're starting on C. Can you think of the next letter? If

  • you said D, you're correct. What comes next? C D then E F then what? G and then what comes

  • after G? That's right, it's A and then B. Nice work. Now for you hot shots that might

  • be thinking to yourself, this is still too easy Mr. Hoffman, remember that I said you

  • need to be able to master the music alphabet, starting on any letter, forward and backward,

  • and in skips. Like if I said, quickly tell me the musical alphabet backwards starting

  • on the letter F, could you do it? F E D C A B G F. Oh! What about doing the musical

  • alphabet forward starting on D, but skipping every other letter? Can you do it? D F A C

  • E G B D F. So to become a true musical alphabet master which will help you so much as you

  • start learning to read musical notes on the staff I'd like you to practice the musical

  • alphabet a little bit every day. Start on any letter, practice saying it forward, then

  • as you get better at that, then try saying it backward. That's level 2. Then level three

  • is skipping every other letter, going forward. A C E G B D F. Kind of like, acegibidif. Then

  • level four is skipping every other letter going backward. If you are a premium member

  • of our website, an easy way to get lots of practice with these very concepts is using

  • our alphabet towers game, which has over eight different levels to master. Or here's a game

  • you can do just driving around in the car with your mom or dad. Dad says, musical alphabet

  • forward starting on C, go. You say, no problem, Dad. C D E F G A B C. When you get back to

  • the letter you started on, you're done. So that's one point for you. Then you say back

  • to Dad, one for you, Dad. Musical alphabet backward starting on D. He says, no problem,

  • D C B A G F D. You say, sorry Dad, no point this time. It's D C B A G F E D. Dad says,

  • I am ashamed. You say, no problem, Dad. Just keep practicing. Speaking of practicing, now

  • it's your turn to practice the musical alphabet on your own. Work on it a little bit every

  • day until you have it mastered, forward and backward, starting on any letter. Thanks for

  • watching, and I'll see you next time. Let's practice the musical alphabet.

  • OK. I'll be Mr. Hoffman and you say the answers.

  • A B C what comes next? Uh, D?

  • If you said D, you're correct. E F G, what comes next?

  • Uh... H? Who put that there?

  • Not me! Don't tell Mr. Hoffman about that.

  • I won't tell, I didn't see any H. Ah, A. Much better. Let's get out of here.

  • Okay!

Hello and welcome back. I'm Joseph Hoffman.Today we're going to learn about the music alphabet


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音樂字母表--鋼琴課3 - 霍夫曼音樂學院 (Musical Alphabet - Piano Lesson 3 - Hoffman Academy)

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