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My regional language is Telugu,
my mother tongue is Urdu
and it's annoying to learn a third language.
But still, I had to learn English.
So for months, I wrote new words with their meanings
and also used those words in 2-3 sentences in my book.
The problem was, whenever I had to speak to someone
one proper sentence never came out of my mouth.
But look at me. Today, I talk English,
I walk English. :P
On a serious note, I even won 4 English speaking rounds
to represent India at the World Championship of Public Speaking at Florida, USA.
And today I am going to tell you exactly how
even you can speak in English confidently.
If you are going to tell me, 'Sister, please make this video in English'
Tell me something..
Who has ever been able to learn English in Hindi?
I am not even using Shakespearian-type complicated English.
Watch this video 2-3 times, read the subtitles and
if you don't understand anything, ask in the comment section below.
Isn't that how you learn anything?
I want you to start learning English asap
which is why this video has to be in English.
So in today's video, I am going to tell you
How to improve your vocabulary?
How to improve your sentence formation skills?
But most importantly, towards the end, I'll give you a Bonus Tip
that'll take your English speaking to the next level.
But before that, if you are serious about learning English,
make sure you hit that 'Like' button because that tells me
that I should make more videos about English and Communication.
Let's begin!
Learning one new word everyday and writing it in a diary
is a good method. But today I am going to tell you
3 things that have helped me improve my vocabulary.
#1: The Very Method
We happen to use the word, 'very' a lot.
Very cute, very tired, very important.
If you want to learn new words, promise me that you will
stop using the word, 'very'.
For ex: instead of saying, 'That baby is very cute', say
'That baby is adorable.'
Instead of saying, 'I'm very tired', say 'I'm exhausted'
Instead of 'This meeting is very important', say
'This meeting is crucial.'
Did you see that?
We just learnt 3 new words just by deciding not to use the word, 'very'.
So the next time, you want to use something like...'very funny',
just google, 'very funny synonyms' and you will learn a new word(s).
#2: I took more than a month to finish this book
and when I did, it improved my vocabulary,
it made me understand how to form sentences,
and like all grammar books, it did not bore me to death.
'Word Power Made Easy' is not a book to be read,
it's a book to be inhaled.
So if you want to learn English, then this book must be in your library.
#3: Be curious
Just like in Mario, you have to collect coins,
I used to think that in the real world, I need to collect
new words because they are everywhere.
They are on billboards, newspapers, magazines,
cereal boxes, pamphlets that people distribute,
even on biscuit packets.
Everybody and everything is trying to communicate with us
in English, using atleast one word that we don't know.
And that is how you improve your vocabulary.
Observe your surroundings and whenever you see a new word,
don't be like, 'I don't know what it means, lite!'
Instead, be curious. Google or ask someone next to you
and learn more about that word that you've just encountered.
Learning words is great, but what use are those words of
if you cannot express by forming a proper sentence!
So to learn sentence formation, these are the 2 things
that you MUST do.
#1: Consume English
If you want to learn anything, voluntarily
then you need to make it fun.
And the best way to consume English
is to find out what you like doing the most and do it more.
It can be listening to TED talks or watching The Urban Fight videos
or reading articles on Quora
or reading a novel
or learning the lyrics of an English song.
Trust me, my emo teenage years were filled with learning lyrics.
*I tried so hard*
*I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away*
Neewaay...pick up one source of consuming English
that you enjoy the most. But you need to do it everyday.
You can even keep changing your source every few months
because afterall, variety is the spice of life.
#2: Practise English
If you want to get good at Spoken English
then you need to speak in English as much as possible.
But unfortunately, we speak in English only when it is mandatory
i.e during interviews or during presentations.
The reason why you are not performing well
is because, to speak well during an interview
or during a presentation, you need to start speaking in English
months and years before that.
The only way to practise English is to keep speaking in English
preferably with people who are good at Spoken English
so that you can learn from them, imitate them in the beginning,
and who will hopefully also provide you with feedback
about your grammar, your pronunciation.
These people can be your friends, your office colleagues,
people in your community.
But if you don't have anybody like that then you can
also talk to people in English online using this app called, 'Cambly'.
The reason why I like Cambly, is because
it connect you with tutors around the world from USA, UK, Canada...
who will not judge you or make fun of you if your English is bad.
Infact, they will provide you with feedback that will help you
improve your Spoken English.
You simply need to login to the app, check the profile of the tutors
and start speaking with them, one-on-one.
Just like this..
Hi, how are you?
I am good Marco, how are you?
I am good, thank you.
Somebody calls you through Cambly about
getting better at Spoken English..what are the
things that you normally tell them?
I tell them that the fact that they can speak more than one language
is already an accomplishment and an achievement.
And that always puts them at ease, always puts them at ease.
If they make any grammatical or pronunciation mistakes, do you correct them?
Yes. As you can see, we have the 'chat box'.
I am just gonna write this.
And I will type and it will pop-up on your screen.
So that at the end of the class, you as a student
have the recording of the class
and you can go back and practise as many times as you want.
Thank you so much.
Have an awesome afternoon!
It's that simple!
This video is bought to you by them.
And I even got a sweet discount for you.
Download the app, go to the subscribe page
and enter the code, 'TUF30'
and you will receive more than 30% discount
on all of the packages.
I have even left the app download link in the description.
So download the app and start talking.
Now before I tell you the Bonus Tip, here is your first assignment.
Comment below and let me know in 2-3 sentences
what is it that you fear the most about Spoken English?
Do you worry that people will make fun of you?
or you find sentence formation difficult..
or you worry about your grammar?
Whatever it is, comment and let me know
because that will help me decide
what topics to focus on in future communication videos.
I'll be waiting to read your comments.
And while you do that, don't forget to subscribe
to my channel and hit that 'bell' icon because
I make career and finance videos regularly.
Deepak Sir, a mentor of mine used to say,
'I can tell you your fortune, without even looking at your hand.'
I asked, 'How?'
He said, 'Well, if you have been doing the same things..
as you did in the past, then your fortune will remain the same...
Only if you change your actions now, will your fortune also change.'
And this advice fits perfectly well today.
If you also keep doing the same things as you did in the past,
then your English will also remain at the same level.
So today's Bonus Tip is this...
Change now.
Only when you change your actions and start practising in English
atleast for 20 mins everyday,
will your fortune also change.
On that note, I promise to see you again in the next video, until then..
Keep fighting, The Urban Fight to be fit!


如何說一口流利地英語? | The Urban Fight (印度腔) (Spoken English for Beginners | How to Speak in English Fluently?)

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