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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • What if the Earth had 2 Moons?

  • So What.

  • Even I have my 2 lollipops, I lick them every day.

  • That's gross AumSum.

  • The most obvious effect of 2 moons would be that.

  • Our nights would be much much brighter.

  • That would certainly be bad news for stargazers and astronomers.

  • Also, as you all know that tides on earth are a result of the moon.

  • So, 2 moons would either amplify this effect or cancel out each other.

  • If they were to amplify then we could have huge tides.

  • Effectively making living near shorelines almost impossible.

  • But it will definitely be good news for all the surfers.

  • Finally, as the number of moons increases, so will the number of solar eclipses.

  • Also, hypothetically, if they were to ever collide with each other.

  • Then the amount of debris coming out of such collision.

  • Would make living on earth almost impossible.

  • What if Earth Stopped Spinning?

  • It would gain weight.

  • No AumSum.

  • The Earth spins at a speed of 1000 miles-per-hour.

  • Its atmosphere also moves along with it at a constant speed.

  • If the earth stops spinning suddenly, the atmosphere would still be in motion.

  • Sending everything on the earth's surface, flying into the atmosphere.

  • Now, earth's spinning generates a centrifugal force.

  • Which is responsible for the huge bulge of water around the equator.

  • No spinning means no centrifugal force.

  • This water would migrate towards the poles, where gravity is the strongest.

  • Leaving behind a giant landmass.

  • Also, remember that, even though the earth stops spinning.

  • It is still revolving around the sun.

  • This means, we would experience a 6-month day, followed by 6-month night.

  • Some experts also believe that earth's rotation generates its magnetic field.

  • Without rotation, there would be no magnetic field.

  • To protect us from the harmful solar winds.

  • Making it extremely difficult to survive.

  • What if there was no Gravity on Earth?

  • No Problemo.

  • I will order my burger from space.

  • Oh AumSum.

  • From purely physics point of view.

  • There would be no earth left, as no gravity means no mass.

  • But, leaving this point aside, let's see what else will happen.

  • Oceans, rivers and lakes will float away.

  • Entire atmosphere will vanish, only vacuum will be left.

  • Everything on the surface of the earth including humans, cars, rocks, etc.

  • Will become weightless and float away into space.

  • Things which are rooted into earth like trees, bridges.

  • And buildings will remain, but not for long.

  • On a funnier note, anybody will be able to lift heavy weights.

  • Football will become a one kick game.

  • And there will be no need of stairs or elevators.

  • Finally, earth will also start breaking into chunks as it is held together by gravity.

  • What Would Happen if We Stopped Sleeping?

  • We will have to sell our beds.

  • No.

  • How long have you gone without sleeping?

  • 16 hours?

  • 18 hours?

  • Don't you feel tired, longing to sleep?

  • However, if you stay awake for around 24 hours.

  • Something completely opposite happens.

  • You feel energetic, positive and happy.

  • Why?

  • Because the brain secretes extra dopamine.

  • The happy hormone to compensate for lack of sleep.

  • But, this doesn't last long.

  • After 48 hours of staying awake, body starts shutting down.

  • You feel exhausted as the body cannot metabolize glucose properly, lowering energy supply.

  • Immune system weakens, you start looking pale and make impulsive decisions.

  • Continuing to stay awake, can lead to hallucinations.

  • Making it difficult to understand what is real.

  • In a study, a student called Randy Garner went without sleep for 11 days.

  • Though, he is fine now.

  • This isn't recommended as studies show that 14 days without sleep can lead to death.

It's AumSum Time.


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如果地球有兩個月亮,會怎樣?| 如果地球有兩個月亮,會怎樣? (What if the Earth had 2 Moons? | #aumsum)

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