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  • Stephen King's It is a wildly ambitious story, and there are plenty of details you may not be aware of, or things you've simply forgotten about the first installment.


  • Here's a look at everything you need to know before seeing It: Chapter Two.


  • "You'll float too."


  • "You'll float too."


  • "You'll float too."


  • "You'll float too."


  • At the end of It, the kids cut their hands and swear a blood oath to one another, promising to return to Derry if the creature ever returns.


  • It Chapter Two sees that blood oath realized, as the creature commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown does indeed resurface after 27 years.

    而在《牠:第二章》中,那個血誓成真了,那個被熟知為跳舞小丑 Pennywise 就真的在 27 年後再次露面。

  • "Hello."


  • When It returns, the Losers Club is scattered across the United States, with its members all leading very different lives.


  • In the book, Bill Denbrough has become a bestselling suspense novelist.

    在小說中,Bill Denbrough 成為了暢銷的懸疑小說家。

  • Ben Hanscom is a successful architect living in Nebraska.

    Ben Hanscom 是個住在內布拉斯加州的成功建築師。

  • Richie Tozier is a DJ in Los Angeles.

    Richie Tozier 是個洛杉磯的 DJ。

  • Eddie Kaspbrak runs a limousine company in New York City.

    Eddie Kaspbrak 在紐約市經營豪華轎車公司。

  • Stanley Uris is a partner at an accounting firm in Atlanta.

    Stanley Uris 是亞特蘭大一間會計公司的合夥人。

  • Beverly Marsh is a successful fashion designer living in Chicago and married to an abusive husband.

    Beverly Marsh是位住在芝加哥的傑出時裝設計師,並且嫁給了有虐待傾向的老公。

  • "This meeting of The Losers Club has officially begun."


  • Though most of the Losers Club moved away from Derry, one member stayed behind: Mike Hanlon, the orphan boy whose family's history is deeply tied to the violence and hatred brought on by Pennywise.

    雖然幾乎所有魯蛇俱樂部的成員都搬離了德利鎮,有個人還留著:Mike Hanlon,他是個家庭歷史與 Pennywise 帶來的暴力和仇恨緊緊相連的孤兒。

  • Since Mike stayed in Derry, he sacrificed his own potential, because the creature's supernatural influence acts as a kind of suppressant.

    待在德利鎮的 Mike 犧牲了自己的潛力,由於怪物超自然的影響對他發揮了抑制劑的作用。

  • Mike becomes the historian of the group, and of It.

    Mike 成了魯蛇俱樂部和牠的歷史家。

  • In King's novel, he keeps a detailed journal filled with research about what It is.


  • When the creature's feeding cycle starts again, Mike is the person who reaches out to the other members of the Losers Club, reminding them of the oath they took and asking them to come back and help.

    當那個怪物的掠食循環重啟時,Mike 聯繫了魯蛇俱樂部的成員提醒他們曾許下的誓言並要求他們回來幫忙。

  • Without spoiling anything, we'll just say it's a life that definitely takes a toll on Mike.

    為了不要爆雷,我們姑且就說 Mike 被命運狠狠折磨。

  • Since It Chapter Two is a sequel, it obviously expands the world of the original film, and there are plenty of fresh faces in the movie, too.


  • Well, maybe "fresh" isn't quite the word we're looking for here.


  • "But tell me, how is it being back in Derry?"


  • While Bill Skarsgård will definitely be returning to play Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the film also features a frightening new form for the creature: Mrs. Kersh.

    除了 Bill Skarsgård 確定會回來演跳舞小丑 Pennywise,第二集中也會出現那個怪物恐怖的新形態:Kersh 太太。

  • She's a seemingly sweet elderly woman who lives in Beverly's old apartment and she's prominently featured in the film's first trailer.


  • Despite initial appearances, she is not a friendly presence.


  • "I was always daddy's little girl."


  • "What about you?"


  • In the novel, three homophobic teenagers attack a gay man named Adrian Mellon, portrayed in It Chapter Two by actor, writer, and director Xavier Dolan.

    小說中三個恐同的青少年攻擊了一名叫做 Adrian Mellon 同性戀男子,他在電影中由是演員、編劇也是導演的 Xavier Dolan 飾演。

  • In the book, Mellon is thrown off a bridge and subsequently attacked and killed by Pennywise.

    書中的 Mellon 被丟下橋並接著被 Pennywise 攻擊殺害。

  • This is one of the most disturbing scenes in King's massive novel, and it wasn't included in the 1990 miniseries adaptation.

    這是史蒂芬金這部著作中最噁心的一幕之一,而且沒有出現在 1990 年的迷你影集版本中。

  • But screenwriter Gary Dauberman has confirmed the hate crime will definitely be featured in It Chapter Two.

    不過編劇 Gary Dauberman 已證實這起仇恨犯罪會被收錄在《牠:第二章》之中。

  • He told The Hollywood Reporter:


  • "It is the first attack in present-day Derry and sets the stage for what Derry has become."


  • "It's pure evil what happens to Adrian."

    「發生在 Adrian 身上的事情是純粹的邪惡。」

  • "These bullies working through Pennywise was important for us to show."

    「展現出這些惡霸藉 Pennywise 達成惡行對我們來說非常重要。」

  • It was a very dark movie, featuring a child murder in the first 10 minutes and a terrifying trip into the Derry sewers to fight the monster in the film's finale.


  • According to screenwriter Gary Dauberman, It Chapter Two effectively doubles down on the horror.


  • He told SyFy Wire:

    他告訴 SyFy Wire 頻道:

  • "I think it's darker in a lot of ways than the first one."


  • "The two movies feel like a complete whole to me."


  • According to Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgård, a lot of the horror stems from the villain's new mindset.

    據飾演 Pennywise 的演員 Bill Skarsgård 所言,許多可怕威脅都是源自於反派角色小丑的新心態。

  • He wasn't killed by the Losers Club, but he was wounded and felt fear for the very first time in his life.


  • Skarsgård told Entertainment Weekly:

    演員 Skarsgård 告訴娛樂週刊:

  • "Fear fuels hatred and anger towards the kids, who will be adults in this one, so I think there might be an even more vicious Pennywise."

    「恐懼加強了對於那些孩子們的怨恨和憤怒,而因為他們都長大了所以我認為 Pennywise 會變得更加邪惡狠毒。」

  • "He's really going after it."


  • The first It recreated a number of key moments from King's novel, a famous sequence in which Beverly Marsh is tormented by Pennywise in her bathroom.

    第一集的《牠》重現了小說中許多關鍵時刻,包含 Beverly Marsh 在浴室中被 Pennywise 折磨的廣為人知的場景。

  • This results in gallons of blood shooting out of the sink that her father can't see.


  • But the blood is clearly visible to the other members of the Losers Club, who clean every inch of the bathroom.


  • It's a very bloody scene, but apparently It Chapter Two is going to be even bloodier.


  • Actress Jessica Chastain, who plays the adult Beverly Marsh, described an extremely gory sequence during an interview with Jimmy Fallon:

    飾演成人 Beverly Marsh 的演員 Jessica Chastain 在吉米法倫秀的訪談中描述了一個極度血腥的場景:

  • "There's a scene that someone said on set that it's the most blood that's ever been in a horror film, in a scene."


  • We don't know the context of the scene yet, but the first Chapter Two trailer does feature Beverly swimming through what seems to be a literal room of blood.

    我們還不知道那一幕的來龍去脈,但是《牠:第二章》的首支預告中 Beverly 似乎浸泡在真正充滿血的房間中。

  • We'll find out for sure how much blood is being spilled when It Chapter Two lunges into theaters on September 6th.


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Stephen King's It is a wildly ambitious story, and there are plenty of details you may not be aware of, or things you've simply forgotten about the first installment.


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