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  • When I was about in the fifth grade, I started getting acne.

  • Like just one day out of nowhere, I just got really terrible acne all over my forehead.

  • It wasn't red or anything like that it was just like bumps, and people would just look at

  • me and stare at my acne and would laugh sometimes, and I felt really uncomfortable.

  • I just wanted to hide, I didn't want anyone to see my acne.

  • I thought that I would get colored contacts so they wouldn't look at my acne, they would

  • look at my eyes.

  • So I got colored contacts and different eyes were different.

  • They would look at my eyes and they'd be like, “Woah one's different than the other,”

  • and crazy stuff like that.

  • Then, one of my contacts broke so I couldn't use them anymore and so it was just right back to acne.

  • I then discovered makeup, I started wearing it every day, but what I didn't

  • know about makeup, was that it made it worse.. way worse.

  • I prayed all the time that it would go away, and it never really did.

  • I then found out that you could wash your face.

  • So I started washing my face and as soon as you know it was almost gone.

  • It went from around a hundred acne spots to around 15.

  • Just know that it will eventually fade.

  • Just know that beauty goes deeper than the surface.

When I was about in the fifth grade, I started getting acne.


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我一覺醒來就長痘痘了! (I Woke Up With Acne!)

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