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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origin 62. The word origin today is

  • jockey and we will cover some other idioms that's also related to the word

  • jockey or has the word jockey in them. All right. So let's look at the note here.

  • The word jockey comes from the Scottish name

  • Jock. All right. Yes. Of course, which

  • was equal to John. Jockey is actually a diminutive for Jock. Yeah. So remember we

  • say like a diminutive, it's the often the shorter name or name that somebody might

  • use for them when they are a small kid. Like for example if somebody who's named

  • Thomas or Tom they might call them Tommy. Or if somebody was called Bob, they might

  • call them Bobby. This is what we mean by a diminutive. It's usually used with you

  • know, children or to children. When they grow older , they may choose to use you

  • know , the other name like Bob or Tom the more formal name or Thomas. All right Well

  • let's continue here. All right and Jock was also used to mean boy or fellow.

  • That's also important coming up. So sometimes you know especially in England

  • and stuff there's a lot of people named John so it just became kind of a name

  • for a boy or young man or something. Fellow dating all the way back to the

  • 1500s. In the 16th and 17th centuries , the word jockey started to be used with

  • horse dealers you know, the people that like sold horses or had a business with

  • horses, and the horse riders. All right. So the riders of the horses. Our present-day

  • meaning applies to a man who rides horses only in races. So that's the

  • meaning today. Okay. Let's continue. The use of the word

  • jockey has also led to the origins of several other phrases such as jockey

  • shorts, bench jockey, desk jockey, and jockey for

  • position. All right. So let's look at some here. Jockey shorts just really refers to

  • men's or boys tight-fitting underwear. Yes. Sometimes I used to wonder why do they call

  • it jockey shorts ? Does it look like the shorts jockeys wear ? Why are we calling it

  • jockey shorts ? Probably just because you know jockey traditionally also really

  • referred to boy or or fellow. So it's just a man shorts or a boy's shorts,

  • their underwear. Okay. Yeah. So I mean if you wanted an example, you could say he, he

  • bought three pairs of jockey shorts today. All right. Let's look at the next one.

  • A bench jockey refers to a baseball coach or player who will heckle or

  • criticize either the umpire or opposing players. Yes. So they will probably yell

  • things like, you're terrible. You're no good. You're nervous or whatever it is. Try to

  • intimidate them or get them you know to to lose their concentration in the game.

  • So they'll make mistakes and and your team could get an advantage. Okay. The

  • idea alludes to riding someone. So this is a second meaning of the word, to ride

  • or if you ride someone, it means to criticize or harass them. So that's how

  • they get the idea of bench jockey. So you know a bench jockey, they would probably be a

  • you know, a backup player or a benchwarmer.

  • This is the one person that usually has more time to be yelling at stuff like this,

  • and that's why it came to be bench jockey. So again , if you want an example

  • you could say you know, that backup player you know, is often a bench jockey.

  • He yells out or criticizes you know, umpires calls or you know the other

  • players or something like that. All right. Let's continue. Desk jockey.

  • All right, refers to someone who spends the majority of their time seated at a desk

  • like a jockey must sit on his horse. So you're forced to stay. They are forced to stay

  • sitting down. So that's, that's where that came from. So

  • they call it a desk jockey. Again if you want an example we could say you know

  • being a desk jockey you know, somebody who works in the office all the time... is

  • a is a sedentary type of a job. Because you're forced to sit all the

  • time. That's a sedentary type of a job. So you're not probably not getting enough

  • exercise. All right and let's continue here. With the last one to jockey for

  • position means to try to compete with others like a jockey competes for

  • position. So as that ... especially though as the race gets going, and one horse is

  • trying to get ahead of another horse, they're trying to get the better

  • position. Obviously the inside is the best position. Because then you can you know,

  • it's the shortest way around the track and you know, if there's a horse that

  • has to catch up, he's got to get ahead and try to get into that position. So

  • yeah. Like , like for this we could use you know, presently in the US there's a lot

  • of candidates running for the Democrat Party. In their debates you could say

  • they're trying to jockey for position to be noticed. You know, so they're all

  • trying to say things. Sometimes they criticize the others. You know, in order

  • to try to make themselves look better. And then there's also jockey for

  • position just like . a real jockey may try to jockey for position to get a

  • better position in order to hopefully win the race. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got

  • it. I hope it was clear. I hope... I hope it was very informative, and I hope you

  • enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origin 62. The word origin today is


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