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- This looks like a doughnut.
- I have been wanting to try those
for, I don't know, maybe three years now.
- I like this chutney.
- Wow.
- I don't think I like this dish.
(upbeat music)
- Hey guys it's Ruchi and Avi.
This video we're doing something a bit different
we're always doing the eating,
so in this video we're going to be doing the feeding.
(Avi laughs)
We invited local YouTubers The 5 Mexican Guys!
- Hey. - Woohoo!
- Hello! - Hi guys.
- And our Indian friends Tirumal and Rashed
- Hey! - Hello!
- and we are going to be feeding them the food
of South India and we are so excited
to feed them the food we grew up with.
So Indian food has like become really popular
in recent times around the world
but it's also mostly not Indian food, right?
it's always like butter chicken and naan.
- Roti and naan.
- Yeah.
- But there's no South Indian food.
- Around the world so we wanted to feed them
the food we grew up with dosa, idli, vada
and so many more things
so we're really excited to see their reactions.
- So there's a big Indian, South Indian expat community
in Mexico City, so they make good South Indian food,
so finding South Indian food in Mexico City was not hard.
We had so much fun eating South Indian food here
especially dosas, me, I wanted all the dosas.
So we decided okay why not show this food
to our Mexican friends,
and that's how this video came about.
So the food is ready, the Mexicans are ready.
(group cheers)
So let's get this party started.
- Before we start, if you're new here
we make food and culture videos from around the world.
We've been traveling and living
out of a suitcase for about--
- Three years. - Three years now.
We're very excited to be in Mexico
so make sure you hit the subscribe button
and also the bell button to be notified of our videos
and yeah let's start.
(rhythmic music)
- Actually there are some places here in Mexico that
serve Indian food but we have been told they are not
very traditional and some of them are not very good.
I have only tried Indian food once
in one of those restaurants so this going to be
a really new experience for me.
This looks like a doughnut.
This looks like, ah, like some kind of pastry,
like sweet pastry?
Idli, idli.
- Idli.
- Idli.
- Vada. - Vada.
- Doughnut-like.
- Coconut chutney, mango chutney.
- Chutney is the--
- [Ruchi] It's like our salsa.
- Salsa, okay.
Fluffy, airy, very soft.
Yeah so I will just tear apart a little piece
and then go first with the orange one
which I think is tomatoes.
It's kind of similar to a Mexican salsa.
(bell dinging) (laughs)
Really like I mean I can tell it is made
out of tomatoes, I can tell it has some chili in it.
I mean it's a little bit spicy.
- It doesn't taste like much.
Just a vehicle for chutney.
- What I Like is I like the fluffiness.
(bell dings) - This coconut chutney,
I like it a lot.
- Mmm I like this one a lot.
This one is my favorite one what is the name of this one?
- [Avi] Sambar.
- Sambar this one is the best for me.
- Sambar?
I want to have it like a soup.
(bell dings) I think that's the way I would
if I was an Indian person, maybe I would go like this.
I think this is my favorite combination.
The rice cake with the soup, bean soup, the Sambar.
- Mmm.
- Okay so I'm going to try it with the chutney now.
- The tomato chutney is spicy.
- I like this chutney.
You know it's weird because I expected
something totally different.
I expected like something sweeter.
- Like fresher, no?
- Maybe fresher.
You can feel the grinds of the coconut like
coconut particles in the chutney.
(bell dings) - I can see these
working on a breakfast.
Mmm they are really good, really delicious, I like it.
- [Avi] And this one is called upma.
- Upma. - Upma.
- I don't know what this is because it is not rice.
(bell dings)
I can see some orange bits here
I am guessing they are carrots.
And some other herbs.
- [Avi] Everything is put in--
- Is this mustard seed?
- [Avi] Yes, that's mustard seed.
- Mmm.
(bell dings)
- Wow! (bell dings)
I like it a lot.
- I'm gonna smell it first.
- At first it reminds me of tamales, right?
(bell dings)
Because tamales are also like this dough consistency
which is the same and it's spicy.
It has a punch.
Yeah so good.
Just because it is very good.
I will eat the whole thing.
- I will give this maybe a three out of 10.
- [Ruchi] Can you come from?
- Yeah, not a huge fan honestly.
- 10 out of 10, really good.
And I will mix the three of them.
- [Ruchi] Yeah that's--
- But this is not traditional I am sure.
- No, we mix. - We do that.
- Like our Indian viewers would be there
like "No, you don't do that!"
- No we mix. - No we mix everything.
- Ah, yeah?
- [Avi] Yeah, it's a personal choice whatever you like.
- Whatever I want, oh okay.
Because here in Mexico when you see a guy
mixing two types of salsas you get like
"What are you doing, don't do that."
(bell dings)
I mean you can do it.
It's fine but you will be classified as a weird guy.
- Pongal.
- Pongal.
- Mmm. (laughs)
- Mmm.
- Remember, remember guys when we told them
we were going to be honest? (laughs)
I don't think I like this very much.
- Yeah I think I have a better outlook
on this than you, Moises.
- I think I have to agree with Moises
it's like tasteless.
It's just a paste but it tastes like rice but...
- It's like a puree but the mixture
by itself doesn't have flavor.
This is really really, thank you.
- But it's not bad.
I would go five out of 10.
- Maybe four, four out of 10. (laughing)
- Imagine you just take like pieces of paper
and put sticky glue or water on it,
and then you mix it. (bell dings)
I am getting those kind of vibes with this.
- It's, well, I'm not going to give it an eight out of 10.
It's like a six out of 10.
- [Alonso] Six, wow!
- With all respect I mean,
you know guys that we are food bloggers
we like all kind of things but there things that
we like better and some that we don't like.
- And it's like the perfect thing to have in the rain
with some chai.
- I don't know if I would like it with some chai.
- No not together not to dip it.
- Chop this in.
- [Avi] Have a bite of this and have--
- [All] Sip of chai.
- Pakoda, cheers.
- [Avi] Pakoda.
- Very oniony of course.
So sweet, smells sweet.
- Pretty good I like it.
- Mmm.
- Very tasty. - Mmmhm.
- Yeah I think it's a very good afternoon treat.
- Flavors remind me a lot of kebab.
It tastes a lot like kebab
But I think a little bit better even.
- I like the texture on the outside, super crunchy,
and sweet from the onions.
- And soft on the inside
- And then soft on the inside and you can taste
the chickpea it's kind of mushy.
- It has this balance between sweet and salty.
And it is deep fried so I can see why it is
a popular dish because everywhere in the world
(bell dings) deep fried is good.
I really like it.
I would like to put some Mexican red salsa on it.
And it would be amazing.
- It's a lot of Funyun flavor and onion is very strong too.
- You're not gonna want to kiss you girlfriend after this,
in trouble after.
- Like watching a movie with some salsa.
Very good.
- Yeah I think this has to be my favorite.
- I think it's my favorite also.
- Eight out of 10.
- Yeah I think eight, 8.5.
It's kind of like tortillas.
- [Moises] Yeah they look really like--
- This, this is like potatoes, for sure
- With some herbs.
- This is like a flour--
- Like a flour tortilla.
- It smells familiar, really.
- Like, we usually--
- They are onions and potatoes?
So yeah that's very familiar for us in Mexico.
- [Ruchi] Why do you think it's yellow?
- Mustard?
Is it a vegetable, like--
- Masala?
- [Ruchi] It's a spice.
- It's a spice?
- Huh yellow spice?
- Yellow spice like grinded mustard or something like that?
- [Ruchi] Turmeric.
- Ahh turmeric, I think I've never tried turmeric.
- [Avi] This is called poori.
- Poori? - Poori.
- [Together] Poori.
- [Avi] And it's made of wheat like you know,
and then deep fried.
- Wow, deep fried, it's not that tortilla like.
It smells like a tortilla but the texture is different
much more crumbly.
- Okay should we just take a piece of potato?
- So I'm going to go very Mexican for me.
- A taco?
- My taco.
- I think I'm going to go that way.
- He's going to do the taco.
We are so used to...
- [Ruchi] We make it for small kids.
Small kids eat it like this.
- Like a taco?
- [Ruchi] But adults they use tiny bites.
- Like this? - Yeah.
- So cheers guys, cheers.
Strong flavors.
- I like it.
Pretty good.
- I like the texture from this, like it's still soft
in the inside and crispy on the outside
but it has a crust at the same time it is like,
I don't know it is not crunchy.
- It is crumbly.
- Like a whole grain flour tortilla, it's like a--
- Maybe but it's thicker.
- It's thicker.
- Flavors are very familiar.
You get the milanesa con papas, they do it
very similar with the onions, and the flavor
is very similar because we also use chilies
for that kind of stew.
That should be a vegetarian dish right?
Does it have meat?
- [Avi] No this is a vegetarian dish
if you prefer meat--
- Usually here in Mexico there is meat
because in Mexico there is always meat. (laughs)
(bell dings)
There's very few dishes that don't have any meat.
But it's good by itself.
- Yeah I think-- - I think... (laughs)
The flour disc could use more flavor.
But the potatoes were pretty good.
- But I mean I can see these working like
with sugar too, right?
Kind of like a--
- Like a dessert.
- Like sugar.
- [Avi] That's what we ate it as children
- And some honey
- You could add meat to the dish
but I think it's good on its own
and it would be good also with meat.
- Pretty good. - Pretty good.
- I like it.
- Yeah I would say I really like it
but I would say for the potatoes I think
they were very good seasoned.
So I would say 8.5 out of 10,
and for the disc, tortilla. (laughs)
- The disc.
- I like it a lot.
I will say a 10 out of 10 because I like it a lot.
- Like a seven, it's pretty good
but I think it needs something else like--
- Some salsa.
- Maybe some chutney-- - Maybe some meat.
- Some meat, or maybe some chutney to bring
the flavor of the potatoes up.
- [Avi] We do eat it with chutney some--
- Maybe like seven, 7.5 because--
- It was good, but--
- I do like a lot the potatoes a lot.
- Kesari bath.
- Cheers.
- It's even better. - Mmhm.
- This one is good.
- There was a crunchy thing there, well not crunchy like--
- Yeah.
- Like a nut, what is this?
- [Avi] They have like cashew nuts, they put like
nuez de la india.
- Ahh raisin something.
- Ah. - It's raisins.
- I like this one. - Yeah, yeah.
- I can tell that it has a lot of sugar.
It's very good I like it.
- It's pretty good. - Yeah.
- Out of 10?
- I think I would give this a nine.
- A nine.
- It's a very good dessert.
- Yeah, it's pretty good.
- I think if I made it at home, myself,
I would add a lot more raisins and cashews.
- [Avi] Her mom makes it her grandma makes it,
they put in everything.
- I think that this has been my favorite.
- Yeah it's pretty good.
- So this is the dosa, this is like a South Indian crack.
- Oh! - Yeah.
- [Mosies] Crack?
- Yeah it's so good. - So addictive.
- Yeah. - What does masala mean?
- Masala, actually masala means spices, but for this
they call the aloo, the potato filling, as masala.
- Mmm.
- Has the potatoes too. - Okay.
I'll try it first without any chutney.
(bell dings)
- So that's it, it's a taco. - Mexican--
- [Mosies] That's not the way of doing it, right?
- How do we--
it's a taco, you gave it to us in a taco shell
- It was tricky, it was--
- It's like a quesadilla right?
- How are you supposed to...
How do Indians grab this thing?
- [Avi] So you break it up and you dip it in the stuff
which is in the stuffing.
- Ah okay.
- [Avi] And then the chutney and the base.
- It think the taco--
- [Avi] Wait, we'll give you your--
- Ah, sambar.
- [Avi] The sambar.
- I think the taco technique is more efficient.
- [Avi] Usually the dosas are thicker.
- A lot bigger. - Ah.
- Okay, okay.
- You can do this?
- [Avi] Yeah, you can do that.
- It's good, no?
It's crunchy on the outside very soft
because of the potatoes, I like it a lot.
- I really want to have these with the sambar.
Yeah, there's the sambar.
(laughing) - We showed you.
- Sambar? - Sambar is the best.
- It's very good, I think.
I believe the dosa is my favorite so far.
- It has the potential which we already liked a lot.
- Mmm.
- And you have the dosa which honestly doesn't
have that much flavor, it's all about texture
- It's like a crepe.
- it's super crunchy
but it's much more crunchy than a crepe.
- Yeah, exactly.
- You bite it it has like a layer outside,
but then it has crispy bits on the inside of that very thin.
- Yeah but flavor-wise it's like a crepe.
- I see like the dosa flavor but the inside is more spongy.
- Uh huh.
- It has like that spongy texture.
- But it's so crispy right?
- But it's still crispy from the outside.
So I have been looking where to
try dosa for a long time now from the street food meals.
- [Avi] There you go.
- I have been wanting to try dosa for I don't know
maybe three years now, so this is going to be really
special for me.
- Sambar?
- So if you buy it on the street
do you get chutney and sambar and everything?
- [Avi] Yeah you get the whole plate.
- Okay. - Ah.
- The meat with dosa.
Well, and another time I didn't know about sambar
but now I am in love with sambar,
- You can hear the crunch? - Yeah, the crunch.
- You know what I expected.
Yeah I think it's delicious.
And with the sambar-- - The best.
- The best.
- Yeah I think it's been my favorite too
- Because I think what we mentioned is that
most of the dishes lacked some texture and the dosa--
- Adds the crunchiness.
- The crunchiness, it just brings the dish.
- Yeah because it's similar to a crepe as you said
but I like more the texture of the dosa.
- You guys want one more?
- Yeah sure. - Yep?
Let me make one.
In India we have a lot of aromatics like
cloves and cinnamon and star anise
- Maybe cumin. - Cumin.
- Bay leaf - Bay leaf.
- We have it here we use it very often.
- [Avi] We eat it with hand.
There's going to be no spoon for this.
- No spoon for this, only hand?
- I like that yeah that's the way.
- The way you do it is the way we will do it.
- And usually begins with something called raita
which is a side dish.
- Raita?
- [Avi] Raita.
- [Ruchi] It's basically pico de gallo in--
- In yogurt. - Yeah, yogurt.
- [Moises] Oh interesting.
- I think I've tried this before.
- Yeah, pico de gallo, basically.
- With yogurt that's interesting.
- This will add the coolness to all the spices.
- I'm excited okay. - Take a piece of chicken.
- [Avi] Yeah take a piece of chicken and some rice.
- I want some meat.
So are you guys amazed by the amount of meat
we eat in Mexico?
And all types of meat right like chicken, fish, beef, pork,
whatever is meat we will eat it.
Oh this smells amazing.
- So you do this with your hands which we are not used to.
The thing is I don't want the yogurt on my hands.
- So I use both of my hands or only one?
- Just one. - Just one.
- Okay.
- Why don't you try it with us, Avi?
- Yeah you need to try it.
- I think I have a little bit of everything.
- Yeah. - Uh huh.
- Mmm wow it is so good.
- Mmm.
- I like it a lot.
- If nobody's talking that means it's good.
- That's a good sign.
- I feel like one of the secrets would be that the rice
by itself has a lot of flavor.
- Exactly.
- By itself!
The flavors are already impregnate into the rice.
So no matter from where you grab, you'll get flavor.
- The yogurt is hard to grab!
How do you grab yogurt?
- Okay so we'll try it.
- I think the chicken is the most important.
- Wow, this is so good.
You can move to South India.
- Oh wow, this is so good.
- Yeah, it's ridiculous.
It's the best thing we've had all day.
- Okay this is the best chicken I've had until now.
- So I like the fact I can, I feel that I can eat a lot
of this, a good portion of this because--
- We plan ahead. - We eat it enough, yeah.
- The spices are not that strong, I know they're basic
so I feel like I could just continue eating
a huge plate of this, and that's good.
- It's so good. (bell dings)
Like the chicken is perfectly cooked, cooked super juicy.
The spices, like Moises said,
they are subtle, not so powerful.
- They're like in balance.
- And the yogurt just brings the coolness you mentioned
and there's a little bit of crunchiness of the onions
which gives it a little bit of texture.
Pretty good, I like it a lot, and now authentic.
- 10 out of 10 I would say.
(speaking in foreign language)
What is the name of this thing?
- Biryani.
- Biryani of excellence. - Biryani.
- I will remember the biryani forever.
That was pretty damn good.
- Yeah it was. - That was my favorite.
And the dosa, I like the dosa a lot, very crispy.
- He clearly didn't expect much of the things
that I tasted and it was some surprise,
most of the time very good surprise.
Didn't expect so much veggies and so little meat.
- Sambar was the best for real,
but it's like a side dish.
We would eat it like a soup.
- Well the next time we go to an Indian restaurant
I think I will feel like more...
- And--
- Yeah I will feel like I know this food.
- I do like naan-- - Yeah, exactly.
- But I will try to order some biryani.
- Biryani, ah, sambar?
- Some sambar and sambar and sambar on top of everything
sambar on chutney and chutney on sambar.
- Bring some yogurt with the onion, tomato.
- Ah, the pico de gallo
- Pico de gallo, bring some yogurt please and chai tea?
- Chai? - Chai.
- Chai. - Chai.
- [Avi] So are you guys full?
- So stuffed.
- We are packed.
- Very full.
- I think we are not having dinner tonight.
This is the only meal I had today.
- So all South Indians out there,
do you think we did a good job feeding
our Mexican friends our food from South India?
- Was it legit?
- Mexico's as diverse as India.
We love sharing our culture with them
and hearing stories about what they think
of our food with us
so we would like to thank Lord Buddha Restaurant
and Pradeep and Keerti for the amazing food.
Their links will be in the description.
If you're ever in Mexico City,
you know where to go for Indian food.
And we also want to thank our friends
Rashed, he doesn't have a YouTube channel,
and Tirumal from the visatraveler.com,
it's one of the best sites in India right now,
you have to check it out if you are ever
in some sort of visa trouble.
- Which you probably will be.
- Subscribe to the five guys. - Woohoo!
- Subscribe to our channel.
- Hit the like button, the little bell.
- And we'll see you in the next one.
- Bye! - Bye bye.


墨西哥朋友們第一次嘗試南印度食物 | Second Breakfast (印度腔) (Mexicans Try SOUTH INDIAN FOOD For the First Time | Dosa, Idly, Pongal)

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